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Avatar n tn I was in a car accident last year in July and as a result, I have burning pain in my shoulder blade area, pulling in my right side of the neck (although my whole neck hurts), and pain in my right arm. Sometimes I also have tingling and numbness in my forearm. If I stay seated for too long, I get pain my in neck. Also, if I use the computer or do any other activity that involves using my arm, I get more pain in my neck, scapula, and arm.
1672915 tn?1335220598 I am 5 mnths post op and still have unbearable pain in my neck, left shoulder that sometimes go down my arm, low back and right hip pain. Last mnth I had Mri's done and my surgeon said they look good. I went and saw a pain Dr. and he put me on a muscle relaxer that's supposed to help but so far it hasn't. I am having more pain now then I did before surgery and I am becoming very depressed. I am worried that when I go back to the pain Dr.
Avatar n tn This all started a year ago when I was lifting weights (incline press) and had a sharp pain that ran from my neck to my head above my nose. It put me to the floor and I went to the emergency room that day. CAT scans, MRI's (brain, thoracic, and cervical), lumbar puncture showed nothing. My neurolgist in Houston said it was a CSF leak and I had 2 blood patches which did nothing. I went to another neurolgist who gave me elavil (20mgs) with some relief.
1554181 tn?1294328303 With the rizotomy I still have all the other symptoms, the discomfort in neck and head is the worst of them, but at least no pain. This gives me quality of life I otherwise would not have had. My neurosurgeon prefers not to operate unless it becomes critical to do so. In South Africa not many cases of ACM is seen. I am lucky to be at a NS who has knowledge of it and is careful in his treatment. It does not take away the ACM or change the progression, only controls pain.
Avatar m tn my age is 40 and i have this pain from the last 15 years and i tried my best to treat this some time from neuro surgens and some time from arthobut last year ortho doctors told me that it is ankylosing sponylitis i feel pain in my back neck now i m bending because i m a thin toll man and because of constant pain i am a thin man can i have any kind of relief if so please help me
Avatar f tn I have a deteriorating and fusing neck. I also have severe arthritis in it. My former Dr. Gave me 10 Norco 10s. I moved, I have been seeing a neck and back specialist for a year. I have cut myself down to 4 Norco 5s a day because I don't want to depend on them. I have been on Norco's for 9 years. The doctor said my neck cannot be operated on, and he called yesterday and told me (he did this 1 1/2 months ago) he will not prescribe me anymore medicine.
Avatar f tn Sorry didn't finish...not sure if that helped others.
Avatar n tn over the years i guess i have developed a high tolerance to pain meds nothing helps. i do not like taking RX pain meds due to i have 2 very active childern and i dont want to miss a minute of there lives. i do not sleep at night because when i roll over and lay on my arm i wake up hurting. am i'm the only one that has this issue? is there others like me? how do they cope? is there any relief?
Avatar f tn I was hoping that someone would be able to suggest some type of pain relief other than acetametaphin or ibuprofen. I am really struggling with the pain in my neck & base of the head. My new Cine-MRI is not until Feb.8 & followup neurosurgeon appt. on Feb.14...started with numbness & tingling under my right arm today & the "foggy",dry, inflammed feeling in my eyes has gotten worse over the last couple of days. Can someone please help me???
Avatar f tn I've recently been experiencing severe neck pain. Its unbearable to even sleep at night. Any suggestions on how to subdue the pain? It'd be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn Most likely, your symptoms may be due to nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because of injury/prolapse where contact between the edges of the vertebrae can cause neck pain. In few people, this pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head, shoulders, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Other symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness) that you felt.
1475823 tn?1287126986 i am feeling pain in my neck and shoulders for the last ten years it was bearable before but now getting worse please guide
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist in houston, tx area ( as they seem to understand chronic intractable pain and have compassion for patients who suffer from pain ) who manages intractable chronic pain with methadone? I was previously under the care of a psychiatrist/neuro/oncologist for 8 years before going to my psychiatrist who passed away.
Avatar f tn We live in a small town so I am trying to find a expert in Dallas or Houston (any suggestions would be great). My question in while we are waiting can my husband or daughter have physical therapy performed on their cervical area where all the pain and inflammation is. I have heard mixed reviews that if they have a massage or chiropractor push to hard I the wrong spot on their neck it could kill them?
Avatar m tn The treatment they prescribed was getting cold injections to the nerves in neck and head. She received three treatments over the past year with some short term relief of pain but always come back. Beside this treatment she been doing a routine of physiotherapy, deep tisse massage, water therapy with some relief but not enough. She is going to start acupunture soon.
Avatar f tn Has anyone found any tips or tricks to help relieve some of these symptoms? Head pressure, neck pain, and balance problems make everything so difficult. I'm a newbie here and don't see the neuro until April. I haven't been given a dx yet but my gp says that my MRI shows that the base of my brain is extending down into my spinal column. It really looks to me like I have chiari and I just want some relief!
Avatar f tn Anyone else have neck pain? It seems to have come out if nowhere and I get no relief from it. I've tried everything.
1960024 tn?1355014582 I have had pretty severe Pain in the back of my neck that radiates into the back of my head for about 5 months now. I've seen my Dr. and at first he said a pulled muscle then when it did not go away he tried PT, still no relief so he tried these shots that numbed the area for a couple hours, but that was it. There's also lumps now, at my hairline and in the mid neck close to the spine, I decided to see another Dr.
Avatar f tn Is there any truely non narcotic, non-addictive pain relief that works for moderate to severe muscularskeletal pain??
Avatar m tn I am in so much pain right now. my neck is absolutely killing me and i cant get out of bed. I am 10 months post op on Dec. 16 Does anyone have any suggestions that i can try? i have been in pain like this the past 3 day and on and off for a week before that. i have to get some relief sometime soon, i cant take it.