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Avatar f tn s been suffering from her neck cracking, she finds this very painful she discribes it as lightning in her neck or it cracking like when you crack a stick. She also suffers from neck pain at night she only has 1 small pillow but complains that her neck hurts and thinks it's because her heads been too high. I remember having the exact same promblem starting at the same age around 8years hers started at that age too. I remember not wanting to turn my head because I was scared of the pain.
Avatar m tn I am in so much pain right now. my neck is absolutely killing me and i cant get out of bed. I am 10 months post op on Dec. 16 Does anyone have any suggestions that i can try? i have been in pain like this the past 3 day and on and off for a week before that. i have to get some relief sometime soon, i cant take it.
Avatar f tn I was hoping that someone would be able to suggest some type of pain relief other than acetametaphin or ibuprofen. I am really struggling with the pain in my neck & base of the head. My new Cine-MRI is not until Feb.8 & followup neurosurgeon appt. on Feb.14...started with numbness & tingling under my right arm today & the "foggy",dry, inflammed feeling in my eyes has gotten worse over the last couple of days. Can someone please help me???
Avatar f tn Also drugs such as Tegretol (gradually increase of dosage, gradual pain relief) Gapepentin and other drugs typically prescribed. See a Neurologist. Feel Better!
611254 tn?1223914841 My regular down pillow is just compounding my neck problems. Last night my neck pain was so bad I had my third ever in my lifetime migrane headache. The towel behind my neck and my pillow over my eyes and ears really helped get me to sleep.
Avatar f tn Are you referring to head pain, neck pain, or pain somewhere else? For me, pre-op, nothing worked. I had headaches that would wake me up every couple of hours. Now that I'm post-op, I prop myself up on the couch with my Chiari Zipperhead pillow and that seems to help my pain meds work. The pillow is great (I had it pre-op, too) because it has filling you can add or take out.
Avatar f tn I have been having these horrible headaches that are at the base of my skull. I am starting to think my pillow don't give me enough support or maybe too much support and my neck is getting kinked. IDK I am not getting enough sleep and my head is killing me all the time. I feel like I want to cry cause I am so frustrated and I am constantly complaining and in a bad mood cause I just don't feel good. I thought maybe it might be the medication they put me on (Lamictal XR) but I am not sure.
Avatar f tn My surgery is Thursday 4/2/15 for which I bought a travel neck pillow (which the ends snap together forming a circle) to allow me to lay my head on it with opened area over incision. Not the one with beads in it, but one with comfort memory foam & cooling materials that I actually found at Ross department store. Curious to see if this worked for anyone.
Avatar f tn My best pillow is the neck pillow for travel. The open space is where my neck is so I feel no pressure. The donut cradles my skull so I slept on my back. I can reverse it to sleep prone for about 20 minutes. When I sleep on my side the donut supports my forehead and jaw. I spent extra for the memory foam. Everyone is different: Nothing touches my neck if I want to sleep.
Avatar n tn Without medication pain level is above 10, after medication pain level is 9. My pain is so severe that it appears to lock the turning of my neck to the right. I am asking for any help regarding if there is exercises for this type of problem. My mornings after waking are the worse for me. I have been sleeping with 2 pillows under my legs, flat on my back, and 1 pillow under my head but this doesn't seem to be helping either. Is there any help for me?
Avatar f tn I have tried to sleep on my side, either side, that is the least painful way to sleep but I wake up with a horribly sore neck and shoulders. It has been this way for a week or two but at first the pain would go away quickly as I got up and moved around. I can't sleep on my back because the incision is still sore, and sleeping on my tummy requires me to turn my neck to one side and that strains it and makes it hurt. I am thinking of sleeping in the recliner, I have one in my room.
Avatar n tn Well I do not know about your exact complaint but I have nerve pain and one in particular is according to the Doctor caused by a nerve being pinched. It is a burning sensitive pain that I just cannot get relief for so today I started on Lyrica which is a new drug made for nerve pain. It take 2 weeks I believe to see results. Other than that I do not know alternative therapies are definitely worth trying because it is very debilitating.
Avatar m tn I have had constant myofascial pain in my neck for 13 years. It began after repetitive stress from sports. I've sought various treatment options soon after it began, but all have only offered short-term relief. Options I have tried include: Seeing a physician who was a pain specialist. Treatment included dry needling and NSAIDs (Naproxen). Results were helpful but short-term. Seeing a physical therapist.
Avatar f tn My neck and shoulder part ( just below the neck) hurtsa lot. Wat kind of pillow do u suggest or no pillows at all? I sometimes use a standarad rectangular pillow below my knees.
Avatar f tn Hi matd, I broke my neck playing softball some years ago and have had issues with neck pain and shoulder pain as well as headaches periodically. I have purchased several expensive pillows that promised to relieve the headaches and pain but none of them worked. I found that if my pillow is flat and my neck well supported I sleep more comfortably and wake with less pain and headaches. There are a multitude of opinions on facet joint and cervical injections.
Avatar n tn Mine started out like the rest where I had no pain during the day; however recently I have developed a lot of neck pain during the day. The MRI ended up showing a mild bulge at C5/6. My doctors have said that this is not the source of my pain. I beg to differ. I have found that there is a direct corelation between the pain in the neck and the mid back. I can make all of the pain go away by addressing the bulge (chin tuck and shoulder squeeze stretches).
Avatar n tn later i realized they were due to neck muscle irritation...I work on computers 8 hrs a day n additionally the pillow that i was using was a bit too thick and these two factors left my neck muscles in an irritated state. I read about the trigger points to relieve the headaches and started using a very thin pillow so the head is not too elevated during sleep...this has helped me a lot and pain is almost gone...
6150006 tn?1496080243 I had a hard time getting comfortable for about a week after surgery, but I finally found a just-right pillow stack that I just repeated. I used a neck pillow ( the u-shaped ones) when my neck got tired if I was sitting up. I'm 3 weeks post-op now and the pain is almost gone except in the evenings, and I've been doing some exercises to help with that "tight" feeling.
Avatar n tn I have found a few things that seem to have helped with my neck pain- after warming my neck in a bath or shower I massage essential oils into my neck and shoulders ie;rosemary, lavender etc; then I wrap a warm towel around my neck and get quite a bit of relief I will say the longer I have used this method the more beneficial its become.
1972798 tn?1355549267 I have also found my snoogle maternity pillow helps out alot with my back pain. I am heavy chested and had previous back pain before my pregnancy. The pillow provides great back support. It wraps around your back and goes under your neck and the bottom half goes between your legs. I was not able to get a decent night's sleep before my snoogle.
1672915 tn?1335220598 I am 5 mnths post op and still have unbearable pain in my neck, left shoulder that sometimes go down my arm, low back and right hip pain. Last mnth I had Mri's done and my surgeon said they look good. I went and saw a pain Dr. and he put me on a muscle relaxer that's supposed to help but so far it hasn't. I am having more pain now then I did before surgery and I am becoming very depressed. I am worried that when I go back to the pain Dr.
1523981 tn?1311318595 Any tips for when I am at work, I can't seem to get comfortable no matter if I sit or stand for a little while and I have a desk job I have tried switching chairs and having the chair in all positions possible it can be in. Normally I wouldn't complain about back pain but throw that on top of swollen feet and migraines that don't ever want to go away I need relief from one of them or its going to be a long third trimester.
1088646 tn?1256949923 How can I relieve some of the knots and pain from my upper shoulders and neck naturally? This has been going on for 3+ weeks now. I have tried to "stretch" it out but that's not working. HELP!