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Avatar m tn I have pain in my low back,middle back,neck,back of head hurts, left leg burns at times,both buttocks burn at times,chest pain inside right lower rib area,left ear hurts, i walk kind of wobbly,my vision is getting worse by the week it seems, my lower arms and pinky and ring fingers go numb on both sides when sleeping or sitting. I had lamonectomy l4 l5 in 1998. I had MRI on lower back and neck April 2008 which showed degenerative disc and 2 bulging disc in lower back and 1 in neck area.
Avatar f tn Put your hands and arms under her back (mid-to lower) and have her stretch up and put her arms around your neck. Then lift up on her back. It is amazing!
Avatar f tn I live in Springfield, MA and recommend Dr. Wu at UConn Medical Center. He is in charge of the Gastroenterology department. I started off with Dr. Jonathan Israel and switched over to Dr. Wu after 3 months. Much much much better. I am in my 40th week of tx. UConn Medical Center is around 10 minutes west of Hartford, CT on I-84. It is around 45 minutes from Springfield.
12315119 tn?1424626666 A few days ago my husband lifted somthing heavy and pulled a muscle in his chest ive took him to hospital and to see his own gp and he sed his hearts fine but he still has chest twinges and neck and back pain that will come and go an is really painfull can anybody help me with any advice please on what you thinks wrong or where the pains coming from as im worried tbh and am gratefull with any help I can get thankyou
Avatar f tn Any suggestions on how to get relief from neck and back spasms. I'm about to just start crying from the pain. I am have not been diagnosed with MS, but figure y'all are the experts on spasms. I have locked up all weekend in the neck and now my entire back is one big knot!! Help!!
1672915 tn?1335220598 Hi! Can anyone tell me if there is anything that helps nerve pain after surgery? I am 5 mnths post op and still have unbearable pain in my neck, left shoulder that sometimes go down my arm, low back and right hip pain. Last mnth I had Mri's done and my surgeon said they look good. I went and saw a pain Dr. and he put me on a muscle relaxer that's supposed to help but so far it hasn't. I am having more pain now then I did before surgery and I am becoming very depressed.
Avatar f tn Two months ago she went to the Wisconsin Chiari center where brain surgery was performed to give her brain more room. The neck pain went away for 2 weeks and we thought she was out of the woods. But it came back with a vengeance. They also did another surgery on her 3 weeks ago which was "Tethered cord syndrome" which they said she badly needed. Again, she had a 2 week reprieve from all neck pain - which has again returned same as before.
Avatar n tn i had stage 2 at the age of 30 (just turned 30) and the removal of 25 nods from the right side. i am still experiencing extreme pain and hypo sensitivity under and on the back of my arm. That combined with the lack of 8 hours sleep over the past 7 years; needless to say are starting to affect my way of life.
Avatar m tn NOW, I am at the VA (Veterans Affairs Medical Center) and taking somthing called Methadone 5mg tid as needed for my back, wrist, and neck pain. It dose nothing for my pain, and is completely ineffective. I have tried simply asking for what I used to take, but for SOME REASON, it seems to be an up hill battle.
Avatar f tn On occassion I experience a pain that seem to start in my upper/center back near my neck, then quickly turns into pressure on my chest that then leads to numbness in my left arm and my left hand gets very cold. The pain becomes very intense and lying down makes it a lot worse. Heart rate remains normal throughout and the only relief is ONLY ASPIRIN. Not ibuprofen or acetaminophen... What the heck is going on! Neck or spinal misalignment or something else???
Avatar m tn I can not find info on a gapped disk Here are the issues with my back, I need some relief, just a little 1) upper back numb in my head, neck, shoulders, arms, right/left chest, down sides, sometimes in my stomach, upper back too. Many times my back looks like there is a GULF BALL where my neck joins my back, this area swells up and goes down I need some relief, Trying to get insurance now.
722310 tn?1234762137 Unfortunately, over-the-counter pain killers are sometimes little help with the severe pain that can be produced by back and neck problems. Likewise, opioid pain pills don't always control back and neck pain very effectively and it's very tempting to take more than the prescribed dosage. But if you do that, you're taking your life in your hands because of the large amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol) contained in most opioid pain pills.
11079760 tn?1483386130 They mainly let you focus on your breathing and trust me, all the annoying symptoms like neck pain, lethargy and other saddening stuff is gone now. Its called pranayam. Do google Sudarshan Kriya.( PS . I am not preaching anyone ) Again, My left hand stiffness is as it was in the beginning but I am off the neck pain without any medicine. Currently I am on 1 avonex shot a week and couple of Vitamins and Muscle Relaxants ( which I forget taking most of the time).
Avatar m tn ll switch to advil ( doctor approved) I got a book on exercise and stretching from a friend who is a licensed therapist I do the stretching in the hot shower this helps me loosen up for the day the numbness in my left shoulder and tingling in my hands never seems to go away I have 3 bad discs in my neck and 5 in my back but dealing with my pain like this has got me to 34 days giver take a day I lost count I'll have to check on that been so busy at work.
Avatar f tn When I hold my head back my neck and upper chest hurts.
Avatar n tn I had severe pain, a ten and felt my jaw was dropping down, but it seemed like adjustment and healing. I am feeling relief outweighing the pain. So although a lot of patients at the University Med Center are going the neurology route, I am sticking with this for now. I will ask my dentist about injections.
471949 tn?1236904026 The 38-foot motor coaches, which have spaces for confidential counseling, will carry Vet Center counselors and outreach workers to events and activities to reach veterans in broad geographic areas, supplementing VA's 232 current Vet Centers, which are scheduled to increase to 271 facilities by the end of 2009.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, I have posted in this forum a few times and always gotten positive, helpful feed back so I wanted to post here as well as the neck and back forum. On Tuesday morning I woke up with bad back pain that ran from the top of my right shoulder all the way down to the back of my tigh. I went to a little emergency center here. The doctor said it seem to be my muscle due to the location where the pain is and said it could just be pulled. they ended up giving me a shot and some medicine.
Avatar m tn I also have had this chronic pain in my stomach area for the last 4 years and have had a complete workup and galbladder removal surgery and with no relief. Am currently seeing Dr at UNC in Chapel Hill with no relief. It is a sharp pain right where the center of the ribcage ends. UNC Dr stated he may think its muscle-skelatel? I am waiting for them to scrdule x-rays for this. In short i am sick of feeling bad and seems there are no Dr's that want to help anymore.
Avatar f tn I need a stereotactic breast biopsy. Our local health center (Springfield, IL) charges about $4000. I am willing to drive within 150 miles to do this at a better price. Any ideas? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/261987'>price of needle biopsy</a>.
531667 tn?1215612330 I am a 22 yr old female and I have been experiencing chronic neck and back pain for the past 4 years after a car accident. My muscles are in a constant spasm and I am in pain daily. I have tried every method of pain management, chiropractic, and physical therapy. I just had an MRI done and the findings reported a 2 mm central protrusion at T8 - T9 which indents the thecal sac without deforming the cord. This must be what is causing my pain, as nothing else has been discovered.
Avatar m tn The surgery provided me with some relief, although it definitely didn't restore me even close to 100% like I had hoped. I wonder if it was a mis-diagnosis or half-diagnosis, and it makes me question whether the nerve pinching issues is actually at the shoulder RATHER than the neck. Regardless, the issue is no longer in my neck and shoulder, but in my neck, shoulder, and back. It's difficult to even pinpoint the pain.
Avatar m tn ve showed him medical reports from, neurologists, the neuro surgeon that did my neck surgery, and my former pain mgmt doctor. I showed him quantiative sensory testing on both my hands and feet indicating RSD. I gave him reports from themographic imaging that showed RSD in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas, not to mention my hands and feet, and he still does not believe I have RSD.