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Avatar f tn Which brand of vitamins do you buy and are your vitamins made in China ?? SHIJIAZHUANG, China -- If you pop a vitamin C tablet into your mouth, it's a good bet it came from China. Indeed, many of the world's vitamins are now made in China. "In less than a decade, China has captured 90 percent of the U.S. market for vitamin C, driving almost everyone else out of business." link to article:
494640 tn?1262737989 Unless he has had testing, I would think his swimmers are tip-top. Many women(and men)start taking otc vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc, in the hopes of getting pg faster. Fact is, a lot of these things are stored in the body and can be quite harmful. If he has had a bad s/a, what was the main problem? Quantity, motility? Different problems require different actions.
Avatar m tn It depends on what you need them for. I am not an advocate of taking handfuls of vitamins. I take a few herbs and vitamins. I take an Essential Enzyme with each meal. It helps you properly digest your food. I also take Astragalus, it is a Chinese herb helps boost your immune system. A good Pro-biotic is an excellent think to take, keeps good bacteria going in your system. I also like Grapefruit Seed Extract, you take this when you feel a cold or flu coming on.
Avatar f tn Nature's Bounty prenatal vitamins is it good?
Avatar f tn What's everyone's favorite prenatal vitamins? I just bought nature's bounty but I really don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for.
Avatar f tn Last week an acquaintance whom I see in the pool at the gym commented on the redness on my neck and under my jaw. I have had this before & didn't think much of it since it usually goes away. Five days later, it is not getting any better. Over a week ago, I also noticed redness with bumps around the corners of my mouth and to the right & left of my upper-chin, then this redness continues on down my neck and up the sides of my jawline. I am baffled as to what could cause this.
Avatar f tn The only thing you have to worry about is not taking Vitamin K especially because it causes blood clotting while on aggrenox. The other natural blood thinners include vitamin E, garlic, onions, and vitamin C because they also thin blood. That's why doctors tell you not to take these vitamins before an operation. My mother had a stroke about 5 months ago and we are considering opening the blood thinning aggrenox capsules and giving her half the dosages with applesause.
Avatar f tn s worth getting because that herbs helps repair your liver. I think I did a liver cleanse herbal formula. I say go for it and stay HYDRATED!
10816945 tn?1427208632 So I have a huge issue with swallowing pills so I usually get chewable or crush regular pills. I have been taking bellybar prenatal vitamins, but for the past few weeks they've been making me sick. Any advice?
1047147 tn?1328906154 Im hearing alot about herbs that can make you more fertile.... My FSH was 10 the last time it was tested, RE said it was borderline.. Now MDH is on this kick with herbs,,,, Telling me to take royal jelly, Vitex(chaste tree), red clover blossom,,,,, And he added sasparilla tea,, and wants me to take some false unicorn root... Did anyone have any luck with these.
Avatar f tn What are the best prenatal pills to take because I can not take the ones they gave me.
809236 tn?1280606158 on my last u/s at 8 weeks a strong heartbeat was detected and was was joyfully graduated to an OBGYN... but now this...She gave me some herbs to take (I refused to take them before; wasn't going to take it that far), and told me it's absolutely essential that I take them. Is there possibly any merit to what she told me today??? .
Avatar m tn Well, I believe that vitamins, minerals, herbs, are ALL important, they need to be taken on a daily basis for them to really be effective however. You need good, reliable, name brands, the ones from most drug stores like Centrum are basically useless and do not have much of the so-called product in them, they are mainly fillers. I take mine from companies such as "Solar ray" "Thorne" "Blue Bonnet" Eclectic Institute" "Standard Processing Labs" etc.
1793466 tn?1323701047 My husband and I are ttc and I'm currently taking a prenatal that you can buy at any drug store; Nature's Choice or something like that. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good prenatal? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I dont understand why some of u are filling urself with so much vitamins..did u calculate ur body needs and do u overpass it? To much vitamins isnt good too..
Avatar f tn I have a very weak stomach when it comes to vitamins so the ones ive found work best for me and are affordable and rated amoung the top 10 pre natals are the nature made liquid gel pre natals with dha and omega-3. I absolutely love them.
Avatar f tn //www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I have Fibromyalgia, I would like to know which vitamins I should use for this desease and what would me help me get more energy. Fatigue is part of Fibro.
Avatar f tn My doctor advises the Citracal Citranatal family of vitamins. They have different vitamins with DHA, Folic Acid and all the necessary vitamins for you and the baby. Here is the link for you to check it out.
Avatar m tn There are several good herbs for varicose veins, which, by the way, includes hemorrhoids. These include horse chestnut, as mentioned, witch hazel, gota kola, and hot herbs which help circulation, such as cayenne. Varicose veins are caused by weakness in the vascular walls, and these herbs help strengthen them. Many companies make good formulas, including Herb Pharm and Nature's Way. Hey, Deep, stop pushing GNC.
Avatar n tn For another thing, among the fillers and binders are several toxic chemicals, which is common in drug store and pharmaceutical company vitamins but are largely absent in the best health food store multis. But a good multi in a health food store will have higher doses of some things, will have a whole lot more nutrients, and the best aren't one a day since you can't fit absorbable minerals in any one a day -- they take up too much space.
Avatar n tn s episodic so it will disappear and reappear at intervals. The best treatment would be a combination of amino acids with herbs, therapy, dietary changes, exercise, meditation, etc. All hard to do when you're depressed because by definition when you are you lack motivation. The other problem is depression very often is accompanied by or caused by anxiety, and substances that help depression can be stimulating and thus aggravate anxiety.
Avatar f tn Try a hot oil treatment. Avoid shampoos/ cond that have silicone in the ingredients. Also wash, cond hair in cold/ warm water, not hot as it tends to break hair off and effect new growth. After pregnancy, take a pill called hair, skin & nails by nature's bounty. Its the best! Made my hair grow so long & thick!!! You can find it at any grocery store, health food store, or Amazon. I can't wait to start taking mine agai! Good luck!
935493 tn?1248796864 I take pre-natal vitamins. They seemto work the best, even when not expecting. I also take Sam's club calcium with a high load of D. For years I have been taking E, and just recently started Fish Oil.
Avatar m tn I am looking for a quality supplier for herbs, vitamins, and other natural products. I've heard there are differences in quality. I figure if I am going to spend my money, I want it to be on something worthwhile. So what does everyone else do? Do you have a favorite supplier? If so, why? I cannot really find any third party reviews on these type of products.
Avatar f tn If the rhodiola is helping and not making you more anxious are you taking the recommended dose? Herbs are best taken through the day rather than taking a specific dose so they stay in the system, and rhodiola for most people is energizing. You might try taking wheat grass or spirulina, as they contain high amounts of B12 and chlorophyll which mimics hemoglobin and are just so nutrient dense they might give you more energy.