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Avatar f tn My experience is managing health food stores for 18 years -- though not for the last 7 years. So I do have a bit of an advantage from having met a lot of the people who started these companies, who independently tests their products, etc. My experience is that no one manufacturer makes the best of all products. I do have to disagree with the naturopath Dr. Dunn, though. I don't think Standard Process is the Rolls-Royce of anything except marketing.
Avatar n tn Soy interferes with the absorption of your medication and also has negative effects on the thyroid.
366262 tn?1360031596 I take a chewable one, as I have a hard time with swallowing them. before starting the ivf treatment my re gave me a list of vitamins and supplements and the amounts needed. The brand etc... was up to me.
547836 tn?1302832832 I'm on prescription Vit D and B complex. I stopped the multi-vitamins (no iron) when my thryoid went hyper as it had iodine in it. (while it's stable now, I take the multi-vits off and on). I take extra B12, Vit E and an adrenal support intermittantly, and take barley grass tablets daily, flaxseed oil, water and still juice beetroot, carrot, apple & ginger every other day.
Avatar f tn Ok, I got everything on the Amino Protocol list. I like the DLPA the best because it has the ingredient that produces euphoria (Figures I'd like that one the best, huh?) However, I took each of the other vitamins doses all at once and now I feel like Imma 'splode. Blah! If you do this, don't take the vitamins all at once or you will get sicky.
Avatar f tn Without seeing the dog and seeing what is going on, it is hard to advise. If you are concerned, it would be best to take the dog in to see the Vet for a good physical examination.
1346723 tn?1300718741 just wondering wat the best prenatals are...
Avatar f tn My doctor told me to take Flinstone Complete Vitamins... it has everything you need even the right amount of folic acid! They are smaller and chewable which is great because most prenatals are huge.
Avatar f tn I am wondering what are the best prenatal vitamins? I am not pregnant now but we are trying. I am currently taking GNC Women's Health prenatal formula without iron with 1000mcg of folic acid. Is that ok? What should i do to keep my body healthy and also my husbands?
1729448 tn?1342094737 Fish at least once a week is good for the blood, skin and heart. Last on the list is bread and grains. Altho most people eat a lot of bread to fill up on. If you must, eat whole grain breads (more expensive, sorry). Peanut butter is a cheap protein, but try to get the natural without sugar. Eggs in every shape and form are also high in protein necessary for good muscles.
Avatar f tn Me too! I've dropped about 6lbs and I'm 11 weeks today. I'm not going to worry because I know I'm eating well, taking all my vitamins, doing everything I'm supposed to. I'm going to say I've dropped this weight because I'm eating healthier. So I'm not going to worry unless Doc says something about it. Call your Doc and get some reassurance.
871965 tn?1241833146 Hi I was wondering what the latest info is on what prenatal vitamins or best, or what vitamins are most important to take pre-conception and during pregnancy. For now my question relates to pre-natal health. I am taking a pre-natal vitamin and then some calcium magnesium with Vitamin D...any other suggestions. Of course I want as healthy a pregnancy as possible. Any advice is appreciated.
2025499 tn?1328888318 Are you tapering off methadone? Anxiety can be crippling unless we do the work to discover the root cause. Welcome to the forum and know that you will be supported here.... Keep posting!
Avatar f tn But I would try and Google a list of requirements, like so much iron, so much of whatever the other important ones are, take that list with you to the store, and make sure the one you buy has them all.
Avatar n tn there are many good cancer centers in the US MD Anderson in Houston TX is usually listed #1, Google 10 best cancer centers of the US and you will get a list, there is also a list of the top 50, We choose Mayo in Rochester Mn for my daughter. But you must remember the best hospital does not guarantee any cure, It also depends greatly on the experience of the onocologist handling the case.
Avatar n tn A lot of the over the counter ones have wayyy to much of vitamin a and others so I would ask your OB to give You a prescription one!
1722607 tn?1335747858 As many of them are metabolized involving Cytochrome P-450, many should be avoided while on treatment. At the end of the list is a good explanation of what Cytochrome P-450 is and it is good knowledge to have. Here is the link to the list:
10514421 tn?1412442873 A doctor once gave me a list of recommended over-the-counter medicine for general allergies/illness,in case I wanted to stock my cabinets for sick days.My mom is really sick right now and I want to go out and buy her some medicine,but I don't have my list with me(it's at my dorm room two hours away).She seems miserable and says the only thing she's having a hard time with is breathing.
1338820 tn?1312054113 If you want to be ultra-careful, copy the list from the back of the prenatals you are not taking, and write a a list of what you *are* taking, and take both to your next appointment with your doctor. He or she can look at both and see if there is anything on the prenatals list that he or she feels you are not getting with the individual-pill regime. But it really doesn't sound like you are going to run into trouble. Good luck!
Avatar f tn does taking the prenatal (before preg) affect TTC? what is the best prenatal vitamins? now i am only taking folic acid. I selected one a day vitamins because of its ingredients. and a brand name product. But few days ago I went to wal-mart and found out that they have an other (not so polular brand name) prenatal vitamins for much cheaper. so please help me which one i sould select? or should i avoid taking prenatal while TTC? please help.
3063937 tn?1352422855 Hi I just bought the l tyrosine this morning along with evening primrose oil. I also use b6 and potassium. I'm looking for anything to get my addicted brain back to somewhat normal. Lol if it ever was!
Avatar m tn Hey everyone, I am in the market for a new treadmill and I am wondering what the general population is using? I have been looking at some NordicTrack treadmill's but I am not sure what I want to get, maybe the Commercial 1750? Does anyone have experience with this stuff? I just want to see if anyone has any experience with it. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn I had my sweet, sweet baby January 24, 2014. Her name is Brooklyn Nicole. She now sleeps in her own bed at night. Now I have that "Wife, Momma List". The list where you lay in bed at night and think Is the kitchen clean? The trash needs to be taken out. Tomorrow I'll do the kitchen, livingroom, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Is there enough formula? I'll pick some up tomorrow just incase. Man I forgot to make him lunch. Oh well I'll just send him with some money.
1718215 tn?1317749366 I am looking for a list of Anti-Fibrotics that was posted by Hepatitis Researcher. Can someone send me this link or the list. I hear it is an old list, does anyone have an updated one.