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1157054 tn?1266094164 you can always do searches on drugs and their interactions with herbs and vitamins.....most of the vitamin warnings will only be interference in absorption, so usually recommend taking vitamins a couple of hours away from meds. When taking synthroid, take all vitamins at least 2 hrs apart, except for Calcium and Iron take at least 6 hrs apart.
Avatar f tn Hi, would anybody know if the energy pills you buy either in a store or on-line are worth anything? I know the theory of taking vitimin B and diet but I seem to need an extra boost. I've been thinking of buying a product called Xzing but do you think I'm throwing my money away? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I would particularly investigate super foods such as spirulina and bee pollen for energy and detoxification, and adaptogenic herbs to help with the adrenals such as the ginsengs and such. Which ones, however, will depend on your mental state.
3063937 tn?1352422855 b12 sublingual tablets - good for energy.
Avatar f tn The only thing you have to worry about is not taking Vitamin K especially because it causes blood clotting while on aggrenox. The other natural blood thinners include vitamin E, garlic, onions, and vitamin C because they also thin blood. That's why doctors tell you not to take these vitamins before an operation. My mother had a stroke about 5 months ago and we are considering opening the blood thinning aggrenox capsules and giving her half the dosages with applesause.
1047147 tn?1328906154 I would talk to you RE before you take ANY herbs or over the counter medications. The only one of those I've ever heard of is Vitex, but I'd worry that they could interact with whatever the Re puts you on.
Avatar f tn Ask your psychiatrist to divide your antidepressant dose in two, to take once in the morning and once in the evening. This can reduce sedation. Holy basil not only reduces cortisol but can also reduce blood sugar, which can make you feel tired when it starts to wear off. I find it does this to me, so I only take it when needed -- it might not do this if taken regularly but it's something to consider.
Avatar n tn Have you looked into maybe Fertility Blend or FertilAid? I haven't tried any of them, so I'm not sure how well they work or if there are any side effects...but maybe you could check online to see if the ingredients are similar to Ovulex. Do you know why it was taken off the market? Best of luck to you!
Avatar m tn Thank you! This is very helpful and leads me in a more positive direction.
Avatar n tn in them or alcohol, but the ones that have the nutrients that build up your system with vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids.
Avatar f tn I would take a good, food-grade multi-vitamin and add to it extra "B" vitamins. I would also take the herb, "Ginseng" this is one of the herbs that help strengthen the adrenal glands, thus, giving you more energy.
941766 tn?1257796601 I am starting to feel better and want to control by natural vitamins and exercise. Also has anyone tried 5-htp or any of the natural stuff? I can't take anti-depressants. I do take 1.5 mgs of Kolopin at bedtime which has finally started to help.
231048 tn?1214354453 I did not mean to say ur energy wont get any better because it will each week...u will notice a difference...i would have good energy days and bad energy 3 months i think i had the energy i had before using...was back at my normal energy level...which is alot most would loss was the hardest part for me and one of the main reasons i would crave...exercise.exercise.exercise! I know everyone gets sick of hearing this but it works...
Avatar f tn My alphafero protein went from 6 to 11. last year i started taking massive amounts of herbs and vitamins . ,like 35 per day. 10 were to try to get rid of psoriasis , the others were anti oxidants. i took them all at once. could this have taxed my liver as far as metabalizing this amount and could that have sent my alt's up . i feel fine no change in me at all. other than these numbers. i took another blood test today.
Avatar f tn GABA doesn't cross the blood brain barrier. You can take precursors for GABA such as l-glutamine or taurine (amino acids) or herbs that act on the GABA receptors such as valerian or kava but don't start anything until you have tapered off the valium & xanax. L-tyrosine can help with energy but take it in the morning as others have said can make you feel jiggy, (as in jump out of your skin, rather than the Will Smith sense). It's too speedy for me.
798555 tn?1292787551 Holy Basil is great for cutting cortisol and blood sugar, but yeah, it can make you tired, but so can herbs that target GABA such as passionflower or kava or valerian -- they're relaxants, so they relax you. Aswaghanda is an adaptogen, as is Holy Basil, and it does usually have a relaxing effect. What you're looking for is an energizing adaptogen that doesn't make you nervous, it sounds like.
798555 tn?1292787551 Adrenal forum isnt really into this stuff for fluctuating energy, There are more about having to much adrenal or none over there like Addisons or Cushings - so Im posting here.
1411632 tn?1281642993 Another option are super foods such as spirulina or bee pollen or royal jelly or wheat grass, which give more energy through being very nutritious rather than boosting metabolism, and adaptogens, such as eleuthero, to regulate your adrenals so they work as they should. One of the secrets of East European athletes during their heyday was taking herbs such as eleuthero and rhodiola to tone the adrenals.
12033218 tn?1423011288 it may just be that addingor increasing energy is not the factor wich needs attention.many people take energy drinks and cafinated beverages wich deplete vitamins in the body eventually wich can worsen situations rather than addressing the root cause . healthy diet plenty of fruit and vegetables and antioxidant foods berries. nuts for protien or healthy snack .by boosting immunity you may enable your body to control ebv better .
442658 tn?1563386491 the aminos and vitamins can help lots with the energy and exercise is the key ingredient for me...if u r not sleeping, this could be alot of it and lack of sleep can make u to ur doctor about the sleep problems if u have already tried the herbs and OTC meds like tylenol pm...hang in there...
Avatar m tn Well, I believe that vitamins, minerals, herbs, are ALL important, they need to be taken on a daily basis for them to really be effective however. You need good, reliable, name brands, the ones from most drug stores like Centrum are basically useless and do not have much of the so-called product in them, they are mainly fillers. I take mine from companies such as "Solar ray" "Thorne" "Blue Bonnet" Eclectic Institute" "Standard Processing Labs" etc.
Avatar f tn is there anything out there to give one some Energy???? i can drink a whole pot of coffee and fall asleep...caf. doesn't help...i have tried multi vitamins with energy...all types of vitamins..every type of B vitamin...those little energy shots dont do a thing for me ... nothing seems to help...that is why i was taking the percs...for the energy... i would buzz around and get all my work its such a struggle to get things accomplished... any suggestions?? thanks so much.
Avatar f tn The only one I know of that has been proven to contain ingredients that actually help in this area is yohimbe, and a drug has been made from it (yohimbine). But what most of the male sexual herbs do is work on your yang energy, or male energy, but if your mind is against it they aren't going to necessarily be able to beat that. Also remember, long-term usage of these herbs can overstimulate your adrenals and other organs, so be aware of that.
Avatar f tn I feel very crappy and tired most of the time from this, I guess, and was pumping my body full of energy vitamins-which actually helped! did I screw up my liver more from taking these? sometimes 3-4 a day for a while there!
Avatar f tn I dont understand why some of u are filling urself with so much vitamins..did u calculate ur body needs and do u overpass it? To much vitamins isnt good too..
Avatar f tn You may want to look into adaptagen herbs such as Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, or an Adrenal support vitamin which is a blend of these herbs, or Seripohs. Your belly fat issue could be due to high Cortisol, the stress hormone. This is my problem and am working on it, so maybe research this topic.
1508698 tn?1360215710 i find if have something to look forward to i can get out of bed easy, if i already know my day is going to be stressful i just wanna lay there, i also take a one a day vitamin and alot of B vitamins sometimes get those 5 hour energy, but i dont feel like they put on in the commercial lol