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Avatar n tn When I wake up in the morning, I see round reddish spots on my entire body including face, eye lids, heels and palms with intolerable itching. As the day moves on I feel some relief, but in the evenings and nights the situation gets worse. I am a 30 year old female and have lot of unwanted hair on my entire body including face. Application of wax also produces allergic reaction. Please help me on this.
Avatar f tn So if you want more than just symptom suppression or temporary relief, then check online the holistic allergy approach I mentioned earlier. For asthma you may look into the Buteyco breathing program, to help reduce attacks and to lessen the dependency on meds. You can attend the classes offered in your area (short and simple) or you can purchase the DVD program.
5665620 tn?1373911058 Not sure about natural remedies but you can get topical hayfever relief which won't pass to your baby - nasal sprays and eye drops. There are also certain allergy tablets you can take but these are generally on a case to case basis so ask your Dr which ones you can take.
422425 tn?1307992990 I don't have RLS, but I know someone who does. She told me that reducing her intake of salt has really made a difference. She no longer has to take prescription RLS medication. My friend and her huband don't eat processed and packaged foods. Like me, they only eat natural foods that have ingredients that people can actually pronounce. I mention that, because prepared and packaged foods do contain high levels of salt. But, she still had to reduce her intake of salt.
11672216 tn?1420313003 I was diagnosed with a severe dairy allergy and possible gluten intolerance. I have been off gluten completely for about 4 months and off dairy for about 2 months. Lately I have had horrible almost constant heartburn, burping, sore throat at night, and a feeling of fullness/ pressure in my stomach. My doctor wants me to try some heartburn medication as it's possible I have an ulcer or acid reflux.
Avatar n tn my sinuses constantly ache and I occasionally get these terrible ear aches that are really debilitating (extremely painful). i can feel the pressure draining and radiating in front of my ear down into my eustachian tube. the whole area around the ear is extremely tender to the touch and pressurized. i really believe it's allergy related, especially with living with a cat. what is the best promotion of faciliting the draining of fluid through my ear to avoid this/treat this?
Avatar n tn Basically since I got pregnant t and had to stop allergy meds I've had a stuffy nose but this past two weeks it's been so bad I've started getting bloody noses and the sinus pressure is so bad my teeth actually hurt:( Anybody have natural remedies i could try? I've been using eucalyptus in the steamy shower and humidifier/boiling a pot of water all day.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any suggestions for extreme allergy control while pregnant?
936335 tn?1246412231 mmm sorry nobody has responded to you :S you're at the end of the road and doctors haven't helped you one bit (but lowered your $$$ in your account..I know the feeling..) well you could try what i'm doing through elimination. I know with IBS issues that helped me was mixing miralax with citrucel.. that would cause a bowel movement. Also medication like librax helped my spasms... but those are all treatments..
Avatar m tn I just had herbal tea (caffeine free) Country Peach Passion, 100% natural teas Celestial seasonings, yesterday afternoon. After couple of hour my hands, fingers, legs started itching. this morning finger and hands started swelling little. what should i do?. why it happens?
790421 tn?1341230131 i'm currentlygoing through chronic back pain ,had a lumbar laminectomy a year ago,and a spinal fusion in a month ,the problem is my insurance doen't cover any pain relief in meds ,so is there any natural remedies i can try to help relieve some of this pain i use ice and heat ,it helps a little but to no avail.any advice would be helpful........
Avatar f tn Not sure what causes your attacks, but I know what causes mine & I know that with some of us if we establish an imaginary safty place in our minds where we can go when we feel we're beginning to go into one of our attacks, we can run for safty to that island in our memory. However, I also have a safty room within my home for when the imaginary island isn't enough for me.
Avatar f tn While some people experience pain relief after the first injection of EUFLEXXA, most patients experience significant relief after the third (last) weekly injection. You can expect months of pain relief from EUFLEXXA, although the duration of relief will vary from person to person. I would suggest that you visit a orthopaedician to rule out contraindications or side effects to this treatment. Best.
Avatar n tn Hi and welcome to the forum. The fact that your daughter is only 3 months, makes it a rather delicate and challenging matter. I would not attempt anything that would even remotely suggest a possible side-effect. Holistic allergy elimination for babies, would be the only approach that I would recommend at this point. It is 100% non-invasive, safe, efficient and simple. You need to search for a Doctor or Practitioner in your area that is trained in N.A.E.T. (Dr.
Avatar m tn Doctor told me to do blood work it comes normal, then he said me allergy given me allergy medicine and a cough syrup. Did not help but when I took the cough syrup urge of coughing and throat tickling gone for 2-3 hours then again come.One day the cough gone automatically, though it bothers me some time, after almost 5 months with out coughing , last week i had a mild cold, and again that cough came.
Avatar m tn During last 2-3 years, some Gastroenterologists recommended me to undergo upper-endoscopy and colonoscopy, so before 6-7 months from now in I undergone through both these proceedures and some ulcers were detected. So doctors prescribed required medicines. Again after taking medicines some relief was there but again the problems were not solved. Then the doctor told to have a widal test and againTyphoid/Enteritis Infection was there.
1348686 tn?1310654243 I use sinucleanse...same thing as the neti pot. Helps tremendously. A little shot of Claritin allergy spray works wonders too!