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Avatar m tn I have been taking Advair 250 at the first sign of a cold (but do not take it when I am not symptomatic as I think Advair actually makes me cough when I am asymptomatic). I also take Nasonex and 30-60mg of pseudoephedrine daily. Albuterol as needed. I am also on allergy shots. My doctor recently replaced the Adviar with Asthmanex and said to use it daily even when not symptomatic.
Avatar n tn I have used Afrin for colds my entire life, and have *always* managed to stop using it within a week or so, avoiding the dreaded "addiction" people speak about. Will the Nasonex/Astepro help me to drop the afrin faster? Thanks for your time!
Avatar m tn I have been taking Advair 250 at the first sign of a cold (but do not take it when I am not symptomatic as I think Advair actually makes me cough when I am asymptomatic). I also take Nasonex and 30-60mg of pseudoephedrine daily. Albuterol as needed. I am also on allergy shots. My doctor recently replaced the Adviar with Asthmanex and said to use it daily even when not symptomatic.
Avatar f tn You can get surgery for the polyps, but if you want to try anything else, Nasonex has been proven effective for polyps in some patients. As far as curing your sinusitis, which is most likely the cause of most nasal polyps, I have developed a saline Sinus Flush that has proven 100% effective against every sinus problem I have had, and I've had most of them.
242143 tn?1215473908 of course at night was the worst for me. and I also got steriolds for 7 days. did good too... I fill so bad for you because I had it for a long time!!! Just make sure you go ahead and go.. It does get worse, the sooner you can get it in control the better. There are soooo many diffrent colds out there... Mine started with cough, sneezing, sore troat... then the next week.. the mucus got really really thick and inpossible to get out. lungs and nose... low feaver...dry cough...
Avatar f tn My husband has had chronic sinusitis (it tends to occur sec. to colds/or exercise-induced asthma). Never drainage/congestion/fever. Only symptom is "pressure" mid-forehead & eyes. He's been on numerous abx/steroids beg. Oct/08; 8 courses of abx & medrol dose packs/pred. In order, he took Amox, Z-pack, Bactrim, Ceftin, Cefadroxil, and now Augmentin. CT scan showed anatomically smaller left maxillary sinus, slightly dev.
Avatar n tn If not he will be sending me to an ENT for scoping and a CT scan. I am in the Tampa, FL area for those who are asking.
Avatar n tn So I have been on Nasonex and Clarinex for allergies and Aciphex for gastritis. Stomach is better, but no real relief from suspected allergy problem, just gets better for a week or so and comes back. Recently was diagnosed with sinusitis and was put on antibiotic. My biggest problem is the constant post nasal drip - mucus draining down the back of my throat.
Avatar n tn I have had hearing loss in 1 ear for several months. ENT put me on Nasonex and this did nothing. Upon returning to ENT, he suggests a brain scan & several other tests. I have problems with allergies & colds. Have also taken erythromycin. Should I have these tests or get a second opinion. It seems strange to me that I went from nasal spray to possible brain tumor.
Avatar m tn Nasal sprays recomended by my doctor didn't work, so he then told me to use a neti pot. I have been using it and it works great!! It is good for colds, allergies, and any sinus trouble. It is only $20.00. Make sure you read the instructions well, make sure you use distilled water, you can get at your drug store, or you can boil the water you have at home. It is amazing!!! Easy to use as well. Good luck!! Carla.
Avatar f tn I will admit I only used the Nasonex for about a week. I don't necessarily like taking something every single day (part of the reason I went to see the ENT - to be off the Clairitin-D). I am still taking my Clairitin-D every day and about half of the days I can get my ear to eventually "pop." In the past week, I have found my jaw on my left side (same as bad ear) right at the joint is now in pain. It hurts to talk (or sing in my car on the way home from work).
Avatar f tn I'm writing in regards to my husband who has been suffering from sinusitis for almost a year (it tends to occur secondary to colds/or exercise-induced asthma). He has never presented with any drainage, congestion, or fever. His only symptom is "pressure" that is primarily mid-forehead & over eyes. He has been on numerous antibiotics with steroids beginning October 2008; about 8 courses of antibiotics and medrol dose packs/prednisone.
Avatar f tn Please help! I have been having a chronic dry cough for the last 3 months - rapidly going on 4. It all started with a minor cough every now and then and a little bit of a sore throat. I thought I was coming down with a cold, but nothing more serious developed. Since then the cough has gotten worse, it developed into a mucousy sounding cough in the mornings and evenings and I was diagnosed with post-nasal drip around the 1 month mark.
Avatar n tn When i use Nasonex and use my inhaler (I have Asthma) it goes away for a while. I have had a serious sinus infection for two weeks now (i just got on antibiotics 3 days ago) and during the day i smell this smoke smell. The physician did not know why i was selling this other than i had a bad sinus infection. Please help if you can.
Avatar n tn I have been receiving immunotherapy treatments for environmental allergies for more than a year. Prior to treatment, I was experiencing very frequent and severe bronchial colds. Once I started treatment, I was prescribed Nasonex and Zyrtec. Despite the fact that my allergies seem to be improving, I am now also taking Singulair, and more recently a pulmicort inhaler for asthma. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis approximately 4 months ago.
Avatar n tn I've posted before, have seen 3 docs, but am still undiagnosed. In April & May I had colds that lasted 1-2 days, with sore throat, earache, dizziness, & fatigue. One night I felt like I was going to vomit and pass out but didn't. I remained constantly woozy like I was carsick and fatigued from May - August even though the colds went away. I saw two doctors, had CT scan, EKG, & bloodwork. They found nothing.
Avatar f tn Albuterol helped in case of acute SOB. Was using Nasonex for nasal congestion. Congestion is really worse at night when I am lying flat. Cannot sleep without spraying a decongestant. I was beginning to get repeated sinus infections so I saw another Allergy specialist for second opinion . Since I have GERD he started me on Omniprazole 40 mg twice a day and gave me antibiotics fro 45 days which really cleared my sinus infections. I breathed better after a long time.
Avatar n tn I am an overall healthy 20-something woman, non smoker who has suffers from grass/weed allergies, which would leave me with sinus infections and miserable a couple times a year, for a couple weeks. For the past half year, though, I've experienced these symptoms in the first paragraph. I've been to the ER, had lung exams, CT scans, chest xrays, several spirometry/breathing tests, etc. I've been on Claritin, Nasonex, Astelin, and albuterol (they thought my symptoms could be asthma).
Avatar m tn guaifenesin has no side effects and is even safe for children. It is marketed for respiratory mucus problems and is available without prescription in various strengths. something else that is very good to have on hand is an all natural nasal spray called Xlear. it is made with Xylitol - some health food stores sell it - you can also buy it on-line. it is like a mucous "dissolver" - really good to use during the day between times you do saline nasal rinsing. non-habit forming.
Avatar n tn I took him back in and the Dr said that she could hear fluid in his opposite lung this time. She put him on Singular, Nasonex, Zithromaz, Pulmicort and Xopenex with a nebulizer and Pancof-PD for cough at night. All at the same time. It kinda scares me!! He has been having up to 5 potty accidents a day. Is this possibly related? He seems to be full of energy (which he has been all along, he has never even acted sick). I have noticed after a treatment of Pulmicort that he gets a little crazy.
1260255 tn?1288658164 () What do you seem to be most prone to in terms of sickness? When I do get a cold it's always usually in the summer, or if I start working out a lot (or the few times I've tried to join sports teams like ruby that involve intense work outs) If you do fall ill, how long does it take you to recover? When getting a cold after working out or sports team, it usually lasts 2 or 3 weeks but I think it might be because I always kept trying to work out :/ What does illness do to your other sx?
Avatar n tn I've used the spray sporadically for the past few years to alleviate sinus congestion from colds. Recently, I had a particularly bad cold that resulted in use of the spray for about 6 straight days (3-4 times per day...sometimes more). This exceeded the recommended 3 day warning on the label, but I am a fairly large guy and figured I could handle the extra dosage without any problem...I was wrong!
Avatar n tn I'm on 4,000mg of amoxacillin a day ( if I take zithromax i have to take 3 courses in a row, biaxin-same, tequin-2 courses and that's just about the last stop before cipro, I wasn't joking when I said I don't get colds, I get siiiiccck!!!) I'm on nasonex and nasacort, giufenex, and vicoprofen for that damn headache I always seem to get once a month. Road2recovery and I traded pics earlier this morn. Pretty huh? And her girls are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! xoxo- D.
Avatar n tn My complaint with this hyperthyroid situation is the fact that I cannot take the same medicines I did for a cold that I used to. I am so afraid that my husband who is a Lieutenant at a prison and I also have 3 children in elementary school that is suseptible to bring home everything. I hate it when I get cold congestion and can't take the good medicines I used to for them. I am so afraid that they are going to give me a cold and then I will have to suffer through it.
Avatar n tn He should then send them to the bacteriology lab for more careful, microscopic examination. These could be fungus balls, from an allergy.
Avatar n tn I am having the same symptons for a year.... It is driving me crazy.... My doctor suggested NASONEX... which helps sometimes.... They have suggested an allergy specialist... If you come across a solution, please post... THANKS & good luck..
480448 tn?1426952138 Therefore, all of my symptoms could now make a lot of sense. Any input for those of you who have had problems with your sphenoid sinus? Symptoms match? My doc also dx-ed me today with a "rip roaring" right ear infection. I have already made an appt for Wed with an ENT, as it seems that this Sphenoid sinusitis is nothing to mess around with. I have NEVER had headaches last this long...with NO relief from anything. Ear infection common with this...or could this be a complication?
Avatar m tn Many people swear by a neti pot, so it is apparently effective for some colds and some sinus infections. However, a neti pot flush may or may not reach the upper part of the sinuses. They are now widely available. ***BUT, before you try anything here, you should go to a doctor and have your problem checked out. You may have a problem that looks like a sinus infection, but is something else.
Avatar n tn I like a saline gel called Ayr. They also make a spray. It really feels good in the nose. Also, my GP recently prescribed Nasonex for "Colorado Dry Nose". I've used it a couple of times and it helps runny nose, but I'm leary of yet another med.