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29837 tn?1414534648 Recently I went to an eye, ear, nose specialist who prescribed Nasonex. Anyone have any success with it? I say that because I tried it now for two days with no effect. Do I need to try it longer? Anyone?
Avatar f tn I was on nasonex spray prn or I take 1 puff each nose at times for few years= 4 years. Now I noticed hair thinning and loss. I have stopped the nasonex now. Will my hair grow back as usual? I am so worried. Iam not taking any other medication. But on hair supplements- zinc, vitamin E and multivitamin. Started my hair massage!
531684 tn?1216745984 t even get to the end of the complaints on the internet about nose bleeds from nasonex! Well, my nose bleeds started with nasonex, the first time around was in the '90's, and no one seemed to know then that the nose bleeds were a side effect, although I kept having them and realized then that they occurred after using nasonex. Later, around 2007, I was told by a doctor, that it wouldn't be a bad idea to try it again, that it was actually a good drug.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been taking Nasonex for 5 months now and starting 10 days ago, I started experiencing weird sensation in the left area of my chest, it would only happen 3 to 6 times a day and it would feel like someone just tapped the someone of my chest with a finger or two, after 3 or 4 days experiencing this, I just completly stopped using Nasonex and have been off Nasonex for 5 days and 11 hours now.
Avatar m tn I was paying $135 or so for Nasonex, which I thought was ridiculously expensive at the time. When Flonase became an OTC product, I thought Nasonex would become cheaper. That's what competition is supposed to do. But noooooo... I went to CVS today and the price was $218 for Nasonex. That is a total ripoff... Why did the price go up? So what's the difference between Merck, the manufacturer, and a robber with a gun on the street? Answer: The gun. Merck robs you without using a gun.
Avatar n tn Started on Rhinochort in October-went to Nasonex, it worked better. Tried to discontinue medications in Feb and he had immediate symptoms again - returned to it. For the most part, both medications have resolved his symptoms. I did notice over the last year he has been moodier/yells at us/crys over little things - but attributed to his age. Live in notice over the last year he has been moodier/yells at us/crys over little things - but attributed to his age.
Avatar n tn I just started using Nasonex (steroid nasal spray), and it really helps my allergies and sinus headache, and eye-related sinus problems. But I also have PVCs and my heart pounds a lot (can feel it in my head, back, etc). I'm wondering whether Nasonex is safe to take long term if I have these heart issues. Doctor just shrugged his shoulders when I asked. Anyone know?
Avatar m tn The use of glucocorticoids (the medication is NASONEX, to the nose) can make someone immunocompromised? I used Nasonex for one month. I stopped using today, and I used the normal dose. I'll do a HIV test, so I need to know this question. Thank you guys!
Avatar n tn He put me on Nasonex, a steroid nasal spray, to reduce the inflammation. I also hear my heartbeat in my ear at times, and he's hoping that a month on Nasonex will stop that. If not, he'll do a CT scan and other work to see what's going on. Here's my question: Are any of you using something like Nasonex or Flonase? I do have a headache behind my eyes and feel tired a lot, but I had that before too.
Avatar n tn But my question is should I go back to taking the nasonex? Was it a good thing that the nasonex made it louder because maybe it was just cleaning my ear out from the fluid, since it stopped ringing completely later that night which it hasnt done all week. But I dont know because it was a lot more irritating that night then ever! When I got out of the hot shower. I'm starting to think maybe the hot shower could be whats really irritating it more.
184342 tn?1282588750 No. Emily began Nasonex at 5-supposedly much better than Flonase for kids. Jake started allergy meds in May at 19 mos. He is taking Singulair and Zyrtec. ENT thinks allergies are causing fluid build-up in his ears, leading to his frequent ear infections. My DH has terrible allergies. Jake's eyes used to just drip tears and he has what they call "allergic shiners" which are big purple bags under his eyes.
Avatar m tn My name is Kimberly, I am 40 years old. About 7 years ago I was treated with Nasonex in conjunction with a cpap machine for my sleep apnea. After that every time I bent over water would pour out of one side of nose. At first I thought it was blood, but it was the exact consitency of water. I stooped using the nasonex and the cpap ueats ago. This has happened off and on for years.About 6 months ago I noticed the drip was back, as well as occasional water out of my ears.
Avatar n tn i took him off the nasonex. i wasnt sure about the viral pathology but he was tested when he was little for diabetes.neg. i had already looked into rocky mountain and his symptoms dont match up.he was at the eye doctor when this all started because of the headaches. they found nothing but a little allergy reaction to something. the ear nose throat doctor was the one who put him on the nasonex, every thing else checked out with him too.
Avatar n tn Nose specialist prescribed him with Nasonex 2x spray per day, Ceflour antibiotic, Anpro Loratadine, and Roximeth. But i worry about the STeroid effect to my son. . So i stop after taken 1 tablet of Roximeth after i found out this is steroid. Please advise any side effect if my son stop this Roximeth after 1 tablet ? (as doctor always advise me to finish it so i don't want to tell doctor) Nasonex also steroid spray right?
538745 tn?1213755988 Went to a doctor today..I have a noise in my left ear sounds like listening to a sea shell and I hear echos listening to people talk or the tv.. he said ear was clean and gave me for two weeks Nasonex said if don't work come back..I don't have a cold nose isn't backup no sinus pain or head this normal to give allergy meds for ear problems ??
Avatar f tn I do have a Nasonex Spray but the doctor said i could use it but only if it was absolutely nessecary ie, the pain causing me to get stressed as that obviously isnt going to do me or the foetus any good. I left the surgery still unsure as to whether to use the spray. Do you know if a humidifier would maybe help with the irritation.
1593644 tn?1327876562 I am on 10dpo and on 8dpo I had the samething happen to me...
Avatar f tn A few months ago I started using Nasonex every day because of allergies. Shortly after my heart started acting up, I was getting short bursts of tachycardia lasting no more than 30 seconds, but disconcerting never the less. That hadn't happened to me for several years, since my medications were switched. My GP told me that Nasonex wouldn't do that but I stopped using it anyway. I had an appt with my EP today and I asked about it.
Avatar n tn sore throat,Vomiting,Painful menstrual cramps,Sinus infections,Viral infections,Coughing ,Nosebleeds,Joint pain,Bronchitis,Chest pain, ...etc ! to be honest with you anxiety and depression are not related , ask your doctor maybe you will take ,antidepressants again.
Avatar f tn I can however use just a steroid inhaler along with the Nasonex nose spray, it seemed to work very well for me. Should I try staying with this or try Singular. I thought I read up on Singular as causing liver issues. What do you think would be the safest way to go? Or the best? I love breathing better !!
538745 tn?1213755988 I been having this noise in my ear..sounds like I'm holding a shell up to my ear and the ocean is there ..Plus I get echos or hear twice noise when people talking or the tv..the higher the pitch the louder it is in my left ear..I went to doc here and was told my ear was clean not red no wax he said doesn't know what it is for now..having me take nasonex a day for two cold here not even a sinus headache..
Avatar n tn Everything that the doctor already suggested does help, but I still have to use allergy medicine. I use Benadryl and Nasonex. Nasonex, because it is fragrance-free. Flonase isn't fragrance-free and I could taste that one going down the back of my throat through the nasal passages connecting to the throat. That affected me negatively in other ways, too. I'm glad my doctor changed my prescription to Nasonex.
Avatar m tn I am currently taking a homeopathic course of 8 months to treat nasal polyps and I am not sure that would workout well and i recently found that Mometasone furoate sprays aka nasonex spray can shrink the nasal polyp size effectively (i found it on internet).So can i taking the homeopathy medicine along with nasonex spray or any other treatment for nasal polyp. If your advise well help me to get rid of these problem then i will be thankful to you and MEDHELP for my entire life : )....
Avatar f tn Have you tried going back to nasonex or asking your doc for a different nasal spray...there are many prescription nasal sprays out. Might could try zyrtec once daily especially during allergy season, as it is now over the counter. Some people find good results with nasal saline. It is inexpensive, shouldnt cause rebound. I would at least follow up with your doc for a recheck to make sure nothing else is going on. PS..elevate the head of your bed about 4 to 6 inches. May give some relief.
Avatar m tn Hi again at the time i had the mri they found sinuctious on the left side and perscribed nasonex aqueous 50ug.
Avatar f tn Is there anything else I can do to help with the dryness. She suggested Nasonex, which opens my sinus up and I feel like I'm drowing which they do without the medicine. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Some medical professionals think that they are caused by chronic fungal or other infections, and polyps sometimes respond to treatment by Nasonex.