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184342 tn?1282588750 No. Emily began Nasonex at 5-supposedly much better than Flonase for kids. Jake started allergy meds in May at 19 mos. He is taking Singulair and Zyrtec. ENT thinks allergies are causing fluid build-up in his ears, leading to his frequent ear infections. My DH has terrible allergies. Jake's eyes used to just drip tears and he has what they call "allergic shiners" which are big purple bags under his eyes.
Avatar n tn I just started using Nasonex (steroid nasal spray), and it really helps my allergies and sinus headache, and eye-related sinus problems. But I also have PVCs and my heart pounds a lot (can feel it in my head, back, etc). I'm wondering whether Nasonex is safe to take long term if I have these heart issues. Doctor just shrugged his shoulders when I asked. Anyone know?
Avatar m tn I've been taking zyrtec in the mornings and I used nasonex right afterwards but it didn't really work... next morning ---- it's a bit better still hurts a bit...
Avatar m tn HELP! Sore throad for 3 weeks. Been treated for sinus infection with antibiotics, Nasonex, sinus rinses, Zyrtec, store brand mucinex. Run humidifier at night and gargle with salt water. Desperate!
Avatar f tn We went to an allergist after an emergency room visit and she started with nasonex and albuterol, now advair, singulair, nasonex plus tonsils/adenoid surgery. We'll see with the 5 mo old. benedryl helps her. going to ENT next week. the allergist says "normally airborne allergies dont happen for a few yrs, so it is food allergies or just stuffy...". I am a big believer in nasal rinsing! For infantsthe drs say saline drops.
Avatar f tn My son was diognosed with mild to moderate tracheomalacia. He is on Nasonex and Zyrtec to control post nasal drip and use Atravent as needed to help minimize cough. He has just come off 7 days of 30mg of Prednisone to treat severe coughing episode. I was told there isn't any other medication or treatment for him. Night time coughing is very bad for him. Even after coming off the prednisone and the breathing treatments don't help much. Is there nothing else that can be done.
1402935 tn?1281958699 I am always congested it seems and have trouble breathing through my nose. Nasonex helps some. I was prescribed symbocort because when i get real bad I can't breath through my mouth either. I was told it may be allergies. Was given Zyrtec. My sinus mucus swelled up so bad i could hardly breath and my face turned bright red. I did not take it again after that. I tried just general Benadryl and had the same reaction. Red face hard to breath through the nose.
Avatar n tn I have also been having vertigo issues for the past nine months or so. Have tried several medications such as Zyrtec D, Flonase, Nasonex, Xyzal....also nasal rinses, and some vitamins and herbs...nothing works for long. Today the doc decided to start testing me for allergies to try to get to the root of the fluid and swelling in my ears. Your results sound interesting. I have in the past from time to time has what I think are fever blisters around the corners of my mouth.
Avatar n tn Hello I'm a 17 year old male, I've been having a warm feeling in my lower left leg, mostly in my left foot. I've also had this feeling on my upper left chest as well as in my ears, it feels like that part of my body is being soaked in warm water, my doctor didn't pay much attention to this and was clueless. I'm kind of freaked out at the moment seeing this has been going on for weeks and feels very unnatural, could a blood clot cause this? and any ideas?
Avatar f tn You might try to get in with your primary and see if he/she will prescribe some thing like Nasonex and/or Astepro. Nasonex is a nasal steroid which reduces inflammation of the sinus passages and therefore reduces allergy symptoms. There are many other name brands for that class of medicine. Astepro is a nasal spray antihistamine. It stops the sinus cells from reacting to allergens. There are only two meds in this category. Astepro and Patanase.
3652468 tn?1367020305 I have horrible allergies my OBGYN said I can take Zyrtec, tylonol, and use nasonex. But if you are uncomfortable taking meds, Netty pots are awesome to clear sinuses just make sure u use distilled water, take the prenatals they should help some, decaf teas are soothing either chamomile or peppermint with honey, OJ is always good! Drink lots of water!
Avatar f tn I was taking Zyrtec and Nasonex spray, but recently stopped when I discovered I was preggo. I just got benadryl, gunna give it a shot tonight. Would rather take something that won't make me drowsy though.
284738 tn?1283106819 I just posted yesterday about Colten going to a pediatric allergist- but got no response- I give him zyrtec, she said 1/2 a tsp a day is good, and to keep giving it to him- she also gave me nasonex- I gave it to him yesterday for the first time and he seemed to do fine on it- i was just wondering if anyone else gave their kids these things too... it seemed to help, he slept all night, I think because he could breath better... he is 17 months.
Avatar f tn Have you tried going back to nasonex or asking your doc for a different nasal spray...there are many prescription nasal sprays out. Might could try zyrtec once daily especially during allergy season, as it is now over the counter. Some people find good results with nasal saline. It is inexpensive, shouldnt cause rebound. I would at least follow up with your doc for a recheck to make sure nothing else is going on. PS..elevate the head of your bed about 4 to 6 inches. May give some relief.
Avatar f tn I can however use just a steroid inhaler along with the Nasonex nose spray, it seemed to work very well for me. Should I try staying with this or try Singular? I thought I read up on Singular as causing liver issues. What do you think would be the safest way to go? Or the best? I LOVE breathing better !! I will be needing most of this daily. Thank you for your time !!
Avatar f tn I've had chronic sinus issues most of my life, I'm 42 years old and have had a septoplasty for deviated septum done 7 years ago. I still continue to suffer from sinus pain and pressure that makes my cheeks, forehead, and both eyes (all around and behind) hurt. Sometimes to the point I get what I call a sinus migraine. It gets so bad that I get nauseous. I've gone to many ent's, pcp's, had ct done last one years ago, and have gotten no where.
Avatar n tn He put me on Nasonex, a steroid nasal spray, to reduce the inflammation. I also hear my heartbeat in my ear at times, and he's hoping that a month on Nasonex will stop that. If not, he'll do a CT scan and other work to see what's going on. Here's my question: Are any of you using something like Nasonex or Flonase? I do have a headache behind my eyes and feel tired a lot, but I had that before too.
Avatar f tn She does not have asthma now and is not on this anymore 3.She was on nasonex 50mcg/spray (steroid nasal spray) for a period for 7 months (but not continuous-she was on and off on it..say she used it only for 7 days in a month and for 3 weeks during pollen season ) FOr her allergy rhinities. We do not use these anymore. 4.Occasionally she has antihistamine like zyrtec. 5.She does not use any of the asthma and allergy medicated steroid spray anymore. 6.
Avatar n tn s Claritin is a good medicine. My son has severe allergies and has to take Flonase, Nasonex, Singular, plus Zyrtec all year.
Avatar n tn Her physician put her on zyrtec and nasonex to see if that would help but it has not helped anything. I should also add that she had her most recent appt on Friday and was found to have blood in her urine and enlarged glands under her chin, but negative strep test and negative urine culture. Can anyone help? We're so frustrated that no one will help and we don't know what to do for her.
Avatar m tn I am using the same thing and I am using one respule per bottle and rinsing twice a day. I'm also on singulair, zyrtec, patanase, and a steroid nose inhaler. I wonder if I used more of the pulmicort if I could cut down on some of the other meds?? Is anyone else taking all of these meds??
29837 tn?1414534648 Recently I went to an eye, ear, nose specialist who prescribed Nasonex. Anyone have any success with it? I say that because I tried it now for two days with no effect. Do I need to try it longer? Anyone?
Avatar f tn I was on nasonex spray prn or I take 1 puff each nose at times for few years= 4 years. Now I noticed hair thinning and loss. I have stopped the nasonex now. Will my hair grow back as usual? I am so worried. Iam not taking any other medication. But on hair supplements- zinc, vitamin E and multivitamin. Started my hair massage!
Avatar n tn This past Sunday I cleaned out a closet in my hall and by that night I was nasally congested, headache, drip in the throat, and ran fever. I take twice daily, Zyrtec D and spray my nose before I go to bed with Nasonex. The usually treatment to get me out of this, is a vitamin/steroid shot the doctor gives me, antibotics, and 10 day treatment of steroids to get me relief. Have you found anything that works besides prescription drugs? Any help is welcome. Thank you.
Avatar m tn In the past I have taken Zyrtec, Claritin, and Xyzal....Zyrtec seems to work best for me. You can get both Zyrtec and Claritin over the counter, and both come in a generic form (I take the generic form of Zyrtec). This helped my allergies tremendously, I would recommend taking one daily while your symptoms are in full-force, and then backing off to just whenever it's needed when your symptoms settle down.