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Avatar n tn For about a year I've found myself fighting to keep my eyes open while driving and several times have found myself drifting off to sleep. I am not a great sleeper and am sometimes tired with dry-feeling eyes but this is more of a muscular feeling - just literally not able to keep my eye lids open. I just had the car checked for exhaust fumes and nothing showed up. I drive with my husband and dogs to work and they seem fine...
4592241 tn?1359813138 and wants to put me on a narcolepsy medication. I am terrified that I will become addicted to these meds. This will compromise my sobriety, and feel like Im screwed. Is this cheating or what??? Also wondering if my history of drug use and meth use for 10 yrs in my 20's had caused this to happen. I did not tell the doctor about my addiction history because I was afraid he would think I was just being a poser. I need help to fix this sleepiness problem but dont want to jeporadize my sobriety.
Avatar f tn Having a diagnosis of narcolepsy can bring some complications such as getting insurance, possible driving restrictions, etc. However, the truth is the truth and I personally would want to know and be treated specifically for it. But you may want to get your business in order first, such as know what the legalities are in your state, and have an insurance plan in place that is not temporary.
Avatar n tn I was the same way several years ago. I honestly thought by the time they diagnosed me I would be close to death. Getting up was an effort, suffering so many symptoms you have described. Blood work was normal. Finally one doctor mentioned MS and referred me to another, who mentioned fibromyalgia and then referred me to a neurologist who ordered a sleep study.
1704625 tn?1310708761 Well, according to what I have been reading from other posts and what you have written about narcolepsy, I should stop denying to myself that I have narcolepsy. I just wish that I could find some kind of magic cure! I have medication that my neurologist prescribed for me, which we had to change 3 different times and than adjust and re-adjust the dosage until we got it right. Right now I take dextroamphetamine in 10 mg doses up to 4 times a day.
Avatar f tn t on a new medication, but rather my doctor changed the time of day that I should take an existing medication (trying to regulate my blood pressure). The medication is Clonidine (0.1MG). The literature suggests possible drowsiness. But I always overreact to medication. So now I was taking it in the AM and it was acting as a sedative. We changed it back to PM and I am out of my fog. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn If this has been ruled out, the excessive daytime sleepiness could be due to other disorders like narcolepsy. Adderall is used to treat narcolepsy. It could also be due to idiopathic hypersomnia. Please check with your doctor to rule out these conditions. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn The excessive sleepiness is a problem due to the fact of driving. It gets so bad while driving that the fact of me going half cross eyed every 2 seconds is going to cause an accident one day. Sleep paralysis- This never occurs prior to falling asleep but occasionally I will wake up paralyzed and this will last upwards of 1-2 minutes. I really hate this feeling and it gets to the point where I'm scared to go back to sleep.
Avatar n tn Seeing or hearing things when you’re drowsy or starting to dream before you’re fully asleep Suddenly feeling weak or losing control of your muscles when you’re laughing, angry, or experiencing other strong emotions Dreaming right away after going to sleep or having intense dreams Feeling paralyzed and unable to move when you’re waking up or dozing off Circadian rhythm sleep disorders We all have an internal biological clock that regulates our 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, also known as our circad
427801 tn?1203844562 d recommend that you go to your doctor and get him to run some tests. It sounds like Narcolepsy. I think you should also stop driving, if not for your safety - for the people around you.
Avatar f tn My doctor has not really told me very much about the narcolepsy...will it go away? I take Tysabri infusions once a month and I have told this medication would help heal my brain. It has only gotten worse. How do you deal with this disease?
Avatar f tn Sleep paralysis is associated with narcolepsy to some degree. I feel it can often be brought about by stress/panic. Try sleeping on your stomach instead, this may resolve your sleep paralysis completely. Personally, I didn't like the things I saw or felt, so I would wake myself up as fast as possible... God bless.
Avatar m tn My husband can be wide awake and have had a full nights sleep but a few minutes into driving he can't keep his eyes open he's had so many close calls and is terrified to drive especially with the kids in the car. I've sat right next to him and watched and every couple minutes I had to make sure to stimulate him and he says he feels funny like he loses control of all body parts. Anyone have any ideas?
729135 tn?1247495402 Regarding genetic testing for narcolepsy, positive test results indicate a susceptibility to narcolepsy but do not definatively diagnose narcolepsy. Positive genetic tests results are used to support a clinical diagnosis of narcolepsy. We recommend that you speak with your doctor regarding your symptoms and test results as well as to discuss the most appropriate course of treatment for your specific situation. We wish you the best.
Avatar f tn This is the symptom of a sleep disorder called Narcolepsy. This sleep disorder is characterized by excessive day time sleepiness, sleep paralysis, cataplexy where the person has episodes of loss of muscle function while awake, hypnogogic hallucinations and automatic behavior. You will need to consult your primary care physician, who may schedule you for a polysomnogram (sleep test) to rule out sleep disorders and initiate appropriate therapy. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
1745492 tn?1320198340 My husband was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy about 5 years ago and the narcolepsy is under control with 200 mg of Provigil. He had hypnogogic hallucinations, body jerks when falling sleep, imaginary conversations with no one, talked in his sleep, fell asleep driving, talking and even in activities you'd never imagine a male would fall asleep. He appears to always have had it since about puberty but it got worse as his sleep apnea did.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you have narcolepsy. I myself have it and your story sounds very close to my experience with narcolepsy. It can get dangerous, for example, if you're driving (it's happened to me!). The vivid dreams is a symptom of narcolepsy. Do you ever feel like you're half awake but you can't open your eyes? What other symptoms are you having besides being unrested? I would definitely consult your physician or a sleep lab. Good luck.
1704625 tn?1310708761 I know personally how hard it can be to have a sleep disorder. I have narcolepsy. I feel that my family and friends have a little difficulty understanding exactly what's going on with me. So, I thought perhaps opening my own group where I can feel comfortable and discuss day to day life with others that have sleep disorders would not only help me out, but possibly others that are effected everyday like me. I am eager to hear from all of you soon!
Avatar f tn He is not able to tolerate the Narcolepsy medication. throat clossed, tongue swale, stomach blew up, stayed in toilet. Can some tell me what to claim and how to show the severity?
12594947 tn?1426138835 For those that chose the path of medication, what sleep meds work best for you? What do and/or don't you like about the ones you tried?
Avatar f tn I would become so tired in the drive home from school (30 min drive) that I’d have to pull over places along the way to take a short 5 minute nap or I knew I’d fall asleep while driving and kill myself or someone else. Sometimes I would even stop at the bottom of our long driveway and nap because I was so sure I’d sleep before I got to the garage. I go to college about 2 hours away from my hometown and come home some weekends to work, see family and friends, etc.
Avatar f tn actigraphy, polysomnogram, and multiple sleep latency test. Yo can read more about this through this link: Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn has anyone heard what vaccination is reportedly linked to narcolepsy? i saw a show yesterday about narcolepsy and they mentioned a vaccination was given to a 13 year old girl and 2 hours later she was experiencing cataplexly (a paralyzing catatonic state that is a symptom of narcolepsy) but they did not say which vaccination.
765828 tn?1306263868 Well, I ran out of Adderall on the drive home after a horrendous time (read my post about PTSD if you want to know in more detail). It was my foster father driving with my foster mother and his mother. I asked them if they could drive me and they said no, which I thought was silly because my grandmother drives her own car. I was falling asleep at the wheel and actually ended up driving into the cement median. They thought drinking coffee would keep me awake.
Avatar m tn so almost everyday or every other day I tend to dose off some point in the day or several times. most when im driving. ill dose off for a few seconds and I know its not safe. happens a good amount. and sometimes during the day I get tired during work and almost fall asleep. im known throughout my entire family to go on car rides as a passenger and fall asleep 10 to 15 min into the trip. I had a sleep study done a couple years ago.
Avatar m tn Hello, Excessive sleepiness can be due to not getting enough sleep, drug, alcohol, or cigarette use, lack of physical activity, obesity, the use of certain medication, depression, restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, or narcolepsy. You need to get it evaluated from a sleep specialist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.