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Avatar n tn prostheses but feel I am ready to go smaller now. Pre-surgery, I was a Double D plus so going smaller at first was not comfortablr to my and my psyche :-) Thanks for your input.
713762 tn?1229608210 is it possible for her sister in law to donate her own breast tissue for my mother. my mom will be getting her breast removed but does not want implants and does not want her tummy cut open. couldnt my aunt just give some of her healthy tissue for the surgeon to put in my mothers breast?
Avatar f tn Is there anybody who can comment on whether there are specific prosthesis for people in my mother’s condition?
Avatar f tn 2 and 1/2 years ago, I had a lumpectomy on the right breast, followed by Mammosite radiation. A seroma formed in the Mammosite cavity and became infected. It was treated with antibiotics and then resolved and healed. Six weeks ago I had a mastectomy of the same breast, and drain with a collecting bulb at the end was installed. When the amount of fluid collected in 24 hours was less than 30 ml, it was removed (about 2 weeks post-surgery).
Avatar f tn If you feel that strongly about it then I guess you did theright thing for you. I do however think its critical that you do not waste time getting this done. The chip they placed in my breast is not bothering me a bit, I don't think with the possibility of breast cancer looming before me I could care less about the tiniest titanium chip they marked in there. It is your life that is at risk after all. I hope you find someone asap.
Avatar f tn Makes me wonder since you mention a back problem if this is not related to either surgery but to something else entirely. You might think this a foolish question but do you wear a breast prosthesis and have you worn it as soon as approved since the mastectomy ?? I would advise you to at least go for evaluation and give P.T. a try; you might be surprised at the results. Regards ....
Avatar f tn A 14 year old with a congenitaly absence of her right hand and forearm upto just below the elbow joint. Her family cannot afford to change prosthesis because of the cost.She was asked to come to orthopaedic clinic after 18 years of age.There is 6 more years. What are options available to improve her quality of life?
Avatar f tn I had both my knees replaced in 1999 & 2001. On my left knee just below the the prostisis is a lump. I am wondering if it is the bone or if it could be the prostetic. I have a lot of pain in both my knees. Also I had them replaced in Washington state. I now live in Missouri but can't find a doctor that will even look at them. they tell me I have to go back to the dr that replaced them. How do I find a dr. to help me out?
Avatar f tn Dr. Wilkenson- Thank you for the advice. You were exactly right. I had a second opinion at a hospital in New Orleans. The doctor determined the nerve was damaged and the prosthesis was embedded into the vestibule. He removed the prosthesis and repaired my ear drum. I can't hear but at least I haven't been dizzy since the surgery. I'm trying to adjust to the hearing loss. I also have Otosclerosis in my other ear. My hearing loss is currently classified as moderate.
Avatar n tn I had my breast drained once, it put out 100mg of dark fluid. Now my breast is hurting, pain in my chest at times. My breast is so larger and I am sure the fluid is back. How and when does this end. My tumor was 10 cm. I had a larger hole left behind. I really would like more info on this problem.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the understanding and vote of confidence. My sister and I hope we are making the best decision for her. Even with the local anesthesia plus sedation (didn't mention it, sorry) She will have a hard time recovering. Most of her breast tissue will be removed anyway; she'll need a prosthesis. But psychologically, we all expect it'll be less traumatic. It'll be stressful and difficult anyway but we'll make it through. Thanks again. Peace.
Avatar f tn Now, in july, on echo my doctor seen three new lumps (on the same breast )and immediately sent me on surgery.That lumps not exists on last control in November 2008. Because of all that, I went to other specialist for second opinion.Result of new echo and mammo was:These three lumps are big calcification and are result of double skar on breast and there is no chancefor progress in something else.
Avatar f tn My husband had Kerato Prosthesis (artificial corneal implant) approx one year go on his eye. He has already lost vision in the other eye due to an accident. After the implant, he had a fairly good vision for a month or so. Then the scar tissue started growing and his vision was getting blurred. He has had the yagging done three or four times since then. Every 3-4 weeks he has to see the specialists to get this yagging done. Is there a procedure to control or eliminate the growth of scar tissue?
Avatar f tn MD recommending ankle replacement for severe arthritis five years after crushing my tallis and breaking ulna and radius. Any experience...
Avatar f tn ve noticed that I can hear the prosthesis move when I move my leg. I swing my legs and they make a funny noise. Today I went to an orthopaedic surgeon about another (unrelated) problem and asked him about the pain in my knees. Well since he didn't do the surgery he took a big step bacvkwards and told me that he would not treat my knees. That I was to go back to the original surgeon to report this problem. Sounds fishy to me.
Avatar m tn Hi. I assume you are diabetic. How is your Hba1c? Diabetes can cause neuropathy, particularly if your sugars are higher than optimal. Note that normal non-diabetic hba1c is typically 4.6 - 4.8 which corresponds to typical blood sugar ranges of about 70 - 100. People with diabetes are often told to target much higher levels. This can set you up for complications. If your sugars are high would suggest working to lower them (low carb diet, meds, exercise).
Avatar f tn Finally because of the infection I lost my big toe and half my metatarsal bone behind it.This leaves me with a problem keeping my shoes on because of the shrinkage even though I have an insert in my shoe that was made by a prosthetic office.My question is;can my metatarsal bone be rebuilt?I can always stuff something in the toe of my shoe to take up the big toe space but the missing metatarsal bone is very crippling.
Avatar n tn Ortho says I may have to live with it due to all the trauma to my leg. Another ortho commented that the prosthesis my be too large. If so, could that retain the swelling? I'd appreciate your comments. Once swelling was so bad it weeped through my skin. I need some relief.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a dog with a prosthesis? My Vet is willing to do a partial amputation for a prothesis, but no Vets around here have done this before, and so we're having difficulty finding a Vet to consult with on the surgery of preparing the stump. I'm trying to find the name/number of a Vet to consult- it doesn't matter what State. Thank you.
Avatar m tn to when I will be ready to start walking my 3 miles a day riding my bike..i know over 8 weeks..i need to know..
Avatar f tn There are plates and screws on my Ulna and a Radial Head Prosthesis which my Orthopedist at home in NY says is very large for my bone structure, but may be that way because of the severness of the injury. I am still in pain when I try to function on a daily basis. I did a month of PT in florida and 10 weeks in NY. Should I have the metal removed?
Avatar m tn I wear a prosthesis and long story short, the prosthesis has been putting pressure on my perineum and right where the buttocks meets the leg, near the butt bone since 2007 to present day. My current symptoms are difficulty passing urine, lessened sensation on different parts of the penis as well as less intense orgasmic sensations.
Avatar f tn Quick history: modified radical mastectomy on left in 1987; removal of right breast and Tram reconstruction in 2001. Yes, it was an extremely long and painful recovery, but after 14 years of seeming unbalanced and wearing a prosthesis was very much worth it. Recently I have been experiencing pain and symptoms that are not explained yet, and am trying to make sense of it all and see how they are connected. In May of 2010 the intestinal flu bug got me and I had violent vomiting.
Avatar f tn I do not want to wear a prosthesis of any sort. will lumpectomy and radiation leave my breast of different size? Really worried whether I should talk more with my surgeon about my options. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have a very neat, smooth, horizontal line across my chest where my breast was removed. After getting rid of the cancer and having chemo, I am honestly not bothered by my appearance at all. My husband feels the same about me as ever, but with just a bit of amazement about the strength I have shown. The important thing is to get rid of the cancer and do all that you can in follow up treatment to keep it from coming back.
Avatar m tn Considering the history of my back condition, is it possible that this socket is indeed moving, as i have burning pain in the exact area at the top of the hip socket.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm from the Philippines. My brother has a heart problem. His doctors found out that he has severe aortic insufficiency secondary to aortic-annular ectasia, chronic renal insufficiency secondary to hypertensive nephrosclerosis, hypertension, controlled.. Could you explain further in layman's term? He's still currently under observation. His doctors are somewhat not sure about how will they operate him because they said that this is a very rare heart problem.