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Avatar m tn I am a 25 years old male. I have been experiencing sore muscles, tingling hands and feet, chest pain, weakness, and sore joints for about 5 years. The symptoms are getting worse. I have recently been to a neurologist that performed a spinal tap and nerve test both came back negative. I have been to an orthopedic surgeon and rheumatologist about a year ago that did blood tests, MRI, X rays, and physical therapy. Everything came back good. My chest pain was one of the first symptoms.
Avatar n tn I feel a lot like you do, except I don't notice it as much because I had to stop working in October. My muscles don't get much of a workout. I get a sore back just sitting at the computer. Muscles and joints both. I still get the carpel tunnel feelings sometimes, but again, not like you do because I can't do much of anything. My heart is weak and any activity or stress makes it hurt, sometimes quite badly. I haven't had the numbness and tingling, or limbs going numb at night.
Avatar n tn after two painful masturbating sessions, I googled it and it said it might be an orgasmic headache. I've been working out for a year and a half, and I worked out after I had these painful experiences, and the same pain occurred when I bench pressed. so my question is, for those who masturbate, is there pain there too? for me they must be related, and I'm wondering if it's the same for you.
Avatar n tn If I stop thinking about it, I will lose weight? I wonder if I stop working out so much and stop monitoring my eating if I will actually lose weight. Is it possible to gain weight from over-exercising and undereating? Like I said, I eat between 1000-1200 calories a day. Now I am trying not to go above 1000 calories. I have bumped up my workout to 60min of cardio 5-6 days a week. 3 of those days I do additional weight training for about 30-45min.
Avatar n tn I went back to bed and they still were sore when I woke up. I am not large (34 a/b) and they did feel less sore as the day went on but were sore again when I woke up the next day. They don't hurt as much now but kinda feel tender right along the underwire bra. It's not just one boob but both? Any ideas? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn He is currently goes to the bathroom ~7-8 times a day and at night ~5-6 times a day since he's been without imodium. And he has been getting stomach aches and is anal area hurts from going to the bathroom so often. Does anyone have any advice on how to alleviate the pain, suggestions for diet, or share their experiences and what kind of medications they took and for how long you had to keep taking it? How long will it take for him to get better? Are there ways to improve his health?
Avatar n tn I've noticed that sometimes when im talking to someone i'll be trying to say one thing and it comes out weird or different like if i'm speak without thinking or anything i might be wanting to say a word like tension but kinda thinking of another word and i'll end up combining the two....its hard to explain words and sentences just dont always come out correctly or proper i should say.
Avatar m tn Also, my perineum area felt swollen like I was sitting on something near my rectum. 1 day later i got a sore throat and my neck lymph nodes felt slightly swollen. 2 days after that, I noticed a raised bump on my penis shaft on the bottom right side. It looked like it maybe an ingrown hair cause it didn't hurt and it never turned to a blister but I have never seen a bump on my penis like that before.
Avatar n tn I had had eczema for years without even realizing I had it. I just thought I had dry skin. Then, I started to get an intensely sore area in the eyelid area above my eye. It did itch a little, but most of all, it hurt a lot. It was so sore I had to be conscious that I did not touch it when washing my face. On my back, I had an even worse case.
2063301 tn?1343836674 And my back hurts when I bend it for like to pick up something from the floor or even to pick up something which requires a bit of bending from my back, when I get up from a sitting position and when I stretch it. My right knee hurts more than my left one and now it's just creating difficulty in Working out. Please guide me a bit. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Still working towards the right meds and dose, currently on armour and it seems to be doing better than levothyroxine. Thought I was doing much better as on levo I couldn't exercise at all without getting debilitating flu symptoms, achy, fatigued, etc. Would take 5 days to recover from too much activity. Started to get better with armour then last week got the flu symptoms again and crawling my way out.
Avatar n tn The doctor that put me on it was a joke - he tried other stuff, finally putting me on Effexor and when it showed signs of working, he just kept increasing my dosage. Not knowing enough to advocate for myself (and half admitting that I was feeling better), I ended up on 300ml/daily. That was almost 3 1/2 years ago.
Avatar n tn I am pleased to be through the scare, but now need to find out about living without the gland. Over the last 3 weeks I have found myself to be very weepy and emotional. I am also very tired during the day, but struggle to get a good nights rest. I have also woken up with the feeling of panic attacks. My guess is that my dosage is off. Right after the surgery they put me on the same dosage of thyroid replacement medicine (150 mcg) I was on prior to the surgery.
Avatar n tn In general, the sore muscles are sometimes helped by hot showers, exercise, aspirin, and relaxation, and sometimes, they seem to completely stop being sore, but, usually I get little relief. My muscles get really sore to the touch, many of them in my upper arm, shoulder, and neck. I can feel that they are individually very tender if I use my fingers to dig in an touch them.
1523516 tn?1330047857 I'm very committed to stretching and excersizing. I try to work out in small increments so my muscles don't tire out. My problem is that sometimes I feel fine so I just keep going and then all of a sudden, the weakness hits hard and fast and I'm totally worn out. I really need to pace myself, but as you know, it's very frustrating!
1207048 tn?1282177904 The stinging, as my Neuro said, was from the muscle spasms I was having. She said that it was like working out at a gym and having that stinging feeling from over-worked muscles. (Remember what they say, do that exercise till it burns at the gym's or exercise classes?) Since the spasms are making the muscle contract and release, just like working out at the gym, that is what causes the stinging.
Avatar n tn hi, Lifting weights can certainly make you sore especially the next day if you over do it and are not used to working out. OR if you added more weight to what you normally use. Lactic acid builds up and it takes awhile to get worked out. Take a nice hot bath perhaps with some empsoms salts, they relax your muscles. Over the counter magnesium may help also. Make sure you keep moving and stretch. But if you are that sore wait till you feel a bit normal again before working out.
416178 tn?1215764590 I have had a range of symptoms in the past, dizziness, fatigue, sore muscles(especially in the face), body temp. changes, heart palputations and sore eyes. I have had a range of tests done that have all come back normal. My doctor seems to think it is anxiety. I also have low iron that is improving, along with some of the symptoms. Yet it is my sore throat that is worrying me. It has been sore on and off for a couple months now and, at times, the muscles in my throat seem to tighten.
Avatar n tn amen to ice packs, anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen), using arnica gel, wrapping the joint for added stabilization when working out, elevating it above the heart at the end of a long day..... all the care prescribed for soft-tissue injury can be used as maintenance for a bum joint.
Avatar n tn My mouth and throat were sore all the way through tx. I started out pretty dry from throat cancer and radiation a couple of years earlier and it just got worse. The inf, riba and AD all hurt your mouth and dry it out. I used welbutrin because it's supposed to be less drying than some of the other ADs. I had a stubborn fungal infection in my mouth that the hepc dr gave me prescription logenzes to control. It didn't go away until tx was finished.
637767 tn?1227583107 The surgeon removed my colon and attached my small intestine to my rectum. That's it. Almost everyon out there has had more than one surgery or has the bag, am I alone? Looking for others to compare outcome of surgery with.
Avatar f tn Just got results of MRI which show a "blown out C5-C6". The doc says it will take a while to feel better - have undergone PT and cortisone injections. Neither are helping much. Doc says that I should think about surgery if I don't get better with the PT. Any suggestions on how long to wait until surgery option sets in? The doc says that you risk when you fix at one level the next level blow out as well. Any suggestions or opinions regardng what I should do?
244195 tn?1239496061 i look on my body to see if anything has changed and if it has i freak out i freak out over a sore that is so small , i cant stand to go to the er because i have to ask them ever 3 secs is everything okay i have had a ekg and everything was fine i also have gerd i have had blood test done and all that so i should be find right? well if anyone needs to talk or would like to talk i have yahoo my name is ***@**** !
Avatar n tn HELP!!! Near the back of my vagina I've got a red sore area? Never had it and checked it out, its quite a big red swollen patch??? So sore when I walk and can feel it when I walk?? Haven't had sex before so not sexually active. It also doesn't move?? And had it for like 2 days now?? What should I do...
Avatar n tn I truly believe it's up to each one of us to self help, manage our health, and even assess as we grow older without freaking out and medicating. I also know we need those in the medical profession, and I appreciate them. Thank you all for sharing your time, experiences, and comments. I hope everyone is feeling better --sooner than later.
1035252 tn?1427231433 however in some ways I think it's kept me sane..when you're so exhausted and sick and sore from working all day you almost don't notice the withdrawals, lol...the worst has been the chills and the nausea when I'm at the house working, it's whenI get home and sit down that my muscles start spasming and hurting and I start feeling squirrelly.... but almost there, right? a few more hours until the dreaded Day 3 is over with...I'm pretending like the worst is over.
Avatar n tn I haven't had much help from my doctor, although I did find that exercising for 20+ minutes a day for about a week will get rid of almost all the symptoms. A couple days without exercise and my symptoms will return. Also, cutting out simple sugars from my diet seemed to help a lot. I feel much less hungover if I avoid candy and cookies. Hope these two tips might help someone.
Avatar n tn I have been working out faithfully since January. Since last year I have gone to the doctors several times, had a CT scan, and have been told I have sinus disease. I just finished a second 10-day antibiotic marathon, felt better for about 2 weeks, and now I am worse than ever! Heavy head, clogged, pressure, I can hear myself breath from my ear, I feel like my head is in a fish bowl! Insane! I feel like I need someone to turn on the drain. This is really starting to be annoying.
Avatar n tn The location of the pain is behind the temple and in front of the ear and is equal on both sides, i also occasionally get pain at the top of the neck near where it meets the skull. The pain is the worst in morning as soon as i get out of bed, i always notice it, with significant eye pain. It subsides a fair bit after about 5-10 minutes of being up after i go have a shower or get something to eat etc.