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Avatar f tn Lesions on spine or even brain are not necessarily MS but of course it needs to be checked against symptoms etc. There are better experts than me here! Saddle anaesthesia is common after sitting for a while, hence the name, but if it persists needs to be very urgently looked into to check the cauda equina nerves at the base of your spine are not being compressed, If the sensation comes back on moving, you're probably okay.
Avatar n tn Greetings All: I'm new to this forum and as yet, undiagnosed. I'm wondering if maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree so I figured I'd go to the source. I apologize if this is long but I'm really struggling and looking for answers. About 7 months ago I woke up with numb and tingling extremeties.
Avatar f tn Im not trying to argue here but please have a read through this ... And tell me what you thing whether its real testemony or not ? Thanks i might give up on him...
Avatar f tn So, I would not hold to the dictum that if there are no lesions at 5 years you do not have MS. However, your symptoms are not strongly suggestive of MS to me. they seem too fleeting. If I have misunderstood your descriptions, please clarify. It is true that the more negative MRIs you have, the less likely MS is to be the cause of your paresthesias. Given your different areas of numbness, one of the tests that can be done is something called a SomatoSensory Evoked Potential, SSEP.
5509293 tn?1428531475 He wrote on the notes he was taking of history dx MS. He recommended not doing EVPs but ordered a brain MRI in 6 months with and without contrast under the 341.9 code which is "other demylelinating diseases." He said he could say 'possible ms' but he thought it highly unlikely. When I asked about fatigue he said we could try some amantadine.
Avatar f tn Many people post here after having googled their symptoms and come up with an MS match. But since a great many diseases and disorders can cause some of these effects, that means MS can be a starting point only. There are no specific tests for MS. What does clinch a diagnosis, often after several years, are clinical symptoms (after a thorough exam by a neurologist), lots of rule-out tests, and nearly always MRI results indicating white matter lesions in the brain and/or spinal cord.
Avatar n tn I have taken his advise and exercise daily and watch my diet, but nothing has changed. What could this be if not MS? Could this still be MS?
1548636 tn?1293885669 They may want to look at the MRI to see if it is keeping up with the symptoms, but the good neuro will NOT rely on the MRI to determine what is going on. They know that the "truth" of our disease lies in "our experience" with it. This is important for both those people still looking for a diagnosis and for those who already have the diagnosis. For the former it may mean getting a diagnosis or not (if they do have MS).
Avatar n tn My dr has sent in for more blood work (thyroid, iron levels, etc.) but they have not come back yet. I am worried that this may be MS. The dr did not seem to think that the achiness I experienced was typical of MS and that it was on both sides at the same time. I would really like a referral to a neuro so I guess I should push that with her. Thanks for any comments/suggestions anyone may have.
Avatar f tn I went for an mri and mra scan which showed white spots but the nero doc says its just migraine not ms. Everytime I go through the phase of this i always get strange symptoms i.e saw jaw, vertigo. If this is not ms what else can it be? its taking over my life and I even lost my job 3 months ago, pls help I dont want to loose my new job and im sick of feeling like a freak.
1983221 tn?1333506185 i have been diagnosed with MS due to a brain lesion (one large, many small) and Optic Neuritis along with other symptoms. But reading about menopause recently I realized that many MS symptoms are the same as menopause. Since brain lesions can happen without MS and ON sometimes occurs without MS, how do I know it's actually MS?
Avatar m tn Hi Bob - First things first... Deep cleansing breath...In through the nose, out through the mouth... Try and relax :-) nothing you describe in terms of symptoms screams MS to me, but I'm not a doctor. This would seem to be borne out by your test results. One thing that did stand out was your mention that the tingling in your legs comes on much more quickly when you cross your legs. This sounds like it may be circulation related.
Avatar f tn M___) I found, he was just so focused on telling me I did not have MS that he was not interested in looking past that and aknowledging that my symptoms were real (he said they were normal for me) and that there was a very serious cause. Eventually I got sick and ended up at ER, and from there refferred to clinical medicine for hard to diagnose/ treat people. form that appointment I was admitted to hospital for bone marrow biopsy and for immediate cancer treatment..
Avatar n tn It's never been clear to me whether that oft-cited figure of 5 percent of "clean/normal" MRI patients that have or eventually get MS includes scans that aren't totally "clean" but have (in, say, a person in their 30s or 40s) those famous "nonspecific" small spots that might be migraine, tiny strokes, etc. In other words, whether such MRIs fall in the "normal" category in the context of MS statistics or a possible MS patient.
Avatar n tn He had a spinal Tap 3 years after being diagnosed but refused to test the fluid for anything other than MS. It was borderline for MS. We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and we are going in with questions and we are going to demand for this case to be restarted from the beginning.
Avatar f tn Hi not sure what that means but those on the MS forum here may....try posting there as well, I hope u get answers, but I am sure ur MRI would include demylation if it was MS....there r many conditions with similar symptoms to MS...not that u have it, I do Chiari malformation is so similar it is often times misdx'd as MS...and it is, keep asking questions and getting tested and always get copies of ur tests so u can easily get a 2nd opinion....good luck <3 http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I have had to resign my job but because I have no diagnosis, I can,t get any pension or insurance help. My neurologist will not diagnose MS but he has not offered an alternative explanation to why my life now is essentially ruined.
Avatar f tn My story is quite long and I will try to make it as short as possible. It all started 11 years ago with Chronic headaches that I had 80+% of the time. As time went on I was set to a Rheumatologist who DX'ed me with Fibromyalgia and other Central Nervous System Issues. As time progressed I was put in the hospital twice for my headaches and one time I was in the hospital for 3 weeks in a Headache Unit.