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1831849 tn?1383228392 Promissing news from my favorite MS research facility and my favorite neurologist! http://www.fox5ny.
494976 tn?1302710701 m undx, but know how important it is to you to know how your MS might progress. Ess and Shell have given you great answers and I agree with them both. It would be so nice for those researching MS, if they could come up with better and faster diagnostic criteria and that they could, when making this dx, know at what rate the MS will progress. I hope not, but it will probably be years before this happens.
5239720 tn?1365498374 We have had a few that were mis-DX;d with MS and a few that had both Chiari and MS.
Avatar n tn t think i had it because these were my only symptoms fow the pst wek the pins and needles have moved to being up my leg and arms anf face. It doesn't last long in these areas .
Avatar f tn THe reason I am trying this limited healthy diet, is because even though I have very mild symptoms, MS does progress and there is no guarantee that it will stay mild. I am trying to prevent that from happening. Doing whatever it takes to stay as I am.
Avatar f tn However, dr is treating me for MS. My first symptoms were leg weakness, thoracic and neck pain and -yes- sudden onset of stuttering. Later I got the usual numbness and other common symptoms (i.e blurred vision, headaches, goofy walk, incontinence). You may want to ask dr. for 3T MRI with contrast and check csf. Maybe/maybe not ms. But I wish someone would have told me that 25 years ago. I wouldn't have went that long thinking I was nuts.
1831849 tn?1383228392 I'm interested to hear how MS can avoid relapsing since the same stem cell are given back that were there when the MS was active? I had an auto for my cancer and I'm relapsing and looking at have a second auto, and perhaps following it with an allograft (donor stem cell) transplant.
195469 tn?1388322888 Sometimes many of our posters symptoms can be confused with some symptoms of MS. I thought I would come join your forum, since I frequently refer posters on the MS Forum to your Forum, for more assistance. I am not only a panic and anxiety survivor myself, but I also have MS. From what I have read I can see that you are a close knit group, filled with caring and compassionate people....all trying to help one another discover the mysteries associated with panic disorder.
Avatar f tn I have many symptoms of ms but no lesions have been found on an mri. Are lesions a must for ms, or can they come later on in the illness? A neurologist detected muscle spasms and weakness. That's about all the answers I've gotten, other than they diagnosed me with Raynaud's syndrome.
335728 tn?1331414412 s already known that smokers are at higher risk of developing MS. But the effect of smoking on the progress of MS has remained uncertain. So Brian C. Healy of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School assembled a team who studied 1,465 patients who had MS, including some who were current smokers, others who were previous smokers and some who had never smoked.
Avatar n tn Back to you Brian, Uveitis could be caused by optical neuritis, which is frequently the first visible symptom of MS. The other symptoms you describe also are associated with MS, as you already know. You say you are wondering whether a disease like PPMS could progress like this in a month, but actually you have been dealing with *something* since 2006, which is almost 3 years.
1744910 tn?1314199685 I have PPMS and one symptom I've never had due to my MS was dizziness... MS has so many symptoms and just about everyone I know has different ones... Nothing with MS is cut and dry... Hopefully someone can jump in here and give you some answers to your question... I wish you the best and sorry I couldn't be of more help...
12832842 tn?1448728801 It took me a year at least. I even went for a second opinion and he said yep MS. Diet and exercise are good but because MS is neurological they can't stop it. That said I do both. I started exercise and a balanced diet after diagnosis because it was something I could do. With MS you can have other conditions such as perimenopause. Exercise and diet help that some what. I had no side effects on Copaxone. Remember with any medicine they have to tell you every side effect.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your input. I have been leaning in the direction of stress as the cause but, you are right the fact that MS symptoms are so varying has left me with a feeling that it could be the cause. I think my best course of action is to see how it goes for a while, manage my stress level and check back in with my neurologist in the future if necessary. Thanks again, I appreciate your insights.
12504580 tn?1485510437 Hi Loryna and welcome, It's possible your experiencing sensory side effects from the Copaxone but with MS it's just as possible for you to be experiencing another relapse. The general rule of thumb with potential relapses is to contact your neuro IF you experience something new 'and or' your previously remitted symptoms return 'and or' your everyday symptoms worsen for a period no less than 24-48 hours, and when your last relapse ended at least a month or more ago.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 bouts of optic neuritis a year ago, and while my MRI's came out negative my doctors still think I have MS. I had the 5 days of steroids, but no further treatment. Now I am experiencing intense itching and am having a lot of trouble getting the words in my brain to come out my mouth. I seem to have more trouble typing also, my fingers don't seem to match my brain. Has anyone had anything symptoms matching these?
Avatar f tn If there was nothing to stop the progress of MS I would gladly stop going in to doctors but if I can be helped and it is Ms I want to stop this progress, well I guess I keep going till I find one doc that helps.
1052518 tn?1253948150 s thyroid disease causes nodules and the symptoms you have as you swing back and forth while the body fights the disease. TSH and your other blood levels can swing, too, which might be why it is low. Hashi people usually have high TSH. Hashi people have symptoms that sometimes mimic MS, just like the symptoms you've listed, but the leg weakness does not progress to the point where we need braces or wheelchairs, and the symptoms improve with thyroid hormone replacement.
Avatar n tn If you have MS, there is no predicting how fast it will progress. Follow all of your doctor's recommendations for treatment and take good care of yourself. Many of us are doing quite well lots of years post-diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I would do a search for MS symptoms and one for fibromyalgia symptoms and see if your symptoms line up with either of these. I have fibro and know people with MS. Your symptoms sound similar to both of these conditions to me.
147426 tn?1317265632 One part (or a separate tracker) could be the prediagnostic process tracking onset of attacks and symptoms, marking diagnostic tests and their results, and doctors evaluations and assessments. The second part (or a second tracker) would be following use of a DMD, documenting attacks, remissions, follow up doc visits, participation in clinical trials, MS walks, whatever.