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Avatar f tn I still have a question..... Can you be diagnosed with MS with lesions, but no real major symptoms, a normal LP, VEP and Bloodwork? I didn't present with clinical symptoms, but instead had numerous lesions on my first MRI, and then showed more lesions on my 2nd MRI at the 6 month mark. It was all by accident that this was discovered. My only symptoms so far have been dizziness of and on for the last year and the Nuero noticed a slight left hand tremor on exam.
Avatar f tn You seem to be pretty in the know, I will have to have a look at my spinal MRIs to see what format they used.
549269 tn?1236130637 The answer is no, you do not have to have lesions( plauques) on MRI to have MS. Sometimes the lesions are not visible on MRI at first. And a lot has to do with how strong the MRI machine is. I do not have a definite dx of MS, but I had 10 lesions show up on brain MRI. My dx is ADEM, one of the MS mimics for now! I would suggest reading the health pages on the top of this site. There is a lot of information on this and many more subjects about diagnosing MS.
439664 tn?1204660958 m in a similiar boat, lots of MS symptoms that do last 2 mo on overage but alas, MRI and LP neg. You need to push for meds sweetie!
98474 tn?1240105274 My lumbar puntures where positive for ms with 12 bands in my csf but not in serum. I have been to ms clinic, had evoked pot done, Brain scans always come back normal. My question is..should I be on ms meds to keep this from progressing? Since they will not give me a definative dx cause no one wants to go out on a limb, what should I do? One neuro told me I should maybe think about being on meds and another offered me the meds.
Avatar f tn She wrote that they were suspicious of MS but could be LYME or encephalomyelitis, but since I had sub-cortical U-fiber involvement it suggests MS over the other two. I have read these online sites and found that I have possibly had MS symptoms since 2004. I also had shoulder surgery prior to that and all the specialists I saw chalked up my symptoms to that or my feet or TMJ or a cs dermatome. This is the first MRI of my brain ever.
Avatar f tn Is it possible for early MS to show no evidence on MRIs? At my appointment today he told me NO WAY it's MS because the brain MRI is free of lesions. I asked if he could run more tests to definitely rule out MS & he said no way because there's absolutely no way I have MS. He then explained that if I did, it would have shown up on the MRI. I believe him. But the more and more I do research online, the more I realize that further investigation is needed to confirm or rule out MS.
1210403 tn?1277953086 I have yet to hear of the open MRI machine that is powerful enough to consistently pick up MS lesions. I know they will develop one, but none of the neurologists I respect have any respect for the open machines with regard to picking up MS lesions. Now, NO physcian's office should be run in such a way that the "receptionist" should remember that the doctor mentioned that "your" MRI was "within normal range.
Avatar f tn I was told by a Doctor the trick with MS is lesions do not always correspond with symptoms. In MS a lot of damage is gray matter damage which does not show up on an MRI. I was told the rule of thumb for Neurologists is the symptoms lie equal or below the damage. So if you only had leg symptoms they would do an MRI of the spine. With left arm it would be cervical or brain. With it being left sided it could be on the right side of the brain or where signals cross the brain.
956292 tn?1334054869 Hello, Kov - Thanks for your reply. I have not had any tests except for MRI, EMG and EEG. I am keepng track of my sensory symptoms as I have been and am looking forward to my next appt. I am considering a second opinion s most of the forum has been advising. I have been told to take ibuprophin for pain. We will see. I understsnd that giving out dx. of MS or any other disease is dangerous without being sure it's the process of waiting that sometimes seems worse at times...
807129 tn?1245273527 ) my symptoms returned along with some brain fog (could be attributed to sleep-deprivation). I had another MRI, which showed no new lesions, but the same old lesions appeared a tiny bit bigger - my nuero couldn't tell if the change was simply from a new machine. So, I went on my way. After a second pregnancy, also symptom-free (hmm, even more suspicious) my familiar symptoms returned.
1253197 tn?1331209110 That was very helpful and informative as I had never understood the difference between dymyelination and inflammation and did not realise that the former could cause lesions without any symptoms. So this means that we can be really oblivious to what is happening inside us...which is not such good news really. Anyhow thanks Alex and also I just wondered how often it is considered safe to take steroids in a year. I know that this will depend on the number of relapses someone has..
Avatar f tn Because you describe it as 'numbness and tingling everywhere', that seems more like peripheral neuropathy than MS. MS can't really present all-over simultaneous symptoms as the lesions that cause our symptoms are located in specific spots of the brain or spinal cord. Your EMG results should give a better indication if peripheral neuropathy is likely. Your report may have actually stated that demyelination should be included in the *differential diagnosis*.
Avatar f tn t had a similar situation, but I can say that yes, there is a certain pattern with MRIs that indicate ms. MS is the only condition that has lesions that come and go. Lesions generally appear over time in different areas and can grow in their same place, and also recede and even disappear. They normally start out in certain areas and follow a pattern over time as,the disease progresses. Her comments as you state them, concerning your MRIs don't sound right.
994257 tn?1266242692 As for the lesions, I have no idea. They could be caused by MS, but besides drug use I am not sure what would mimic it. Have you had any problems with vision when you were not having a headache? How do you respond to being in the heat? The sweats suck, you wake up in the morning feeling like you took a freaking shower. Alot of what you described sounds like ms but dont go freaking out thinking you have it just because a few of us typed it sounded like ms....
Avatar n tn The lesions do not look like the classic oval shaped MS lesions, but I am convinced it is MS. What other criteria should my neurologist need for a diagnosis?
Avatar m tn It will take a neurologist to diagnose MS. No test rules it in or out. Neurologists Specialize so I would get a MS Specialist to begin with. It can take awhile because they are busy. Most good neurologists take awhile to get an appointment. The one I have too 8 months and I was already diagnosed. Your PCP can do a neurological exam that is reflexes, following the finger and such. My PCP did one and found it to be very abnormal pointing to MS. She sent me to a neurologist.
1036535 tn?1278502599 I have no diagnosis but I was diagnosed with a variety of problems in my lumbar spine: pinched nerve and damaged muscle on EMG; multilevel disc disease (4 herniations), 2 areas of spinal stenosis on MRI and osteoporosis on bone scan. I'm 60 years old. It think your instinct is correct maybe because I'm doing the same thing. I don't want to go through surgery on my lumbar spine only to find out my problems are due to something else.
1142731 tn?1335092049 I earlier had MRI of brain plus full spine, it showed lesions on MRI with and without contrast. But when no lesions showed in the brain they did not do a contrast MRI. How do I get these guys to listen to me. Lately I feel my eyes are needing to be constantly squinted as they feel funny and painful behind my left eye and I have trouble with focus. I just feel scared and I want to make sure they find out what is happening to me as I need treatment.
1136810 tn?1269261778 Yeah thats all i was diagnosed on was 2 lesions and symptoms. But even tho i was diagnosed im still half way in limboland over here for a have different symptoms from MS. Just make sure everything matches up! Good luck and hope you get to see your doc soon!
Avatar f tn After all my research, MS seems to be the only diagnosis that explains all my symptoms. But the neurologist said there was no sign of MS on the MRI's. I’m only 34, and a mother of a beautiful baby boy and wife to a wonderful husband. My primary symptom currently is foot drop in my left foot, with numbness in my foot and part of my leg. The neuro did a nerve conduction study and EMG, and he thinks that it's being caused by nerve compression/entrapment behind my knee.