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Avatar n tn We were scared for him, being so old and all but it turned out to be the best thing in the world for him. He is more mentally alert, not sleeping all the time, and actually sleeping better at night. It has totally turned his life around. He has really become his active former self, a real pleasure to be around. i would have him heart-monitored and see what his heart is really doing.
620048 tn?1358018235 terry There are two issue here, the first is age at diagnosis. You're right that if they have had it at a younger age, they will still have it in their 60's and 70's. BUT, Brain lesions and strokes are so much more common in the elderly (yes, folks, in the neurologic world 60-75 is elderly and beyond is "very elderly.") Most neurologist are very hesitant to consider this diagnosis, even when the history goes back to the "classic" age.
Avatar f tn Bone spurs are often associated with degenerative joint disease and are more common in the elderly. There are relatively uncommon in younger age group and could occur in association with a few metabolic disorders as well. With your description these are unlikely to be the sole cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include neuro-muscular/ spinal issues, nutrient/ micronutrient deficiencies, metabolic issues, chronic inflammations, injuries etc.
Avatar n tn I am not disapproving of the pot so much as I am concerned that you are not addressing the MS in a way that is more likely to keep you from so much ultimate disability. Pot may make you feel better but, it has its own disadvantages, like knocking off more gray cells than you can afford, knowing tha MS will do that, too.
Avatar f tn He offered help me to sweep the floor/yard. Hanging and picking up the clothes. He also concentrated on the weather make sure he picked up the clothes before it rained. He'll miss if he slept all the day long! LOL. He liked sleep (usually longer hour than us). He said to me, when getting old all the bones shrink, so can feel the body aching. He said exercise is important. Even he was on the bed, he also moving his toes and fingers a lot.
Avatar f tn Okay, back from the neuro and I don't even know where to start. He read the mri report provided by the radiologist to himself in front of me so he obviously did not view the mri himself. He then tried to say there was nothing of significance. I said my GP had read the report to me weeks ago and it said T2 Hyperintensities in the white matter, He then said there were non specific and small and most likely due to age! and migraines.
559187 tn?1330782856 That study was a few years ago, and I have not seen any follow up to it. VR spaces are common in the elderly and are attributed to due to atrophy, so it would make sense that they could be seen in MS as well. I am looking forward to the answer.
Avatar m tn Hi there. Parasites in brain could be protozoan toxoplasma gondii, which can be difficult to distinguish from that of primary central nervous system lymphoma, and diagnosis needs a trial of therapy. If the indicated treatment fails, brain biopsy is indicated. Detection of the protozoa in human blood samples can be achieved with polymerase chain reaction though inactive cysts may miss detection. What are your neurological deficits and symptoms?
632011 tn?1234347109 re probably right in that its not going to get better - it will only get worse if she senses you are weaker now with the MS in you. Predators always pick on the weakest ones and you my friend my be the bigger target now. Please be proactive and do something about this behavior now - don't wait for it to get worse. I'm sorry you have MS - take care, ok?
Avatar n tn So basically there is no way of checking if you are going to develop MS in the future. I am sure even with members of your family having MS the odds are still against you getting it. Try not to get paranoid and too worried about it as if you are like me you end up analyzing every sensation thinking it is MS, when really we all get weird things happening to our bodies all the time which most of us ignore. Being aware can't hurt though.
1358486 tn?1277559154 from: Iness I discussed all that I know about V-R spaces in this thread a couple months ago. Yes, they have been associated with MS, but the neuro community has not picked up on this. I personally think it is important. http://www.medhelp.
749963 tn?1298037994 Wait a minute. Are you sure that your MRI was of the "lumbar" spine? Did it include the thoracic (chest) spine? There are no MS lesions in the lumbar spine and the MS Hug is caused by a lesion (whether it is visible or not) in the thoracic spine. I'm sorry you are at a impasse with getting a diagnosis. You have multiple lesions, some of which are classic for MS. Have you had more than one distinct attack of symptoms?
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to this great little spot to ask questions and learn more and connect. RIS is a tough one because the evidence is there on the MRI results for MS but you don't (yet) exhibit the clinical symptoms. You are fortunate to have a doctor willing to discuss treatment now rather than waiting until you have physical problems to match your lesions. You and the doc have to do this discussion and figure out what is best for you ...
Avatar f tn she had a neuro in the group, he gave her a problem, so she went to the MS guy and she thinks he is the best. So there is hope!!! As for my pcp; he is okay. Not bad at all, just kind of seems hesitant when I ask him to step out and refer me for something. He DOES do it, but seems uncomfortable at first. I will really want to get to the bottom of this next week.
Avatar n tn I hope you took her to the ER right away. The elderly and young can get extremely dehydrated quickly and further complicate medical condition.
Avatar f tn i was DX with MS in Sept 2008. I have had severe ringing in the ears since 05, does any one know if my MS is part of it?I have had all the the test out there for the ringing if anone has an answer please let me know. thank you.
Avatar m tn t go now his body will force him to go eventually and it may be too late. By nipping things in the bud we can prevent any serious problems in the future. You should also get him on probiotics either a supplement or yogurt enriched with it. We are more apt to develop polyps after the age of 50 and that's why they suggest we start having colonoscopies at age 50.
Avatar m tn Diagnosed Bradycardia 8 yrs ago & MS 20 yrs ago. No symptoms with bradycardia (rest 53/sleep 47) except missed/extra beats, no dizziness, pain or tiredness apart from MS related. MS is benign, I have no disability do not smoke & am not over weight. I am 49 yrs old. I would not call myself fit & do no formal exercise. Cardiologist said carry on as normal. I avoid caffeine and adrenaline in medication as they give me palpitations. My questions, 1.
Avatar f tn oops i just breifly responded to ANA and obands in your other post, Lupus is probably the best MS mimic of all, both Lupus and Lyme are difficult to diagnose but ANA can be a false positive and it isn't just associated with those 2 conditions....
Avatar n tn Hi Grace, She has the horrible burning in her back. She was diagnosed with "shingles" several years ago after a doctor noticed the blisters. Most of the time she doesn't break out, but just has the internal symptoms. They are almost always on her back. She has had several different episodes in the last year or so and they usually last for weeks. She was diagnosed this week from a blood test. She had a really severe case of shingles years and years ago. Thanks!