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Avatar m tn I am suspious of MS but my neurologist says that it is impossible for me to have MS if the MRI turns up normal...he is treating me for RLS with Neurontin. I feel dismissed at this point...Any one have any idea what might be going on or any suggestions for me?
Avatar f tn And it is very common for MS patients to have the set of symptoms needed to be considered has having RLS. Upon lying down, uncomfortable leg sensations begin: crawling, tingling, or itching in your legs that only get worse with an overwhelming urge to move. People find that they have to get out of bed to stretch and pace the floor. When you lie down again, the restless sensations in their legs start again.
Avatar f tn I posted a question a few days ago. I have ms. Is there a name for what I have. It is like restless leg but I do not have that creepy crawling feel. It has been almost a year now. Please help!!!!
539156 tn?1281818356 My Neurologist says that the majority of patients that she sees with MS do complain about having RLS. RLS is also seen in the population without any other Neurological problems. I had heard that Mirapex had come on the market, but understand that it has the same chemical properties as Requip (a drug for Parkinson's disease) so I don't believe that it will work for me. I will be tapering off Klonopin, since there is no use taking a drug that doesn't help anymore.
Avatar f tn As far as can tell, MS can cause leg pain, but I don't know if it can cause RLS. Seizures can accompany MS, but lupus can also cause seizures and raynauds. But raynauds and RLS can accompany fibromyalgia. I know this sounds like I'm talking in circles. But I know they look at the overall picture as well as test results. Are you having any joint pain or fatigue? Here is a site I looked at on CRPS, And what it says about autoimmune diseases and CRPS: http://www.ninds.nih.
Avatar f tn I remember you asking about RLS before, but I don't remember answering you, so here you go; I got this from the Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation web site What is RLS? Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological condition that is characterized by the irresistible urge to move the legs. While the name may sound funny, it is a very real disorder.
Avatar f tn I did a quick Google search one day regarding my symptoms and MS practically popped off the screen and hit me in the face. Sometimes my pinky toe goes numb but I dont really have any numbness. It's more like a pulsing/slight burning/annoying feeling and I move around a lot before I go to bed. I took an Adivan today and the RLS symptoms went away and then my legs felt heavy and clumsy. They usually don't feel like that.
Avatar f tn Does that name have to do with your diagnosis? Even if not, it's so appropriate - I chuckled when I saw it. I usually call myself sleepdancer. About your RLS and PLMD - were you diagnosed at the same time as your sleep apnea was and when was your last sleep study? Are your being treated for the limb movements? Did you have a study after the weight loss to confirm you no long had sleep apnea? Sorry to ask so many questions, just trying to get a clearer picture.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if there is a connection between RLS and MS. I started out 3 years ago diagnosed with RLS. I went to the doctor because I was soooo tired. Over the past three years I have a whole bunch of other things going on, plus the RLS is out of control. When I go to bed at night, I can't even lay and watch tv. My legs start with the pulsing, pins and needles and the need to stretch. I can't stand it so I have to take my meds (Mirapex), which puts me to sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome, Your question has found it's way to the MS community and I personally don't think MS would be the obvious answer, because there are other more common causes. I did a quick google and whilst MS came up first (it usually does), it didn't seem to be specific enough to really pin down, things like RLS, vascular issues, peripheral neuropathy and even mental health came up.
Avatar f tn ve suffered from RLS in the past. I found that my RLS was caused by the foods that I ate. I no longer eat heavily processed / prepackaged foods and I no longer suffer from RLS. You might want to take a look at what you're eating. Have you considered a eating a restricted diet to see if this helps?
Avatar f tn Multiple hyperreflexes (overactive or over responsive reflexes) may be related to your RP condition because of the connective tissue/cartilage issues. Symptoms are generally less likely to be due to a neurological condition like MS when the MRI is not abnormal and there is a preexisting diagnosed medical condition or conditions that is associated with the types of symptoms experienced.
710547 tn?1295446030 I have had what I call RLS, off and on for years. I don't have periodic limb movement - sleep studies have confirmed. I have a need to tense and contract my muscles - legs, arms, and at times, even my torso. It's as though a toxin is in my muscles which only contracting them constantly relieves. I know that is how many describe it, but it often gets confused with the movement disorder. I have low iron, and have had to have infusions before.
338416 tn?1420045702 I still feel that pain needs to be listed under paresthesias/ Under Mental Acuity - possibly Multi-tasking? Confusion? There are several things listed under muscle problems that are medically classified as movement problems. I can see listing it the way you do, but if someone were to look them up they would find them under Movement Disorders. These are: Myoclonus Spasticity Tremor RLS Dystonia That would leave just weakness and spasms under muscle problems.
Avatar f tn o) personally I dont think your making more of whats going on, though whats causing these symptoms is really difficult to say. MS actually has many mimics, ANA is not associated to MS at all, it is for Lupus though that is another difficult to dx condition.
398059 tn?1447945633 RLS is part of MS? I know I have RLS but have not talked to my doctor about it yet. It does make it very difficult to rest in the evening. I have some trouble with RLS during the night too. Is this important to mention to the MS doctor?
Avatar f tn Restless legs are so common with MS I understand some places are even considering listing it as a MS symptom! I need it full time anymore now in my 37th years of MS! It is one of my most obnoxious symptoms, and I have taken requip or the generic, roprinole, for several years. Maybe you could add this too, please. For many years all I could do was rub my thighs--ad nauseum! Thanks for doing a wonderful job!
233622 tn?1279334905 s is so bad she wears holes in her bed sheets! Is RLS a MS symptom? Should I mention to the MS doctor that I have symptoms of RLS?
Avatar m tn I am 30, female, thin, and have no history of drugs or alcohol. Its hard to pin point exactly when I started having symptoms but around a year ago I started having frequent muscle cramps, especially in my feet but in my legs as well. Shortly thereafter I started experiencing burning/pins and needles in my feet and night sweats. Eventually this progressed to burning and tingling in my hands and random bouts of muscle weakness.
Avatar f tn I had restless leg syndrome on and off, and you're right, it shouldn't be called restless leg, cause I also get those same feelings in different parts of my body, including my scalp. Could you tell me what exactly RLS really is, I don't think I ever had a dr explain it to me. I think I may have ms, at the beginning phase of a dx. I also have Fibro, and was told it is from that. But what's the medical definition for RLS?
222135 tn?1236488221 It is definitely one of my favorite sites for discussing movement disorders. Have you looked at it? There are several more minor movement disorders that occur in MS, like RLS, myoclonic jerks, tremors and such. In your reading what kind of movement disorder do you seem to have? It hasn't been clear to me, because I always thought you sounded like you have MS.
233622 tn?1279334905 I hae agree with Quix, this does not sound like RLS, but muscle spasms. I have had RLS for over 13 years and it's a creepy, crawling sensation with the feeling that you HAVE to move both legs that occurs just before going to bed or when in the bed. I now have it in my arms, also. It's horrible. Just when I want to sleep, this horrible sensation to move my legs or arms, keeps me awake. I hope that you follow Quix's advice.
Avatar m tn But when I thought I had MS, I requested an EMG, but the neuro refused, saying it was RLS, not MS, so there was no need to do it. My legs are always weak and tired. They are worn slam out. And when the RLS ramps up, gosh it hurts so much, really uncomfortable. Only people who got RLS can truly understand how bad things can get with the legs.
405614 tn?1329144114 OK, Is it possible that the Restless Leg Syndrome I was diagnosed with from a sleep study several years ago might have been an early symptom of my maybe possible MS? It recently occured to me that I list RLS as a neurological symptom on medical forms, and that as far as I know there is no real know cause for RLS. Low iron has aggravated it, but it wasn't low when I was tested for RLS.
601516 tn?1224884637 According to what his nurse read me, he did see some problems himself when he did his exam, and together with my symptoms he suspects ms. Unfortunately, the MRI machine is only a 1.5T. The radiologist said they don't have any problems finding anything though. Hopefully everything will turn out ok. I have a little hope since the neuro is thorough and honestly seems caring..
Avatar f tn Let me start with I'm not a drinker. I firmly believed mixing alcohol with pain meds was a bad idea. Tonight on day 4 CT I was offered wine. Not a huge drinker and don't care for the" drunk' aspect I didn't think much about having a glass of wine with my mom. Well half a glass. As most my physical symptoms are gone and its more a mental game and lack of energy game it didn't occur to me as wrong. What I noticed is RLS kicked in instantly. Agitation started. Runny nose.