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Avatar f tn And, I had a really bad case of mono in my teens as well as living in the northern hemisphere and having Scottish genes. It seems I was doomed from the get go, And, now Freddie Mecury is yelling something about fat bottomed girls at me!
Avatar n tn I'm having tingling/pins and needles sensations in my left foot. I'm having twitching in my calves and feet (more on the left leg and its also a pulsing sensation in my calf). I'm also having some twitching in my arms, hands, and eyes. But most of the twitching is in my calves and feet. The tingling/pins and needles started out of the blue on night and the twitching started a few days later. It didn't start in one area and spread. It started all over.
Avatar f tn t been determined whether the deficiency contributes to the onset of MS or MS causes the deficiency. All by it self a Vit. D deficiency does not indicate MS. As alex suggested, I would seek the advice of a neurologist.
198419 tn?1360242356 LOMS) have provided conflicting information about LOMS patients’ prognosis, compared with that of individuals whose MS symptoms start before age 40 (young-onset MS; YOMS). More-recent investigations have led to a better understanding of LOMS and its differences from YOMS, as described in brief below." http://www.unitedspinal.
Avatar f tn m not sure where to turn so thank you in advance for any guidance. My 26 year old son is exhibiting symptoms of what sounds like MS. He is a current graduate student in an allied health field. In October 2016 he was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. At that time he had sudden onset of vertigo, nystagmus, tinnitus. Was treated with a steroid and seemed to resolve in about a week.
Avatar f tn I had symptoms my whole life, looking back now too. I had neck and shiulder issues and pressure headaches, drop attacks etc for 5 years straught before my dxs, but it wasn't til my ex pushed me down that's when the bad daily headaches began.. so answer to your ? Is injury will case it to progress quicker....
Avatar f tn So, because of my symptoms and lesions, etc... I started reading up on all things MS (like most people, I guess)... It seems my random clumps of symptoms started a while ago, but didn't have neuro tests until I was 49/50.... had a few "episodes" about 6 months apart of vertigo, depression, fatigue, pain and numbness. I just had a second MRI 2 months ago (again with multiple lesions) and I will be 52 in January.
Avatar f tn However, I was also told these pains would not jump all over my body at onset, nor would the onset of twitching be all over my body---thats when I think Lyme. Also I have extreme joint cracking.... I am going to see a 4th neuro this week!
Avatar n tn I went to my GP who was somewhat dismissive of the symptoms and the sudden onset of the widespread twitching. I confided my fear of something ominous like ALS or MS and he assured me that these symptoms don't fit and these disorders are more rare than a more common cause like a recent viral infection or stress or change in exercise routine. I felt better for a day or so after leaving the doc. The twitching abated to a minimum for several days but has returned.
620048 tn?1358018235 Meg - ess is correct, except that the accepted onset of MS is when the symptoms began, not when the lesions began. It means both things. Many people have had symptoms for years but didn't get a diangosis until later in life. Other people actually had the beginning of their MS symptoms later in life. For me it was both. My onset of symptoms was at 52. Then it took 2 years to get a diagnosis.
373367 tn?1246402035 Hey All, I asked a question buried at the end of another post--Is there a link between getting a vaccine and the relapse/onset of MS (or other auto-immune diseases) symptoms? Young at Heart and I both had a tetanus vaccine before symptoms emerged/remerged. Is this just a coincidence or not?
Avatar f tn This information should separate symptoms and detail time of onset, severity (are they getting worse?), and duration. For the swallowing issue you need a consult with an expert in dysphagia, not a neurologist, although the problem may, in fact be neurological.
5206664 tn?1365112476 Compared with MS patients without epilepsy, there was no difference in gender, type of MS course and time from onset of MS to the progressive phase. Conversely, the median age at MS onset was earlier (25.0 years vs. 30, p < 0.0001) and there was a trend for a shorter time from MS onset to non-reversible disability. CONCLUSIONS: Our study confirms an increased risk of epileptic seizures in MS patients.
Avatar n tn The way you describe the symptoms as coinciding with symptom surfing and episodes of anxiety my feeling is that this is more likely. Anxiety can bring up lots of milder symptoms that can seem MS-like. But, I agree with T-Lynn. If MS is on your mind, now after 10 years, talk to them about it.
Avatar f tn t just attribute the big overwhelming symptoms to MS but also the small odd ones... I think my onset began in 2001, but I remember a time in 1995 when my baby toe went to sleep for 6 months.and didn't go away when I wore different shoes... (I thought it was a cheap pair of steel toed boots that caused my toe woes) Reading articles about symptom onset can help to figure out the why...
4587140 tn?1356850047 I do not pass the close your eyes and stand with arms out test, babanski positive right foot, I also canno longer walk a straight line, The neuro at Emory suggested I see their MS specialist because he woudl be familiar with MS like disease but I have no insurance and would like to see the right kind of Dr. to include or eliminate parkinsons....I did not grow up with my fathers family but there are several close members who have parkinsons so I feel strongly about being observed ...
Avatar n tn t have any other symptoms - but I did have unexplained stomach pain for several weeks prior to when the tremors began. Might I be experiencing MS symptoms? Or is there any other condition that might explain my internal tremors? I am not in pain, but the consistent internal vibrating is quite aggravating, and seems to be getting worse. I had blood work done, and it was normal! Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!!
Avatar f tn The most important finding in diagnosing MS is the history of onset of symptoms. Do you have a history of onset of one or more symptoms followed by at least 30 days and then the onset of other symptoms in a different art of the body. That is, have your symptoms shown to be separated by time of onset and by location in your body? That is the determining question - not MRI lesions nor LP results.
Avatar f tn hear a wierd sound in upper neck/head area like water running or something cant feel it just hear it. I am 100% convinced this is MS from my research, symptoms triggered by flu/virus, however most people say that flares happen at the ONSET of cold or flu not after, and MS is never diagnosed at first outbreak of symptoms, there must be 2 occurences. still have all strength can still do push ups, situps, walk, run, not any more fatigue than before but lots of mild aches and pains.
Avatar n tn I seem to be exhibiting symptoms of MS, however I am will approaching 60 years old. Would MS present at such a late stage of life?