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Avatar n tn So far, We did MRI twice and it showed the enlargement of sciatic nerve(left)but the doctors couldnt tell why it happened Some specialists thought it could be Dejerin-Sottas desease. We did gerenal blood test(not specific for the DS)and spine fluid examination which both didnt show any abnormal.We even had Darren done the Pet-CT scan and doctors still couldnt find out what exactly diseasehe has, they said it might be possible a kind of tumor or inflamation.
Avatar f tn It hasn't been unheard of for endometriosis to implant on the sciatic nerve-one doctor told me it can implant as high as the lungs and the brain. Endometriosis can only be officially diagnosed by laparoscopy but a CT scan or MRI could show inflammation. Endo can be very inflammatory to the organs and tissues of the body.
Avatar f tn I have just recently had an MRI scan, results showing L5/S1 loss of disc height and hydration with degenerative endplate changes, can anyone help with an explanation. I also suffer with a dead left leg and cramp in my left foot, but the MRI did not show anything sitting on a nerve ??????
Avatar n tn so sciatica (or other nerve pain) should not be a problem as sciatica is the impingement of the sciatic nerve at some point along it's length. That is where the problem lies . . . spinal and neuro surgeons only recognise disc or spine related nerve impingment when it relates to sciatic nerve impingment. BUT this nerve is the longest in the body, so it makes sense( to everyone except neuro surgeons) that there could be a problem lower down the nerves length. Check out piriformis syndrome.
Avatar n tn I have an L5-SI protruding annulus - with sciatic nerve damage on the left side (numbness in left leg). I am being seen at a pain management center and am in the middle of havng shots in my back. I have had a total of 4 so far - each one being in different areas. After each injection they tell me it will take a few days for the shots to take affect, however I hurt worse and the pain intensifies.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have just had multiple tests (again) to try to decipher why I have progressive small fibre neuropathy. Two years ago I had an MRI scan which showed no abnormalities but recently another MRI scan says "MRI scan of brain showed only several smalll foci of non-specific signal change within the subcortical white matter". My question is why are the neurologists not concerned about the change in the MRI in only two years and in your opinion could this be significant.
Avatar n tn Sciatic pain usually causes pain down the back of the leg, there is a degree of variation outside that, but if the pain is predominantly down the side of the thigh or front, that is the region of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh (a nerve that comes off the lumbosacral plexus of nerves next to the spinal cord) or the intermediate cutaneous nerve of the thigh (a nerve that comes off the obturator nerve, also originating in the lumbosacral plexus).
114870 tn?1210301946 is a slipped disc in the lower back. In someone who has ovarian cancer, pain from the sciatic nerve can happen from the trauma of surgery. It can also be experienced if tumor grows back in the location of the nerve. It is actually not the most common type of nerve pain in ovarian cancer.
Avatar m tn It hurts in the left buttocks, like a pinch or burning sensation and irradiate the back of my leg down to the toes (along the sciatic nerve). The pain has been on and off along those 2 years. I used to do a lot of sports (karate, wight lifting) and stretching and it's probably the cause of this (stretching too hard maybe). Sometimes it seems like it's gone, but it comes back right away if I stretch too hard.
Avatar n tn I am new to this lower back and sciatic pain of about 3 months. I thought my pain was just a pinched nerve caused by tight muscles. I tried to stretch and loosen and "pop" my back, which turned out to be a bad thing to do. Finally I asked a chiropractor and he said if I had addressed it earlier correctly it might have gone away. But he suggested simply arching my back in over-exagerated posture and taking some ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn Any of you have Sciatic type pain or been dx w/ sciatia but had NO relief w/ treatments? I had 15 procedures last yr in the pain clinic where they used radio waves to burn nerves. It took care of the pain in my tail bone, but the pain across my pelvic area and muscle spasms in my rt. buttocks and down my rt leg are worse today than they have been in weeks, but have never left me alone for a min! I had PT and the main thing they taught me was to stretch the pyrafomas (sp?) muscle. A couple of mo.
Avatar n tn I have had a triple phase bone scan of my foot, followed by and MRI of my foot and have found fluid in the ankle/foot and bone marrow edema. Local doctors feel that it stems from either the fusion or the hardware in my back. I am scheduled to see my back surgeon Thursday the 16th in hopes for possible medical options.
Avatar f tn I have recently had a MRI Scan done and do not really understand it, could you please advise me in layman terms what is wrong with me please, here goes: Chronic spondylosis with disc space narrowing is seen involving L5-S1 level with moderately sized broad based disc prolapse slightly indenting the thecal sac and effacing the right S1 nerve root before it runs in the lateral recess. the exit foramina are spacious..
Avatar n tn My mom bent down one day and couldnt get up properly, since then she has pain on her butt as well as coming the front of her stomach down thru her groin along her inner leg and in her knee. Her doctor said its not the sciatic nerve maybe a different one, she was taking voltarin but it doesnt work really well, she recently had an episode where her hands went numb and her body went stiff and we had to rush her to the hospital. They just said it was from the pain. What could this be?
Avatar n tn The cause of is compression of the nerve that supplies sensation to the lateral part (outer part) of the thigh. This condition has many causes including being overweight, certain surgeries and the positioning that occurred during surgery, pregnancy, very tight clothes, diabetes, trauma. Also, in patients who are bed-ridden for prolonged periods of time in a particular position, this condition may occur.
Avatar n tn I've been told that nerves heal at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month, so for the sciatic nerve, you are looking at up to 2 years for recovery. After that, what you have is what you have. Now, that assumes that your problem is entirely resulting from the nerve damage. I don't know what type of strengthening you've tried. I have had spine problems for a long time, too, and last year had a similar situation where a disc that had been bulging for a long time totally herniated...very badly.
Avatar n tn After seven months of treatment and medication for pain for her sciatic nerve problem, she finally had an MRI and CT-scan done. It was discovered that she had a fairly advanced lymphoma which was pressing against her spine and causing her severe pain. Last summer, she was bent at a 90 degree angle as she walked to the wheelchair which took her into the oncologist's office. She couldn't sit, lie, or stand in any one position for more than ten minutes at a time. Sleep was impossible.
Avatar n tn After seven months of treatment and medication for pain for her sciatic nerve problem, she finally had an MRI and CT-scan done. It was discovered that she had a fairly advanced lymphoma which was pressing against her spine and causing her severe pain. Last summer, she was bent at a 90 degree angle as she walked to the wheelchair which took her into the oncologist's office. She couldn't sit, lie, or stand in any one position for more than ten minutes at a time. Sleep was impossible.
Avatar n tn I had a MRI done and showed that my last 2 disc were herniated and causing pinching of the sciatic nerve. For months, I was having severe pain in my butt, and left leg....I couldn't sit in a chair for more than a few was hellish. Are you having pain in your leg(s)? Or did you experience a severe lower back spasm. If you had a spasm, there isn't much you can do until the pain subsides and you regain some ability to move around.
233622 tn?1279338505 I was wondering with the bulging discs is a CT scan enough to show what is really going on with them? Like would a CT scan show if a nerve is being pressed on etc. I had CT scans of lower back and neck and have bulging discs but I am not sure whether an MRI would be better now. The Internal Medicine specialist told me I had a disc pressing on the sciatic nerve that is why I have pain all down the back of my right leg and so many problems with my right leg???????
14022603 tn?1432586114 Pain has nothing whatsoever to do with an MRI report. In the case of sciatic some people have severe damage and experience no pain whereas some people have barely perceptible damage and are in agony. Thus there is no correlation between the two.
Avatar f tn I have consulted ortho and neurologists, carried out blood tests, MRI scan, Xray of neck, nerve conduction test and thyroid test two year back and the result was normal. Doctor prescribed some steroids and painkillers for few months. For time period i had relief, but the trouble started again after few months. Again i conducted another MRI on dec 2012 and the result showed the following: 1. Mild disc bulge at c3-c4 level indenting thecal sac. No e/o significant neural foraminal encroachment 2.
Avatar f tn The vagus nerve actually is the 10th crainal nerve it is one of the longest nerves in the body, you speak of your neck problems ,I also have cervical subluxation , my chrio, explaned to me that the vagus nerve passed thru the neck area , so any cervical neck problems could very well disrupt the nerve and affect quite a few organs , my biggest problem is the effect it has on my blood pressure and pulse 210/102/92 the lurching , chills so hard I cannot get warm , I hear so many speak of the same
Avatar f tn Maybe you have a pinched nerve,but ,clinically,it looklike soft tissue injury in lower back area (L4/L5),which means inflammation tissue lead to right leg pain and right foot pain ,and this tissue also can stimulate nerves,then affect sensations of calf and back stiff ,etc So physical examination of lower back is more important than MRI,It's hard to know inversion therapy works for you or not. Good luck!
Avatar n tn forgot to mention.... Bloodwork all negative (including thyroid/vitamin) Cspine MRI negative CT Scan pelvis/abdomin negative Lumbar MRI (Slight Stenosis/Arthritic facet joint) 4 Extensive Neuro Exams all fine! Not on any meds (except motrin)just take a vitamins. Even quit drinking!
Avatar f tn I have had physical therapy, injections, chiropractic and still have this issue with my hip. My Dr. is now ordering an MRI of my lumbar spine (L-7?) to see if there is a problem that would be causing hip pain. I have experienced back and neck pain as well so it is feasable. I have had terrible pain occasionally where there is what seems to be nerve pain that goes from my hip down the side of my leg to my ankle, could it be sciatica?
1116236 tn?1258858611 I have the feeling of fluid running throughout my body. My lower back hurts and my spine feels like there's so much pressure in it. My vision has gotten bad and sometimes feel like I'm in a fig. I'm so tired and get out of breath when doing much if anything. Doctor says I'm too old for MS Had a MRI and I see the Neuroligist for am EMG next week. My symptoms started after a Knee menuscus tear the end of October. Is it possible this is MS?
Avatar n tn well, i just thought i would tell the possiblity of it being the sciatic nerve and since you have already had tests done, then maybe you want to go and see a chiropractor. take care. bye.
1880388 tn?1320639291 There are minimally evasive back surgery techniques that can remove the part of the discs that are bulging and causing irritation through very small incisions in your back. However, given the extent of the damage as indicated by your MRI, you may need a lumbar fusion of the vertebrae to significantly reduce your pain. Only an orthepedic spine surgeon can tell you what your best surgical option is. There are also very effective pain medications out there that can help you manage your pain.