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Avatar m tn Generally b scan ultrasound is better to visualize the optic nerve. MRI can be helpful. Both is best, Neither is necessary if the optic nerve problem is visible looking into the eye.
Avatar f tn I hope your child was referred to an ophthalmologist, and not just an optometrist. By curved, I am assuming that the doctor meant elevated. Elevation of the optic nerve can be seen in hyperopia (farsightedness), because these are smaller eyes and the optic nerves can be smaller and crowded-appearing. Also optic nerve drusen in children can be buried, and give the appearance of a swollen or elevated nerve. These drusen can be detected by OCT, ultrasound, and CT scan.
Avatar n tn My husband had a CT scan of his sinuses, and an abnormality of the optic nerve showed up on the scan. He then had an MRI. The report stated that he had a slight dilation of the dural sheath of the optic nerve. This was not visible by the ophthalmologist on exam and he doesn't seem to have symptoms, except for the left eye feeling a little different than the right (sort of a pressure), but nothing that had concerned him. Of note, when he was 14, he was poked in the eye with an antenna.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with bilateral swollen optic nerve heads yesterday. I have been suffering from quite bad headaches and just the general feeling of cotton wool head.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with an optic nerve tumor from a Cat scan and follow up testing from an opthamologist. I was referred to an occuloplastics eye surgeon who is sending me for a MRI. The tumor is sitting on top of the optic nerve and to the left. The surgeon will make a window above my eyebrow to get to the tumor to remove it. Is this rare, very rare or common? My question is how long will healing time be? Will I be very swollen, black and blue, scar, patch over my eye?
Avatar f tn Nope, never had an MRI before. I had a CT Scan a few years ago because of an abdominal problem, though, but I know that's not the same thing. And I don't have double vision, or anything. But this really supposed to be about me. It's about you. Have you looked up retinal hamartoma on google? If you can't find anything there, search one of the other forms on this site. Someone should have some info on here that can help. I wish I could help more, but there's really nothing else I can say.
Avatar f tn Hagan, Like various other people here, I also suffered complete vision loss in my left eye due to optic nerve damage in an accident 8 years back.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, We did a Brain and Orbit MRI scan and carotid doppler test as suggusted by the doctor. Is ther anyway I can attach the report at this space? The finding in MRI Scan is , Findings: T2 FLAIR hyperlntense fbci ndted in the ffontal, bifrontal, periventricular and subcortical white matt6l - Ischemic changes. Impression: Bifrontal ischemic changes .t Dlffuse cerebral atrophy .
Avatar m tn I am 32 years of age and went for a routine eye test. I did comment that I had been getting morning headaches for a few weeks but nothing to bad. The optician found sweelin on the optic nerve and sent me straight to A&E & said I needed urgent MRI scan and lumbar puncture. I was seen at hospital and let home with an appointment the following week to see a neurologist. The doctor said I would need scan and LP.
Avatar f tn Feb 2010 I slipped on wet floor & bumped onto the wall making my wrist & ankle painful. My eye muscle got stress like pulling to nose & felt very painful which I had not experienced before.Found seriously diplopia less than 24 hours & my right eyeball went inside to the nose side & couldn't turn out.
Avatar f tn Optic nerve drusen can look like papilledema-swelling of the optic nerve. This can be due to a brain tumor or swelling in the brain. If your first doctor was correct, the other doctor misdiagnosed the problem. Unless he was having other problems, the first doctor was probably right. It sounds like you had a bunch of expensive test that did not show anything. Did you let them know that another doctor already make the diagnosis of optic nerve drusen? Dr. O.
Avatar n tn I was in a accident in 2003 with ears bleeding, spinal fluid leakage. I never had a MRI or CT scan at hospital. The spinal fluid just stopped a couple months ago. The doctor told me I had Optic Nerve damage. Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be causing the damage? Anyone ever had this? If so what was the outcome. Im very worried and just cant help but to think about this. I also have headaches almost everyday. It feels like I have a ton of bricks sitting on my head.
Avatar n tn It sounds like they suspect some degree of optic nerve hypoplasia but it is way to early to make any assumptions or comments from my perspective. I'm sorry I can't be more help.
Avatar f tn Can this also have something to do with the lesion that was found on the MRI scan?
Avatar f tn I originally posted this question in the medical community support forum by mistake. About a month ago, I went for a simple eye exam at a local optometrist for the first time since 2003. I am 28 years old and have never had any eye or vision issues; I am overweight but have never been diagnosed with high blood pressure. The optometrist dilated my eyes, which I had never had done before, and after the examination she asked if I ever had headaches, which I rarely do.
Avatar n tn Gyral pattern of abnormal signal involving the posteromedial aspect of the left occipital lobe even on the precontrast study. On the postcontrast study did not see any significan enhancement. Abnormal signal on both T2 and FLAIR images and appears only mildly bright on the diffusion. Felt to be consistend with a subacute infarction which may have exp. a subacute bleed. Some foci of abnormal signal in the periventricular white matter, largest being next to the body of the right lateral ventricl.
Avatar m tn 3- I went for eye exam and everything seemed normal but the optic nerve I had elevated disc in both eyes. 4- I was advised to go to ER right a way which I did, we did CT scan and was normal. 5- next day I went to eyes doctor who took a picture of the nerve and saw the edema and referred me to a nurologist.
568754 tn?1225626279 A PROSPECTIVE STUDY OF CAVERNOUS SINUS SURGERY FOR MENINGIOMAS AND RESULTANT COMMON OPHTHALMIC COMPLICATIONS (AN AMERICAN OPHTHLAMOLOGICAL SOCIETY THESIS) “Patients undergoing cavernous sinus surgery can usually expect new ophthalmic complications together with an exacerbation of preexisting neuro-ophthalmic deficits. Although improvement in function can be achieved, it is distinctly uncommon.
Avatar m tn I asked what kind of sickness and she mentioned MS or diabetes or anything like that. My reply was no. She informed me that my optic nerve appeared swollen. She then referred me to a opthamologist in my area. He was baffled but said he was thinking it was drusen but couldn't tell for sure. He ordered an MRI on my brain and also had me tested for lyme. No lesions came back on my brain and the Lyme test came back fine. He then decided to refer me to an optoneurologist in Boston.
Avatar f tn In patients with neurofibromatosis, the incidence of optic nerve gliomas is quite variable, from 10-70%...90% of optic nerve gliomas occur and are detected before age 20. Both optic nerve meningiomas and gliomas are usually benign, and often not treated at all or they are treated with radiation. Usually they are not resected except in unusual circumstances. I suspect that what you have is likely an intraconal orbital tumor abutting the optic nerve.
Avatar f tn I had an LP done and they measured the pressure and it was normal. I also had a CT Scan and MRI done and both of those have come back normal as well. I also gained 30 pounds with my pregnancy and by week 6 I had returned to my pre pregnancy weight. I am also breastfeeding. I am following up with a neurologist on Thursday for all the blood work and spinal fluid that was taken on the 10th. I just wanted to post to see if anyone has any ideas or have had something similar happen.
Avatar f tn The dr sent me to get every test that you can think of. MRI, Spinal tab, blood work, cat scan evrything came back ... [More] normal. I'm got my vison back im now experiencing a tingling sensation around my left eye. I'm thinking could it have a viral thing. bcaause everyhting else cam back normal. any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I asked about the possiblility of shingles, the general said I can't get it twice. By the way, the neuro didn't do an MRI, as he stated it wouldn't change the way he treated me, and the cat scan and the blood tests were enough to rule out a neurological problem. Where do I go from here? Do I wait and see?
Avatar m tn I also thought you would be interested in this discussion from a mother of a 9 year old asking a doctor's opinion about her son's elevated optic nerves: And here is a question and answer from the parent of a 14-year old patient who was also referred for testing for an elevated optic nerve: http://www.
Avatar m tn Last week I went to my 23rd appointment over a year's time that concerns optic nerve swelling - much more pronounced on my right eye with minimal swelling of the left. I have had a brain MRI with dye (they were looking for MS signs or a tumor); CAT scan of my orbits, every vision test including visual field in the opthalmologist's office, - all are negative for any abnormalities.
Avatar n tn Hi Demiguise Just Divera here lost your post on the site but I did answer your question that you posted you will just have to scroll down till you get to Divera (OPTIC NERVE GLIOMA) if that was who you were talking about in an other comment you made you said that you were helping some one with a rare eye condion.... I assume it was me and if it was not sorry... I do look forward to your post, you are very help Man thank you.
513350 tn?1211412025 However none of those spots was on the optic nerve ( though that's what ON is - demylination of the optic nerve. What I'd like your views on is this - was the MRI done too soon after the ON to show this idea of an enhancing active lesion? If I had another one done say in 6 months would that one have "grown" big enough to show up. I've heard/read that the optic nerve is a difficult place for MRI's to pick up ( esp if done quickly after ON.) Grateful for your views - excellent forum!
Avatar f tn The campimetry showed that the lession affected half of visual area of the right eye but the ct scan didnt show anything wrong.Now I'm 23 and my doctor asked all those tests again the campimetry and ct scan showed the same results but the doctor said that my photomotor reflex was a bit affect this time and it was not affected before.I went to 2 doctors, one told i have nothing to worry about another one just told me to go back there every 6 months but he didn't aynthing else.
Avatar f tn In that time I lost about 97% of my vision. I had a CT scan, MRI, VEP, LP, and numerous field tests. The only thing that came back from any of the tests is that the optic nerve is a pale yellow/white color (I guess meaning damage). I was in the hospital for pain and then later was given air compression shots of sumatriptan. It's now been a little over 2 years and I have recovered some of my vision but not all of it, not even 1/2 came back.
Avatar f tn Given my family h/o aneurysms/tumors, and previous illness over the last 6months, my optican has made an emergency referral for an MRI scan (which I'm still waiting for). I've tried to avoid looking into information regarding this matter as I'm fully aware that more testing would be needed. As far as I'm aware, my BP is sound (although I have intermittent tachycardia [160+] ). My question is, is there any chance this could be congenital?