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Avatar n tn Dear Roberta: A CT scan uses x-ray beams to create an image. It is useful to use to diagnose boney abnormalities, bleeds, gross changes in structure of the brain, calcifications, etc. MRI is based on radiofrequences and are useful to denote structure anatomy (much higher resolution than CT), blood flow, myelination, bleeds, etc. They both have their niches in neurological diagnosing.
Avatar m tn uric acid =8.
15442 tn?1316521989 Hi I don't know the exact answer but a scan with contrast gives more detail - so your good results from the scan can be regarded with even more confidence because contrast was used. Sometimes successive scans are done with and without contrast, to see the difference in uptake. I don't recall if that's with CT or MRI. My guess is that the nodes showed up because of enlarged size. If the enlargement is generally symmetrical, that's a good sign that they are reactive and not malignant.
Avatar f tn humerus, sternum, spine, ribs, pelvic, and left scan and mri done with and without contrast showed the same lesions and more lymph nodes than usual in the mediastinal area though not enlarged, one lymph node in groin also lit up on pet scan. Biopsys on left back of hip, rib, and lymph node came back normal (lymph node only said "rare wbc's seen" as extra comment).
Avatar n tn Initially, I went to the ER and had a CT scan which was normal. I was then sent for an MRI. Three years ago, i was diagnosed with a herniation of the C5-C6 disc. The today's MRI report states, "C5-C6 disc space level demonstrates a moderate diffuse disc bulge with right paracentral disc protrusion with associated annular tear. There is no significant neural foraminal stenosis or canal stenosis noted at this level.
Avatar f tn The largest lesion is 9mm x 8mm. There was moderate enhancement post contrast on the MRI. They seem to connect with a vessel. Bone scan was negative. The radiologist is not sure as to what these lesions are and was I wondering where to send my films for a second opinion. I had a MRI in 2007 and the lesions were not on the images then. We have ruled out metastatic cancer and multiple myleoma. I am seeing an oncologist and my follow up is next week. Any information would be great.
Avatar n tn One point that I would like to mention is whether multiple myeloma has been ruled out in your case. Multiple myeloma is a tumor of the bone cells and typically presents with severe pain in the back. It is diagnosed by Electrophoresis (EP) which measures the levels of various proteins in the blood or urine.Bone scans and bone marrow biopsy are also sometimes helpful in confirming.Pls discuss this option with your doctor. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago I was sent to a Hematologist by my Cardiologist, because he thought I had all of the symptoms of Gaucher's Disease but the Geneticist could not find any basis for it (except that I am a carrier). The Hematologist, at first, mentioned Multiple Myeloma, but then said there is not enough evidence for that, did no more tests (like bone marrow biopsy), and only prescribed an Iron Infusion.
Avatar f tn Going by your symptoms,Bone scan and elevated platelets and low WBC,I feel that the possibility of multiple myeloma needs to ruled out.It is a tumor of the bone cells and typically presents with severe pain in the back. It is diagnosed by Electrophoresis (EP) which measures the levels of various proteins in the blood or urine.Bone scans and bone marrow biopsy are also sometimes helpful in confirming. I feel that you should consult an oncologist and get this possibility evaluated.
432376 tn?1266261338 Another important possibility is multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma (also known as myeloma or plasma cell myeloma) is a progressive hematologic (blood) disease. It is a cancer of the plasma cell. A common early symptom of multiple myeloma is pain in the lower back or in the ribs.Diagnosed by complete blood count(may show a low white or red blood cell count),complete urine examination(elevated proteins and Bence Jones proteins are typical.
Avatar n tn Last week he had a full body scan that revealed no tumors on any other bones. They are suspecting multiple myeloma however, many of his blood results do not reflect this particular cancer. I can add complete results if it would help. I am so scared and so confused....
Avatar f tn Bone diseases such as osteoporosis may cause these pain, as well as some hematologic problems such as multiple myeloma. Regards.
Avatar n tn Radiologist diagnosed secondaries in lumber spine. Another radiologist did MRI. PET scan ( normal ), bone scan and did not agree with first radiologist. He said could be some degenerative changes but not cancer. Could be multiple myeloma. Lungs did not appear clear, second radiologost said could be amyloidosis. In the meantime his CEA marker is increasing since october, was 60, then 70 and now on october 29 it was 75. His CA 27 is normal. Multiple myeloma has been ruled out on blood tests.
Avatar f tn Anxiety, nerve and tingling in body, muscle twitch and pain, muscle loss (or so it seems), hair falling out, skin rashes, and multiple infections (throat, sinus, eye, mouth). Most drs say that it sounds like mult myeloma cancer. Ive also had many ct scans, mri, and xrays. All for different symtpoms but mostly chest pains and neurological. I am worried about getting another catscan tomorrow...this time on my throat and supra clavicle. Can anyone help with this?
Avatar f tn 3) Multiple myeloma. Since you have a pace maker, we can't do MRI scan. But we can do MDCT (Multidirectional CT). So tell me, what do you have to say? regarding the pain questions? Are you on some osteoporotic treatment? Do you have other medical problems (Diabetes/hypertension,etc)??
Avatar f tn Presence of “M” spike protein indicates that there is a strong possibility of multiple myeloma that is a serious health condition and this may cause neurological symptoms like one sided body pain, tingling and numbness. In addition, one sided body numbness and symptoms could be due to injury to a nerve, pressure on spinal/peripheral nerves (neuropathy), vitamin deficiency, and use of certain medications. MRI or CT scan would be required to reach at probable diagnosis here.
621770 tn?1243224514 treadmill -result - took 35 minutes to get his heart rate up - stamina is good ct scan - chest - normal mri - head - normal chest xray, ultrasound and heart monitor- normal nerve conductive studies... upper and lower - normal About 15 years ago he had about 4 Gran Mal seizures. He was drinking alot of equal (the blue) sugar substitute. His sister read that they don't let pilots drink it because it does something to your brain, so he stopped and has not had one since.
623944 tn?1244039090 The way her whole spine hurts makes me worry that they are both out of remission. Myeloma causes bone pain. We don't have the results of the bone scan yet or the MRI and her oncologist just reordered the Endoscopy/Colonoscopy. He had her wait on those until the blood work came back. My sister (who has MS and maybe lupus) is a wreak, so I'm trying to hold it together right now by researching and understanding the terminolgy so mom can talk about it with me and I can explain things to my sister.
383138 tn?1314171373 I'm not a doctor, but having recently been tested for multiple myeloma myself (bone marrow cancer), I know that a nuclear bone scan is not usually advised for a workup for myeloma, as multiple myeloma involves lytic lesions, and these do not show on a nulcear bone scan, only osteoblasts can be seen on such a scan, which belong to other types of bone tumors. So having a normal bone scan result does not rule our myeloma, and your systems could fit with this.
Avatar f tn CTS is associated with stress, trauma, pregnancy, as well as several diseases including multiple myeloma, amyloid, rhematoid arthritis, acromegaly, mucopolysaccharidoses, hypothyroidism. A large amount of psychological distress showed doubled risk of the report of pain, while job demands, poor support from colleagues, and work dissatisfaction also showed an increase in the report of pain, even after short term exposure. Trauma also plays a role in the occurence of CTS.
Avatar m tn Given that my endocrinologist has ruled all the really nasty stuff out (multiple myeloma, sarcoidosis, etc.) should I be worrying about the high calcium and phosphate? Is it worth asking for a sestamibi scan or do my results contraindicate hyperparathyroidism? Many thanks for your time.
Avatar m tn She did a thorough check because my dad has multiple myeloma. Could any of this be related to being out of shape or unhealthy diet? I had lost close to 30 lbs and put most of it back on. The symptoms also seemed to wane while I was eating healthier and had lost weight.
Avatar f tn So then he sends me for a whole body bone scan which comes back ok. In my research, Multiple myeloma won't show up on a bone scan, you have to do a CT Scan or an MRI. But my doctor wants me to go to see a cancer doctor to find out for sure. So I have an appointment for June 10th. I can't believe I have to wait that long to find out if this is cancer. I pray that this is not the case for both of us.
Avatar f tn The bone scan showed the skull lesion on the scan, and the MRI picked this up along with some other benign lesions (one was a tangle of blood vessels). I had blood tests drawn for multiple myeloma but everything came back fine. No Bence-Jones protein detected. The Bence-Jones results stated that "patient is excreting polyclonal intact immunoglobulins." I was told I likely had a UTI that would resolve on its own, despite having any symptoms of one.
Avatar n tn multiple myeloma. Cryoglobulinemia is one of the side effects of this particular cancer so its one of the diseases that should be tested for. They look for protein in the urine, they do a bone scan, and if need be, they can confirm with bone marrow biopsy. I reiterate though that multiple myeloma is an exceedingly rare disease.
Avatar m tn When you say 'blood disorder' with bone pain and high calcium, I'd assume you have been tested for Multiple Myeloma. Btw, I believe you can discover that countering anemia by taking iron usually takes a very long time to have an effect.
Avatar f tn Hello, Looking at the site of pain(back and lower ribs) and the intensity of pain,it is important to rule out multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a tumor of the bone cells and typically presents with severe pain in the back. It is diagnosed by Electrophoresis (EP) which measures the levels of various proteins in the blood or urine.Bone scans and bone marrow biopsy are also sometimes helpful in confirming. Treatment options of a malignancy includes surgery,radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Avatar f tn Hi, The symptoms which you have described are suggestive of an autoimmune disorder and another disease which I can think of in your case is multiple myeloma which is a tumour of blood cells, although this occurs at a little older age. Please don’t get scared but it’s advisable to get this possibility ruled out. It is diagnosed by Electrophoresis (EP) which measures the levels of various proteins in the blood or urine. When performed on blood, it is called serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP).
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor with severe pain, inflammation, inability to rotate hip, and nerve pain in the right hip. After a x-ray, MRI, and bone scan they have diagnosed a sclerotic lesion and recommended I see an orthopaedic specialist. What is the treatment for such a diagnosis?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 70yr old female diagnosed with Smoldering Multiple Myeloma---My Dr. is concerned- so am I-about my elevated AFP which is currently 1059. He said that many people with an elevation over 20. have a 80 to 94% chance of a liver tumor. After a CT scan and an MRI -no masses were detected. I have had Hep C detected back in the early 80s but no treatment and just a mildly cirrhotic liver, a very slow type of Hep C.