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1456157 tn?1285374334 The finding was pulled ligaments in her knee but nothing torn. We went to a Sports Therapy Clinic where through the course of exercises and a few visits, she was deemed okay to go back onto the field. A few minutes into a soccer game, she apparently dropped that knee onto the field in the same spot and at the end of the game, had a pretty swollen knee (same knee - apparent re-injury).
1148201 tn?1262165258 I was in a motor cycle crash a year and a half ago and due to other problems that have been resolved they can now fix my knee. After a MRI they have found that I have only MCL in my left knee in tact and need to have a operation to fix this. I have found many people with ACL tears on you tube but can't find info on the problems I have in my knee.
Avatar m tn After that I was unable to flex my right knee due to pain but I could manage to walk. Upon x ray and MRI scan it was diagnosed as avulsion fracture of posterior cruciate ligament and the fraction bed was 0.1mm. I was applied with POP bandage over the right leg (no surgery done) and advised bed rest. After the treatment period stepping up and down on stair case was difficult for me and slowly felt crepitating noise from the same knee.
Avatar n tn I have just had an Arthroscopy after an MRI scan showed a problem with my meliscus. However after the op i was told that my meliscus was fine and that the main part of my upper anterior is very loose and not having any significant function. Should this have shown up on my MRI ? Also what is the best action to take so i am able to play football and snowboard again? Would building up the muscle around my knee be sufficiant?
Avatar m tn I know that this is a post from a long while back but I finally got in with a doctor and found through an MRI that I have microfractured my knee. I somehow broke/cracked one of the bones in my leg. I was told to take it easy for 6 weeks and all should be fine. Should this type of injury be a non-weight bearing recovery or is putting weight on it ok?
Avatar n tn MRI---all ligaments etc...are good. Had no problems with my knee until this fall in early January. I fell directly on my knee, tore pants and the skin off my knee. About 8 hours after the fall I went to do a complete squat (to the floor) and it took my breath away. I have difficulty kneeling on it and squatting and getting back up. Bending knee to put pants on is not comfortable.
Avatar f tn There is no positive way to tell what may be going on with you knee other than an MRI. Mine revealed that I have fistulas under the patella and require surgery to correct them. To just visualize the knee you would not know that there is anything wrong with it. I suggest that you request an MRI of your knee. If your PCP is unwilling to order this procedure than request to see an orthopedist. Good luck to you and please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn I was playing soccer when i went into a tackle my Body got twisted around but my foot and lower leg stayed still. I felt a massive pain through my knee on the inside of my knee and heard and felt a snap. My team mates imediatly came running over because they said they heard a snap sound to and that it looked nasty when i did it. My coach put ice on it and strapped it up but i can only put a tiny amount of weight on it before my knee collapses.
Avatar m tn My wife is 35yrs, she has got severe pain in her left knee. Her MRI reports says, posterior disc protrusion at L5-S1 & left paracentral disc protrusion at L4-L5. THE QUESTION IS, PAIN IN HER KNEES IS DUE TO THIS PROBLEMS WHICH HAS BEEN REPORTED IN MRI?
Avatar f tn Well, you've landed on the multiple sclerosis board, but having recently dislocated my knee, I've also had a knee mri and a visit with an orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapists. I would think this is a relatively normal knee (depending on your age). I imagine they were evaluating you for a torn ACL/PCL/meniscus? I expect there is another board with members who will be more helpful :).
Avatar n tn The other area in which there is cartilage loss in at the outer part of the main thigh bone at the knee joint. However the rest cartilage disc in between the knee joint appear normal from this report. With regards to treatment, a lot of decisions are based on the clinical picture - how much this is affecting you and your activities and what the knee is like on examination. I hope this has been of some help and has answered your questions.
Avatar f tn No infections. I had a recent CT scan because they said I could not have an MRI. Everything is in place with no other problems except some noticeable effusion. My calf is stiff and also painful. It hurts to rotate my ankle. I have done extensive physical therapy, ice, rest, tyleon, IB, massage and massage prescription lotion with medication to no avail. I cry in private cause everyone thinks I am faking. No one will prescribe pain meds even to just get me to the doctor.
1571284 tn?1295706102 Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. A MRI of the knee joint would be diagnostic. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!
Avatar f tn By your signs and symptoms the doctor would conclude if you have a problem with your ligaments inside the knee. They are very important for you, try to preserve them and when you are sure you did not damage anything, go for all forms of exercise. In future remember always to wear proper footwear and walk on proper ground. Take care!
Avatar m tn Yes i am almost certain that your 2nd reason could be the problem. I have had an MRI scan on my knee and my consultant advised that my knee looks completely normal. All my tendons, ligaments etc look in perfect condition. From researching online, i have read that about 80% of people who have IM nailing done complain of knee pain, which is usually due to the incision that surgeons make through the patella tendon in order to put the nail in.
Avatar m tn Tell them your history and insist on another MRI with contrast and a CT scan. Second, third, fourth opinions, whatever, is always a good option. If you are not satisfied with the answer you are given, find another doctor until you find one that listens to you and cares about what you are going through. It could be something small that they are missing. Ask for the best radiologist to read your MRI and CT scan and ask them to spend more than 5 minutes reading all 36 images of the MRI.
Avatar m tn i went to the orthopedic today about a lump on my right knee at the side..i had an x ray but all he said was it could be my cartlidge an he,ll send me for an mri scan.he gave me no more info n now im even more confused about it.