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Avatar f tn Morphine in terminally ill patients is used more than just for pain. Another us it may be used for is for breathing difficulties. If a patient is working hard to breathe and breathing 20-30 times a minute morphine is given to slow the respirations which in turn relaxes the smooth muscles in the lung and allows better oxygen exchange. It also can be used to decrease restlessness and of course pain management.
Avatar n tn I am a 47yr old female with chronic pain. My Dr. prescribes Morphine for me for pain. However, I know I am addicted to it and, even though I have gone down some on my dosage by tapering, I am still taking 360MG per day and, can't seem to get it any lower. I am feeling a great deal of remorse over this and frustration cause I don't want to take it anymore but, now I have to or, I go into withdrawal. Should I try to find an addiction specialist in my area? If so, how do I start?
Avatar n tn Abstract Malignant pleural effusions (MPEs) are commonly seen as complications of advanced malignancy, especially in lung cancer and breast cancer. The management will depend on the performance status of the patient, severity of the symptoms, and the primary tumor's response to systemic therapy. Thoracentesis is usually the first step for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons.
Avatar m tn Hello I am taking 2 morphine long lasting 60mg of morphine for neuropathic pain. But I was chewing it to get a better result and some days I took 3. I am not proud of this but this is my life so far. Now I have been given another drug divoprolex and it helps with the pain a great deal. I wanted to ask anyone if you have ever heard of leg pain associated with tablets of morphine, I woke up at night and my legs felt like they were on fire.
Avatar n tn A slow-release preparation of morphine has been shown to have some degree of efficacy, but this should be reserved for the most severe chronic cough patient, and for patients with terminal cancer who may also benefit from its analgesic effects. There are case reports of the success of centrally acting drugs such as amitriptyline, paroxetine, gabapentin, and carbamezepine in chronic cough.
Avatar n tn The only thing you might look into is Iseral (hope it's spelled right). It only works in 10% of Lung Cancer patients, those patients that have some certain receptor 6...However, my dad's oncologist had a patient go into remission from stage IV. I think hospice can even pay for it if the doctor writes the right thing down.
Avatar f tn Hi, The estimates for life expectancy in cancer cases are based on the experiences of other patients. These are of course, based on averages. So, for someone who has lung cancer with brain metastasis then underwent radiation, about half of patients will reach 6 months. So this means, the 6 month mark has a 50-50% chance of occuring. What is harder to measure is what happens after the 6 months (the statistics tend to weaken when dealing with smaller groups).
Avatar n tn About a year ago the cancer surfaced again, this time as liver cancer with spots detected in his stomach and lungs as well. We have known for some time that the cancer is terminal. My dad has been on chemo. until recently, in hopes of extending his life. Last week he was feeling particularly weak and went to his doctor. His doctor detected jaundice and further tests revealed that the cancer has progressed throughout his liver and lungs. He has begun to retain water and is sleeping more.
Avatar n tn I am sure a great deal of my anxiety comes from losing 2 neighbors, 1 to pancreas and 1 to lung cancer.As I said this isn't like me to be this way and I have a new empathy for those who suffer anxiety.Shouldn't even read about things but I keep looking for backpain that sounds similar to mine & keep coming across tumors as a cause. Get conflicting info too, some say xray of spine will show and others say not, so I don't feel as reassured by xray taken at onset of pain as I would like to.
Avatar f tn Last week, we went to her ocologist, she has metastatic lung cancer, because the back pain was unusual for her. It was bad but not really bad yet and the dr ordered a bone scan and a ct scan, then went out of town for ten days (she comes back tomorrow). We ended up in the emergency room last wednesday where my mother told the er dr she didnt need pain medicines but she also told him that her pain level was an 8 and believe me when i say this is a tough lady, the eight was extremely high....
880900 tn?1467273741 Temgesic is a synthetic opoid analgesic that is longer acting than morphine. It is used for moderate to severe pain. It increases tolerance of pain and decreases perception of pain. The only thing that is contraindicated when taking this drug are other CNS depressants which may have an additive effect, and therefore overly suppress the respiratory system, as it also causes sedation. It is reported to not cause the tolerance of other opoids, preventing the need of ever increasing doses.
Avatar m tn I have COPD and I am on 3 liters of O2 at night. My lung volume is at 33 %. I also have lung cancer but the Cyber knife works for curing those. I also walk and try to improve my lung capacity. I also use a steam shower and it helps at getting the junk up from my lungs. I also us water therapy(a swimming pool) for exercise. If your wife has given up then say Ciao. I refuse to give up or give in. I use Breo and Spiriva. I plan to only leave this life kicking and screaming.
15607012 tn?1442453350 but through my research I've found that fungal infections can be mistaken for bone cancer on MRI scans, which is what my dad was having done. Personally I do not for one moment believe my dad died of cancer. It seems as though he died from whatever is killing me. When this began I went from 140lb down to 90lb, but my dad went from 244lb down to 110lb before he died. I've explained this to doctors and they ignore it completely because dad had "cancer" and was on chemo and radiation.
363110 tn?1340924019 Hi Ghilly, Thanks for coming back to provide additional info about your condition. Just from what I have researched and from what you have told me, I know that your condition is just not "a bad back". I can't believe that your family is treating you in such a foul manner, let alone accusing you of stealing from them! That just isn't right and you should know that I, without even knowing you fully, know that your condition is much more serious than "a bad back".
82861 tn?1333457511 I have witnessed some horrific things happen to cancer patients, but Mr. C- is breaking my heart. For many years Mr. C- was a lonely man in his personal life, but being a Harley rider and a genuinely friendly and open kind of guy, he surrounded himself with friends. Divorcing after a short marriage many years ago, he swore he would never remarry. Then he met the future Mrs. C-.
202436 tn?1326477933 My mom has been disabled for 16 years and has been on CONSTANT high doses of morphine for most of that time. She has NEVER experienced anything like this on morphine. At this point the morphine drip (PCA pump) is the only pain medication she is receiving. The only other tihngs she gets on a regular basis are vitamin supplements and a stool softener. She does have morphine in the pill form she can take as needed, along with neurontin as needed for pain and atavan as needed for anxiety.
Avatar n tn Same with the lung or the kidney or lung, not good for us who scatter the disease all over the place. Oh for the cure. Your sister is one of the lucky ones, not everyone gets successfull second surgery as I did with a team of 3 specialists. It depends upon the Gyn/Onc and how much they have kept up, and make referrals. Good luck to you sister may the chemo do well on the lymph nodes. The discussion was 8/3, you can review the post.
Avatar m tn doctor, would colloidal silver help her? is it a cure for cancer?
Avatar n tn I recently completed chemotherapy and radiotherapy for stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to my lung. The chemotherapy cleared the tumour from my lung and shrunk the original tumour considerably. Now my prognosis is very good. The chemotherapy was no where near as bad as I thought and the radiotherapy was a walk in the park and just like having a bit of sunburn. Although the chemotherapy is not pleasant , I think my positive outlook did not let me get very sick from it.
429209 tn?1224170189 Well got some bad news today my father has been DX with lung cancer for the second time, he had lung cancer in 1998 had surgery and recovered but went today and has cancer again on both lungs. The dr says that surgery isn't an option and that they are going to run a whole bunch of test and make sure it hasn't spread to other parts of his body.
184674 tn?1360864093 We found out after the surgery why her slow-growing colon cancer cells forming a tumor in her lung for seven years had gone undetected, despite bi-annual blood work for cancer markers: a very small fraction of the cancer patient population does not show cancer markers on their blood work. Mom was one of them. And as far as colon cancer metastasizing into the lungs--that only happens in about 2% of colo-rectal cancer patients.
Avatar m tn My brother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, went there with high hopes and good spirits. While there he encountered a language barrier problem and a delayed response for pain medication which was finally administered after he paid an extra charge. He arrived home, with no particular instructions as to his care- We admitted him because of his condition the next day to our hospital in California and as I’ve stated before, he died 4 days later.
Avatar n tn I have done this for years for my own protection after my uncle was given a bottle of morphine (he had lung cancer) that was expired. I renewed my presciption for Metformin (500 mg, twice a day) which I take for PCOS and to prevent diabetes as I had gestational diabetes. I do not have diabetes now. When I renewed my prescription a new pharmacist was there. I asked him to put the expiration date on my prescription bottle.
Avatar n tn Patients with lung cancer generally are overcome with symptoms from the lung. Unfortunately, there are too many possible scenarios. Some of them may include a gradual weakness in capacity to breath, the inadequacy would render the patient unconscious, until breathing eventually stops. One of my friends sadly, was coughing up massive amounts of blood that he literally drowned from it. Others may have heart attacks or “brain attacks” / strokes, but this seems a less common scenario.
Avatar m tn Woman age 67. Initially she had breast cancer for 16 years held at bay with vaccines, then better with LDN , anti-hormone treatment, DCA and other complimentary treatments.. But finally she ended up with metastasies (secondaries) on her ribs, other bones and in her lungs. She had fluid on her lungs, breathing problems, pain in her bones and was on anti-oestrogen too. She dropped it all to take just our GcMAF on its own. In 7 weeks she was clear of symptoms, breathing well, her pain gone.
Avatar n tn Although they presented themselves as having stage 4 cancer for ten years, that was not so. They actually were stage 4 for 2 or so months. This was misleading. brett 527, the first line of treatment for stage 4 breast ca in the bones is hormones along with zometa. that is what i was supposed to be on. Initially i was put on tamoxifin and zometa. Unfortunately, in the month of testing to determine my type of cancer, my cancer went haywire and spread outside the bones to number of places.
Avatar f tn PAINPRO what a complete joke, I should of known when I walk in that this place was going to be a waist of time, a Dr's office should not be dirty that shows me he/she has no respect for there patients, my appt was for 10:00am I WAS SEEN BY 11:30 and the Dr new nothing about me never read anything that was faxed to him from my PCP he has never seen a patient w/bilat nerve damage which no one has but he looks at me and points to all the drugs I am on, I brought them with me and lined them up on hi
563648 tn?1294326777 Did you just take the Norco by itself and you felt this way, or did it start after adding the Morphine? For me anytime I start Morphine after stopping even for the shortest while, it would always make me feel awful. Hopefully that is all it is. Your state of mind can also play tricks on you. If you know you are going to get scared after taking your meds, you will. My aunt has this problem when her blood pressure is taken.