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Avatar f tn There are also morphine pills that you could give your mom to keep her comfortable but also not enough to keep her sleeping and in a stupor like they make patients in the hospitals. I know you certainly don't want her to suffer at all and I agree that they can sometimes give way too much to patients in the hospital. If you have a doctor on your side who is willing to work with you so you can take your mom home and look after her it is definitely doable.
Avatar n tn However if she was extremely frail and on additional medications that caused respiratory depression it could have been a contributing factor. Many chronic pain patients take even higher doses of Morphine and function. Morphine has many side effects. The most dangerous is respiratory depression. Minor degrees of respiratory depression may be detected following standard doses of morphine, but this is not clinically important.
Avatar n tn Signs include slurred speech and difficulty in balance. Is this common for cancer patients or something more. She is taking morphine for the pain, but they seem to think it isn't that. She didn't take any the last couple of days, yet the symptoms are still there. I know that every person is different when it comes to cancer, but what should we expect in the comming weeks as the chemo has stopped. Could she feasibly live for another few months in the amount of pain she's in?
Avatar n tn I think you will be alright and can slowly taper off on your own,but if you are caught up in the Morphine High you WILL be in for a long rough ride,Please do not blame the Drug,remember what you are going back to,yourself.Addiction is different to psychological and physical dependence,you are not addicted.Addicted people are totally preocupied by the drug they crave the euphoria and only want to stop because they are not getting high anymore.
424839 tn?1268189846 Some of the examples are failed back syndrome, cancer pain, RSD. These patients receive infusion of painkillers such as Morphine or Dilaudid. Spastic disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury - associated with muscle spasms. These patients receive infusion of an antispasmodic medication called Baclofen. What is the purpose of it?
Avatar m tn Ask your doctor to do a liver function test (AST/ALT and ALP) while everyday on paracetamol and see for yourself. On the other hand, morphine, hydro/oxycodone (without paracetamol) in the doses you're taking, are highly unlikely to cause any liver toxicity.
Avatar f tn we all have, that Morphine is this big ol' scary drug that turns everyone into an addict. In fact, realistically speaking, morphine has LESS of those desired "addictive euphoria buzz" effects than hydrocodone! You almost NEVER hear of someone breaking into a pharmacy demanding morphine! haha. Now, morphine, although an *extremely powerful* pain killer, has its own spectrum of side effects which many find annoying/irritating: 1.) constipation (prepare to stock up on Miralax) 2.
Avatar n tn I hurt my back and legs in a wreck over two years ago. They first had me on morphine and it did not affect me like the Oxy does. I actually think the Oxy is more addictive than the morphine. I'm day 11 cold turkey from 480 mgs of Oxy a day and it has been hell. And I still have to figure out what to do about my pain but I don't think I'll take Oxy again. My dad was on morphine before he died and he did quite well.
Avatar f tn I take tramadol as a pain killer the doctors here in australia won,t give you morphine unless you have a cancer.
Avatar m tn not sure whats up with it bumpin to the top so somone can answer
Avatar n tn Three weeks ago I had 12 pints of fluid drained from my abdomen. Even morphine did not help me until I was taken to hospital. Last three days I have had similar pain in my ribs, stomach and spine but without the swelling in my stomach. Am wondering if this is side effects from the chemo or something more sinister.
765775 tn?1366028291 Such drugs are typically approved for people requiring round-the-clock treatment for moderate to severe chronic pain, such as cancer patients. But, significant harm can occur if patients are uninformed about how to properly take the drugs, doctors inappropriately prescribe the drugs, or if legitimate prescriptions get into the hands of people other than the intended patient, Dr.
Avatar f tn My aunt is in her early fifties she comes from a family where they have had a lot of cancer deaths she has lost a sister and her father to cancer. In the late eighties my aunt found out she had ovarian cancer they did a total hysterectomy she never had any chemo or radiation. In 2003 they again found cancer this time in my aunt’s stomach lining. The doctor was 100% sure she got all cancer.
365470 tn?1232750695 Doc The doctors say Owen case is rare, its another type of cancer that has come back in the other lung.....just his bad has gone to the brain, and their is a bulge at his side, which is very red,, they are going to do one treatment of radiation for that. We have him at home and on morphine and oxygen, making him comfortable. The doctors say 3-6 months.
Avatar m tn Do either of these medications have lingering effects when given to a person who is in such a serious condition as my father was? In particular someone who is suffering from liver and kidney failure? 3. Even in healthy patients, is there any mental side effects that are known or common? 4. Could a person's mood and judgement be transformed or impaired by all of this? 5. Do either Codeine or Morphine, or the combination of the two in conjunction with other medications, lack of sleep, etc.
Avatar m tn I found this interesting because my grandfather is the only other person I've known who found more pain than relief in morphine. He said any time he needed to have it (which was maybe when he had an appendix out, otherwise I can't even get him to take a daily aspirin) the morphine intesified his pain. I found it barely worked for me in the MSContin form. There are a lot of options and there are other meds in the methadone family that may be an option for you.
Avatar n tn Staff at hospice kept her comfortable with morphine, thankfully. In high doses morphine can bring on a person's death more quickly. With my mom, once she started having trouble with breathing, to the point that it was so painful for me to watch (and hear), they upped her dose quite a bit. It is supposed to relieve the feeling of oxygen deprivation, which must feel horrible. I am forever grateful for hospice and the morphine.
Avatar n tn Early studies reported success in reducing cough in patients with chronic bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); however, a carefully conducted blinded controlled study showed no effect of codeine on cough of COPD. Success with these cough suppressants may be achieved at high doses that are associated with side effects.
Avatar n tn best seek help from gp to lower dose until you no longer need it .mst is slow releasing morphine.
Avatar f tn Generally speaking, I think most cancer patients, when they stop eating, will pass away within a week to 2 weeks. My sister died after about a week. She was also with Hospice so they kept her on morphine which eventually shuts down your respiratory system. God Bless you and your friend.
Avatar m tn One study in the USA found that up to one third of the patients in a liver clinic used herbal remedies. One of the most hepatotoxic vitamins is Vitamin A and anyone taking vitamin A supplements should be aware that doses higher than 25,000 IU (international units) per day may be dangerous. Most multivitamin preparations contain 4,000 IU vitamin A, which is well within the safety range.
547368 tn?1440545385 Oh No! This is more evidence in eh unofficial War against American Citizens with Chronic Pain. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse - it looks like the nightmare continues. I'm attempting to keep us (Chronic Pain Patients) up-to-date on legislation, "guidelines" and trends in Pain Management. When I ran across the article regarding CDCs attempt to dictate how Pain Management will be administered I could not believe my "eyes"!
Avatar n tn is it poss to request the morphine be increased. with dying patients there is no ceiling on the limit of morphine one can have-however sometimes the MD doesnt agree. ask for a benzo( lorazepam , alprolazam). if agitation contines ask for haloperidol.
Avatar n tn i have googled for any information to tell me what the stages are for her since death is unavoidable but i can't find anything anywhere, i know that all patients cancer and stages before death will differ but i am just looking for someone that can give some sort of information so i can understand what is going on and as the disease progresses i might not be as shocked when it does change and progress.
Avatar f tn mom has breast cancer,unfortunately v found it only in stage 4..noe she underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy,6cycles of bone injection and radiation as well...v found dis out in nov2007,after chemo d secondary traces of disease in liver was found to b nil...wit small traces of it in bone and much controled in breast wer the lymph became very small also wer sgot 23 ad sgpt 29 ad alkaline phos 143...after chemo doc prescribed for a tab oncolet on daily basis once in mornin..
Avatar n tn About a year ago the cancer surfaced again, this time as liver cancer with spots detected in his stomach and lungs as well. We have known for some time that the cancer is terminal. My dad has been on chemo. until recently, in hopes of extending his life. Last week he was feeling particularly weak and went to his doctor. His doctor detected jaundice and further tests revealed that the cancer has progressed throughout his liver and lungs. He has begun to retain water and is sleeping more.
648439 tn?1225062462 ) and also, i have a family member who works in the hospital and she told me that when cancer chemo patients need Neupogen or Procrit, they take it intravenously rather than subcutaneous that we do at home. they may experience more pain than we do, thus get weak and need morphine sometimes. either way, i feel bad for both cases. no one deserves to be sick and txing like this. it's not fair.
517119 tn?1285874992 I was looking online for places near me that specialize in breast cancer. I found Cooper Hospital in NJ has just such a place. So I called and a nurse coordinator (Ann) called me back (last week?) and said she would call me with an appointment to see someone. So Wed I had been on the phone all day making appointments and I was just spent (and still very upset - my parents had to come over to be with me I was so bad) and this nurse called me with an appointment for yesterday.
Avatar n tn My 45 yr old sister is currently in my care as she has stage 4 ovarian cancer with liver metasteses. She had surgery December 26th, 2007 and was in the hospital for almost a month with complications due more to her smoking and damage to her lungs rather than the ovarian cancer. She refuses chemo and refuses to ever go to the hospital again. She does not have any income or insurance. We are helping her with her drugs.
Avatar n tn Hi, a tumour was discovered in my sister in January - it wasn't until March that it was diagonised as Cancer (aggressive cancer) - in the meantime she had to have a gall bladder operation. She had 2 rounds of the strongest possible Chemo and now we are told Chemo can no longer continue, they cannot operate and she has 3-6 months to live. Please help me understand what is in store for my sister - her children are aged between 11 - 26.