Mixing oxycodone and xanax

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Avatar f tn what have you heard about suboxone and benzos...i take suboxone, klonipin and an occasional xanax???
Avatar m tn I recently was on MS Contin (long acting morphine) and my PCP allowed me to take Valium at HS with the MS Contin. Obviously Valium and Xanax are similar. She had me take it first in the day time a few times when my husband was home to see how it would affect me. I did not have a problem with the two medications. So I think it is a probability that you can take them together but keep in mind that they both depress the respiratory system.
Avatar f tn Last night I took a Xanax and adderall and I woke up the next morning with a burning sensation all down my legs. Someone told me that I could be in serious trouble by mixing my prescriptions.
Avatar f tn Weaver is correct in regards to mixing, as I dangerously did it for nearly 8 years straight. My tolerance level became so high mixing OxyContin, Oxycodone and Xanax (Alprazolam). DO NOT take the Vic's, as it will not alleviate the desire for the Xanax. As she said, taper. I was lucky I did not kill myself, as I went cold turkey 30 days ago from all 3 as described above. I was suicidal and have been an addict too too long.
Avatar f tn Yeah, you need to taper it. It sounds like you do have an issue with it. You don't take it every single day, right? So maybe take one every three days and so on? I definitely wouldn't wanna see anyone have a xanax addiction or xanax withdrawal without tapering. That is not safe! You should really see a doc, get your own prescription and taper them properly. Don't ask her for any more meds no matter if she calls you or not, if you are serious about being drug free?
Avatar n tn Joe I can answer youre question for you. Xanax has a half life of 12 to 18 hours, Valium has a half life of 40 to 100 hours, and has active metabolites, so the valium over time builds up in the body, The xanax is a short acting, one of the most short acting benzos there are, I was on Xanax for 8 years, 1.5 milligrams a night, I switched over to Diazepam because I didnt want to be on the more potent xanax anymore, Went to 20 milligrams of Valium and have got my self down to 7.
Avatar n tn I understand that mixing Xanax and Alcohol can have serious negative effects. However, my question is mainly about Xanax, and in regard to how long it stays in the system to the point where it is dangerous to mix with alcohol. (i.e., is it dangerous to drink alcohol after 1 day of not taking Xanax?..2 days? etc). Another question, how serious are the long-term effects of drinking alcohol WITH xanax?
Avatar f tn I dont understand your question but drinking alcohol while taking Xanax can lead to very dangerous consequences and is NOT recommended.
655242 tn?1229472744 I have heard bad things about mixing loratab and xanax so I am scared to even take them and have just been taking ibeprofen instead. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am addicted to Xanax so I feel your pain. I hope you not mixing them with Opiates.
Avatar n tn I had a total hysterectomy in March 2007, my doctor has put me on Estradiol 1mg with Estratest SOL along with ambien and xanax. I take all of these at night and here lately have been feeling bad. I cant sleep, feel tired all the time along with the hot flashes and the feeling of panic attacks (mostly at night) I would like to know if anyone has these same medications and if they feel like me.
Avatar f tn I doubt it's from the beer if the last time you drank was 6 weeks ago. Are you in therapy? It would probably help if you were getting some sort of counseling for whatever the reason you were prescribed xanax. What are going through right now? FWIW, drinking with xanax is a good way to kill yourself. My son's best friend recently OD'd and died while mixing xanax and alcohol. He vomited in his sleep and choked to death on his own vomit. I would recommend you do not mix the two.
Avatar m tn Like Ryan said, you are already at the maximum recommended daily doses of both the Oxycodone and Xanax, and also like Ryan said, increasing them would not be the answer, as it would only delay the inevitable...which would be the tolerance issues. You definitely need to inquire about something long-term that would be effective in controlling your symptoms without the tolerance issues. There are pain meds that are more suitable for more of a "maintenence" purpose.
Avatar f tn My doctor was not as much help as I hoped, she told me to continue tapering like i am but that i could not quit cold turkey this is killing me i do suffer horrendous chronic pain but i would rather be in pain than my baby be born addicted is there a safe and quiker way to come off these meds i am on oxycodone and xanax before i found out i was pregnant at 8 and a half weeks i was on 2 2mg xanax a day and 11 30 mg oxycodone a day now i am 13 and a half weeks pregnant and am on 1 mg xanax and 6 30
Avatar n tn how much seroquel, xanax, and alcohol causes an overdose. im qworried about my sister, she ha been prescribed xanax for 8 years now at 2mg a day, so her tolerance is well established. she is also an alcoholic. thankfully, she knows not to combine xanax while drinking, but what about the addition of seroquel? could she OD from the pill combination alone? would then the addition of alcohol just pretty much seal her fate?
Avatar n tn It is a new drug to your body. Mixing benzos and opiates can be deadly. Thats what half (or more ) of these celebrities have been dropping dead from over the years (and of course many, many more normal people too ). Anna Nicole SMith, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson (although it's not official yet), etc. And are you taking 2-3 lortabs at one dose? or spread out thru the day? if you are taking them all at once, you definitely should not be taking the xanax with it.
Avatar n tn Very complicated situation indeed. Mixing Xanax and alcohol isn't a good idea -- at least not in large doses since they have an additive effect. I've had a couple drinks here and there while taking xanax, and I'm still alive, but that's probably because the dose of xanax was mild and so was the alcohol intake.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with PTSD and I was put on xanax 1mg to take 2 1/2 a day. I was experiencing mainly what my psychiatrist called mania where I would be ridiculously irritable and nervous/shaky. While the xanax took care of most of this, at times I still experience a very bad mood and have anger problems, where I fly off the handle at things that wouldn't bother most people to that extreme.
Avatar f tn There should not be any interactions between Estroven and Xanax.
Avatar n tn and his whole life style could stand a scrutinization - especially the mixing pills and more importantly - - the mixing of different pills of the same chemical name - no matter what the pill co's name. The Doc needs to spend a few more minutes with his patient to make certain that his directions are clear and understood. If the pain is still not being managed properly, then the meds need to be changed or different measures need to be taken. Vigilance is a keyword here .......
Avatar n tn yes you can. i actually worry about that stuff constantly, i have huge phobia of mixing medications properly. I take celexa which is in the same class of anti-depressants that you are taking and i have taken xanax with it at the same time. i have preiviously taken zoloft which i took ativan with at the same time if i needed it.
Avatar n tn My dad has sever pain he is currently on Fentanyl patch 100mcg per hour and 4 10-650mg of hydrocodone a day also 2 10 mg of valiums a day he can not take most medictions because he has type 2 diabetes and high BP My question is my dad used to be on oxycodone and he is wanting to see if it is okay to mix hydrocodone 10-650 and oxycodone together so he can get off the patch because the patch gives him bad side affects,,,,can any one help that knows or has had exprience with these drugs ( other th