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Avatar n tn Well, I just returned from a wonderful week at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL, where they were able to make a diagnosis. First, I should have NEVER had any of the neck surgeries (I'lll leave it at that), and the Doctor of Physical Therapy discovered treatment that will help to alleviate the nervepain in my right arm/shoulder, etc. I start PT tomorrow, but will not be able to see my Pain Mgt doctor for 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn Kicking log day 10: After a very negative interaction with prozac, I had to cease 20mg oxycodone cold turk. Bad thing for me, couldn't wean down because of the adverse reaction which seems to have made my w/d longer resulting in the ever-consuming fatigue, insomnia, horrendous migraines, restlessness, fever, nausea, and stage 4 - terminal RLS. Have decided to cut off my legs, but am not sure best way to do so. I am thinking maybe a circular saw, but fear that might leave me with soreness.
Avatar n tn You are using an extremely high amount of opiates. I calculated 540mg to 720mg per day of pure Oxycodone IR (not oxycontin, right?) Is there any way you can taper? Do you have a doctor than can help you? Better yet, can you find a good addiction specialist that has great reports to help you? I was using 450mg+ of the same drug you had. I was using it for what I perceived as pain. I seeked out a board certified addiction specialist who helped me get off those powerful drugs.
1838715 tn?1318478617 Hello I saw the post about a good PM Doctor. I live in Jacksonville FL and I need a Doctor in that area. I have been taking Oxycodone 5mg/350 acetaminophen (Percocet) for 7 years now for Interstitial Cystitis. I think I got it under control with IC diet, meditation and exercise. I only take med on PRN basis when I have urgency for 24 to 48 hours usually. The pain comes sporadically. Usually lasts 1 to 2 days.
Avatar m tn No my primary care doctor put me on xanax but knows nothing about me taking hydrocodone
Avatar m tn stay strong and focused!
356518 tn?1322267242 My PMP told me that Florida was like McDonald's , sold over 10 billion referring to oxycodone. The oxycodone 15mg and 30mg are very popular with the out of state Pt's. Although the doctor I use doesn't allow out of state Pt's many do. In my opinion there may be some that really can not find pain management in their state and drive to Florida for legitimate pain but I believe the majority of them are only coming in to buy the pills to sell. This really infuriates me.
Avatar n tn Thanks for helping everyone. He hasnt seen a doctor for any of this. He is afraid he wont help and just send him to rehab which he wont do. Are there any doctors that will help him without doing that? I really wish i knew something about this. He wants to stop and be free of percs. How do i help him?
1064938 tn?1255285919 Awsome Lisa!! Keep it up. sorry I can answer your questions but I think your doing the right thing. keep on truckin!
Avatar m tn Again today I woke up feeling relatively normal. Except I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. I didnt drink last night I just took a klonopin and a few shots of nyquil with some valerian root and it wasnt enough to knock me out and overpower the RLS. I think I fell asleep somewhere around 9am. But I did wake up at 4 so I guess its still a decent nights sleep. I dont know what it is this time around but it is just a cakewalk compared every other w/d ive gone through including hydrocodone.
Avatar n tn At this point all you can try to do is support him without enabeling him.
1253584 tn?1332881554 Oh by the way, I would not mess with sub if I were you. I have never taken it but from everything that I have read about it, it is just as hard to get off of as methadone. I heard that both methadone and sub have a very long half life.
7608252 tn?1392567964 I am a 10+ year addictive user of opiates, everything from hydrocodone to oxycontin80, ending up on very large doses of methadone pills with roxycodone for breakthrough,(I lived in Jacksonville, FL, a veritable paradise in the early 2000's for addicts, although I must say, I began my addictions to opiates for very innocent reasons, I had legitimate pain issues....)However, I sought recovery aprox. 21/2 years ago, because I became pregnant with an unexpected child...
1058261 tn?1256061140 HI. I am 4 weeks 2 days clean from oxycodones and morphine. I have felt just like you are felling now.The difference is that I told everyone on my family.My husband knew because he is an addict also. He has not quit.I told my daughter whos 9 she is a gifted child and was able to understand that mommies doctor put me on the meds to help with my back and legs (im disabled) but that the meds were no longer helping and mommy had to take them to not get sick.
1191921 tn?1300336415 Peace, love, and happiness Lisa Jacksonville,FL I have all of yall in my prayers. Stay the course and keep up the good fight!!!!!!!!
199177 tn?1490502134 Thats my point ...I dint want that on my conscience for the rest of my life how about you ?
Avatar n tn edu/mayo/research/staff/wallace_mb.cfm (904) 953-2000 Mayo Clinic 4500 San Pablo Road Jacksonville, FL 32224 Good luck and Godspeed, Tom! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear of your loss as well. Being an oxy addict would have been to your friend's benefit. It just seems he didn't have the tolerance to be doing that. Methadone is a very dangerous drug to those who are opioid naive. It will shut the store very quickly for someone who is not used to it or another potent agonist. That and oxycodone makes for a serious punch for the non-initiated. I am going on the assumption your friend wasn't physically dependent, of course.
1064998 tn?1254942645 I can't imagine how hard it is to taper with OC, but it can be done. You can not die from the withdrawals, your stomach hurts because your body is not getting enough food and your hungry, but can't eat.... sometimes it's impossible to eat. Try eating something sweet throughout the day.. Ex. Cinnamon Buns, Pie, Ice cream. It's still hard to eat anything but forcing the sweet's helps a little bit. Ketamine is dangerous as you know.
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Avatar n tn I was on the exact same dosage 240 a month oxycodone 5/325. I am on day 5 without one and my energy is coming back fast. Checks some of the below post for the Thomas Recipe. A good vitamin regimen and lots of water. You in my opinion are past the hardest w/d period. Hang tough and don't take anymore.
Avatar n tn I leave work at 5pm and by 630 pm I've taken 6-8 5mg Oxycodone. And I'll do this again around 9pm. I've got 3 doctor's giving me scripts for these "drugs" plus a room-mate that shares his! I KNOW I have a major problem...My questions...Where and how do I even begin to get away from this hell I'm living in? No body, and I do mean no body has a clue that I take this much medication! Several of the previous posts have mentioned "Thomas Receipe." What is this?
Avatar n tn She finally fell into a restless sleep her hands fidgeting constantly even in sleep. After praying and knowing she was in pain I gave her .5 ml of Oxycodone and a sip of water that she was able to hold down. She has been deep asleep since 9 a.m. and it is a little after 7 p.m. now, her cheeks are flushed and I believe she may be going into a comma that I read about earlier, not sureā€¦not for me to know when, just to be here to love her.