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1225870 tn?1267192618 Who has gotten pregnant with the IUD and what were the VERY FIRST symptoms? Did you have mild bleeding? Cramping? A normal period? Could you feel your string after a confirmed PT? The websites keep saying 1 in every 100 can get pregnant but it sure seems a lot higher to me based on all the stories I keep reading.
Avatar n tn They don't know they are pregnant and think they have a heavier period, etc. I'm not really familiar with IUD, effects, etc., so you may want to contact your doctor.
Avatar n tn ya), They said I will have little or no bleeding, no cramping since it is very low hormonal IUD. I will not have the same issue with the first IUD. Migraines will not be as extreme.... of course..... Well look at me now... I am at that point where my bleedings are getting longer each month (now about 12 days a month with huge blood clothes) + I have major cramps every month during ovulation, I can barerly stand up, and my migraines are out of control, I have to take narcotics....
513175 tn?1222961102 If you are pregnant with the IUD removal of the IUD could cause a miscarriage and leaving it there could cause complications during your pregnancy so it would be a very difficult choice with no absolute outcome either way. I would say, be safe, go to your doctor, if you are pregnant then talk to your Dr. about possible conplications. If you are not pregnant, get it removed wait a couple of cycles so your body "cleans" itself from the hormones and start trying to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn I don't know a ton about mirena but I know with the pill you get pregnancy symptoms which are the same as pms symptoms when you first start it. I don't think its anything to be concerned about. Google "symptoms with mirena" and see what other people have said. Or you could call your doctor.
Avatar n tn If you do get pg with an IUD, I think they generally like to leave the IUD in place during the pg because removing it could cause a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Even though the chance of pregnancy while an IUD is in place is extremely low, if it does happen, you should have the IUD removed as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. Pregnancies with IUD increase the risk of pelvic infection, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and early labor and delivery. Ideally urine for pregnancy test should be done after 1 week of your missed periods date.
Avatar n tn Yes, i recently found out i was pregnant with the copper T IUD after three years. i had a normal period about a month ago i began having unusual spotting which was common with my iud approx 5 days ago on the 6th day i had severe blood loss and cramping many of my periods were very heavy after i had the iud put in place but i kept thinking that a heavy period is a small price for not becoming pregnant so i kept it in regardless.
Avatar n tn The risk of leaving the iud in is miscarriage but that risk is also associated with removing it. The best option is to take a pregnancy test when you miss your period and then got to the doc as soo as you can to check the positioning of the bub and the iud and take the best course of action. It could also be pms and try not to stress as that can delay your period. Good Luck I hope all goes well.
2082101 tn?1419968661 There is always a small chance you can become pregnant with an IUD. A large number of the reported pregnancies with the IUD result in ectopic pregnancies. But a very small number of pregnancies have resulted in utero with the IUD. They can move, migrate into the uterus or surrounding tissue, although again it is rare. They can also on occation fall out. Be sure to check your strings periodically, and monitor for pain.
Avatar f tn I got my IUD removed on June 9th @ 11am. Can I get pregnant in less than a month? Please say yes!
Avatar f tn Especially when you consider that my Daughter sought care several weeks if not a couple of months earlier than most do (especially those with the Merina IUD as they experience pregnancy symp's while on it and don't get checked til they experience later signs or symptoms! Many Women have carried to term successfully with IUD in place too!!
Avatar n tn So while we all may or may not be having issues with the IUD's we may be in the minority of IUD users who may not have any of these symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hello all, I'm looking for other people's experiences with pregnancy and particularly pregnancy with the Mirena IUD in place. I feel like I am pregnant even though I have had my IUD for 3.25 years.
513175 tn?1222961102 I did a lot of research on it and I know that ectopic pregnancy is a big deal and is very possible if you get pregnant with the Mirena. I have been having pregnancy symptoms for about 2-3 weeks now. (I have a two year old and i am experiencing a lot of the same symptoms i had when i found out i was pregnant with him) I did a hpt on Wednesday and the result was negative. If the symptoms don't subside i will retest in a week or so and also call my doc for a blood test.
Avatar f tn I didn't get the paragard immediately after delivery but i had all those issues with it...finally After 3 years i decided to remove it. I had issues with irregular bleeding, very painful cramps, long heavy periods etc.
Avatar f tn BTW, the danger to having a fetus growing in with the IUD is the IUD could pop the sac and rupture, preterm labor, miscarriage. But DEF get it tooken care of if you do get a positive. IUD will NOT cause false results....
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any experience with an IUD? I'm considering one for my arm or for my cervix, but I wanted to know other people's experiences. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I had my IUD (Mirena) inserted on June 13, 2007 after I had my son and had it removed on July 2, 2009, it took me 39 days before I got my first period, and I know some women who it's taken 90+ days to receive their first period. Your body's just trying to get back to normal, I know how frustrating it can be while your sitting in lingo, not sure weather your pregnant or when your first period will show up, but try to be patient it will happen when the time is right!
Avatar n tn Or will it take longer than 4 months once it is removed? Also, what are the miscarriage rates with getting pregnant immediately after having an IUD removed? I just want to know what would be the best time for my husband and I to begin to try for another baby.
145992 tn?1341348674 I had to have an ultrasound which showed that my IUD had never been in the right place to begin with. It was completely laying side ways. I had to have mine removed and I am still contemplating getting it put back in. I had the copper IUD and even if it was not doing its job I loved having it in and thinking I was being protected from pregnancy:) I would recommend the copper IUD to anyone looking for long or short term birth control without hormones.
Avatar n tn I got minds put in about 3wks ago it wasn't so bad, I cramped a little after which I was told was normal, I started my period 2wks ago with light spooting the first 2 days and then a period(notheavy) now spotting again, I called my Dr and she said that it was normal to bleed a little longer with the IUD in place just as long as it is not heavy bleeding, bad odor and dosn't last longer then 2mth then they will have to give something to stop the bleeding, if this continues spotting are not, I am g
Avatar n tn I spoke to a girlfriend recently she's had her Mirena in for a year or so and she has a green discharge from one nipple and a milky discharge from the other. Is the link we both have the Mirena IUD ? is there anyone else out there with a green nipple discharge & using a Mirena IUD ?
383382 tn?1323490991 I'm trying to find out if this is a common thing, miscarrying soon after IUD removal. Also wondering if now this means that miscarriage will be a persistent problem.
997727 tn?1249772872 2) Getting a pelvic examination and ultrasound to see the position of IUD(whether it has been expelled or gone higher up). 3) To decide if you should continue with IUD or shift to some other form of contraception. 4) To rule out the other causes of secondary amenorrhea. I hope that helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or in case you have any additional doubts .Warm regards.
Avatar n tn I have never had severe cramps and with the IUD I can barely stand up with my PMS cramps. Of course I stayed in contact with my doctor and he did say that all of most of theses things were normal and would subside. For me personally, the side effects completely outweigh the benefits. I talked to my partner and he said that he had noticed all of these things but had hoped that they would subside and hadn't said anything because he didn't want to upset me further.
Avatar f tn During those 1st 3 days I had cramping and lower back pain. Normally I don't have those 2 symptoms, but I normally tend to be heavier with af, but the spotting then the heavy was kinda wierd. I had taken a pg test before I started with the spotting and it was BFN, not even faint, just non existent. Now here we are on June 15th and I have not gotten my period yet and I tested on Monday and got a BFN, tested again on Tuesday and got a faint positive and again today got a faint positive.
Avatar f tn I followed the nurses advice in stopping that pack and having a period to stop the bleeding. I started a new pack but then had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. About the time I was finishing my pack I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms, light nausea, cravings, constantly peeing and was nervous I was pregnant. However, I got my period except it was heavier with mucusy substance, could it have possibly been a miscarriage?