Miscarriage symptoms in first trimester

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708222 tn?1276138632 It was waking me out of dead sleep, on more than one occasion. In my first pregnancy, I had next to NO symptoms, no morning sickness, no nausea, no cravings, nothing! I had a baby boy. This time I am overly tired (could be that I have a 9 month old to take care of!!!) nauseated all the time, irritated beyond belief, moody and really hungry too. I don't get it! I know each pregnancy is completely different, but this one is TOTALLY different!
Avatar f tn I have spotted on and off and everything is fine. I am 11 weeks today. They told me it was normal bleeding. They also told me that you have less than a 2% chance of M/C after hearing the HB.
1446228 tn?1330972286 Anyone do acupuncture through their first trimester? The provider that I see specializes in fertility and was referred to my by my RE when I was going through IVF. Now I am wondering if I should keep going. Thanks ladies!
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have fluctuations in symptom severity during the first trimester? or could this indicate the possibility of another missed miscarriage? I am not scheduled for an ultrasound until the end of next week.
Avatar f tn Remember that with any case of bleeding or spotting in pregnancy, the best thing to do is to call your doctor for advice. First Trimester It’s undeniable that bleeding or spotting in the first trimester may mean a miscarriage, but it can also mean other issues. About half of women who have first-trimester vaginal bleeding have a miscarriage. That might sound scary, but that also means that half of women who have bleeding don't miscarry.
Avatar f tn But then it also says that you aren't supposed to take the medicine in the first trimester either. I'm very confused and very worried. This is my first pregnancy and I only want to do what is best for my baby. What is the right thing to do?
1748793 tn?1332623603 TY and yeah you are so right with sometimes not wanting everyone all up in yo business (mother in law) lol i luv her to death but she tends to butt in a bit much sometimes
Avatar f tn It's perfectly normal, your almost at your second trimester when symptoms generally ease off. Every pregnancy is different to. With my first baby I had no symptoms the entire time except needing to pee more in the last trimester and his a perfectly healthy 20 month old.
Avatar n tn Oh, the waiting. It sounds good, it really does. I had some bleeding in my first pregnancy (I didn't know I was pregnant, so I wasn't worried), and cramps in that pregnancy, and that was way back when I thought I was invincible. I never found out what casued the bleeding, because I didn't realise it was anything to worry about. I agree with the comment that bleeding in pregnancy is never normal, but it is common. Hang in there, wish you all the best.
2172810 tn?1337383747 Honey, there is almost nothing you can do to cause a miscarriage. Number one reason for first trimester miscarriage is a chromosomnal abnormality. Second reason is a medical issue or enviromental factors such as drug use, smoking or heavy drinking. That being said, in second and third trimester rough sex is probably not a great idea. But early on? No worries.
Avatar f tn i still feel the symptoms. my breast still tender and a litte lump in my throat. but bleeding for three days.
Avatar f tn I'm first time pregnant and very afraid of miscarriage! so far things have been fine and my first scan is in a week. I'm 11 weeks now. I've not had any symptoms at all so far ... no sickness, no nausea, nothing. just lil extra fatigue and no periods.
Avatar f tn Im 30 weeks and havent had any other symptoms expect tired and was nauseated in my fiest trimester. Sometimes you just get kucky not everyone has it bad!
Avatar n tn Yea I had a miscarriage a few years back. When I got pregnant again with my daughter I was constantly pareniod! The worry would drive me crazy sometimes. But don't worry. You always have to remember every pregnancy is different..my daughter came out healthy as a horse. Just because you have had one or two miscarriages doesn't mean that you will have another.
7249862 tn?1392256289 Almost every women will havr a miscarriage at some point in their life. And will simply think its a period. Its very natural.
Avatar f tn they couldn't find the heartbeat but she had said they didn't bother trying to look. shes in her first trimester but had no signs of miscarriage, no cramping and no bleeding at all. is it possible the doctor could be wrong? she's gonna get checked again to double check.
1001085 tn?1287754826 Symptoms usually subside as you enter the 2nd trimester. And yes, you can feel your uterus during those stages but if you're poking around and don't know what to feel for then you won't know if you're feeling the top of the uterus or not. At your next OB appt they should use a doppler to find the heartbeat. When they check to feel your uterus, ask them if they'd show you how to feel it as well so that you know what you're feeling.
Avatar n tn Eat healthily. Miscarriages in the first trimester are usually because there was an error during conception - say a bad sperm had the information for the brain missing. Hope that makes sense. You should go on to have a healthy pregnancy again this time. Good luck hun. Have you done a test?
Avatar n tn But I'm worried I have, I didn't even know I was pregnant. I've been on this new BC pill for 4 months that has wreaked havoc with my cycle. Sometimes I get my period, sometimes I don't. Well I did this time, but it was over a week early, and it was the most painful cycle I've ever had. I have been bleeding for 7 days now, rather steadily. Normally it would've been over 3 days ago, and a whole lot lighter flow.
Avatar n tn The only other thing that the radiologist told me is that I have a lot of fibroids, and the biggest one was 6 cm in length. One of them is in the posterior as well. In the first trimester I did have some bleeding but that was diagnosed coming from a polyp that was right at the cervix. That bleeding turned to small spotting and that was all of it. Then during my last phase of the 17 week I noticed that discharge was different than what I was having before, it was more watery.
Avatar f tn Called the doctor and they couldn't get me in until I was 10 weeks for my first ultrasound! I understand.
Avatar n tn I, myself, would try not to take anything in the first trimester as that is the most critical time in development but I also do not have arthritis or anything like that. If your OB said it was OK then you should probably trust her/his opinion or call your pharmacist and ask them.
420566 tn?1321842156 They were first like a period but have gotten lighter in the last week. They feel like a light period and I get pins and needle like pains. They are not painful but making me a bit nervous. I am also a bit constipated so... Have anyone else felt like this and still been fine? I am scared of miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Odds are in your favor---I know most women who have a miscarriage do just fine in the next pregnancy. But I know exactly how you feel. The first trimester was awful for me. I lived in fear every day.Pray LOTS if you are a praying person. It helps. Good luck, hun.