Miscarriage bleeding heavy

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Avatar f tn With heavy bleeding and measuring smaller, it sounds like a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn This morning I woke up with heavy bleeding like a period. Does that happen.
Avatar m tn Is it possible you are pregnant and having a miscarriage? If your bleeding is heavy and you are going through a pad or tampon an hour I would definately contact your Dr.
Avatar f tn This morning I woke up with heavy bleeding like a period. Does that happen.
Avatar n tn I have been to the hospital twice and to my OB once during all this and all say that baby is fine and we have a heartbeat but they call it a threatend miscarriage. Has anyone else experienced heavy bleeding and still went through to have a healthy pregnancy? I am worried it will eventually lead to a miscarriage but having hope that everything will be ok.
Avatar n tn Hi All, I am sorry for the losses. I went to the ER July12th, 2008 and was diagnosed with Blighted ovum and it showed some tissue still remaining. I had started off with spotting and mild bleeding 3 days before. It appears the bleeding worsened after my ultrasound. Well, today July14th I have been having cramps that are worse than labor pains and are coming and going every 5 minutes. A few hours later after sitting in a hot tub trying to relieve the pain since aleve/tylonel wasn't heping..
Avatar m tn The only difference was that I did not have the severe cramping that I had with my miscarriage. I ended up bleeding many times through out this pregnancy, from weeks 4.5-9; weeks 12&13, week 19, week 21 and weeks 34-38 and then again in the last few days before he was born. the bleeding at the beginning, my doctor said was an implantation bleed still. I said I thought it should only last a day or so.
Avatar f tn I am 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant and for the last week I have been having extremely heavy bleeding off and on. When I lay down the bleeding stops but when I walk, even just to the bathroom, the bleeding begins again. I have gone to the ER twice and the first time they checked me for a tubal pregnancy and said everything looked good and my cervix was closed. The second time my HCG had more than tripled in two days and my cervix was still closed. Does anybody know what the bleeding could be from?
Avatar m tn Hi, i am 26 and I have the same exact problem, but for me.. I am having heavy bleeding for more then 1 month now but i dont feel any pain but i get so tired i have a baby old 1 year after the baby i got a big abdominal pain and i did a ultrasound scan the reports said im having chocolo cysts in my both ovary's.. but aftr that for 5,6 months everything was normal. aftter that i didnt get periods for three months and on October 16th last month again i got periods and still it didnt stop.
Avatar f tn cramping plus large tissue clots passing plus very heavy bleeding plus fluid.
Avatar n tn How long do you bleed after a miscarriage? I have been bleeding for 4 days now, but not heavy. Its a light flow, and to top it off i have a UTI now.
Avatar n tn it could have been. The first bleeding could have been implantatiobleeding and then the second a m/c. I would check with your dr because you want to make sure you had a complete m/c if that is what it was.
3198629 tn?1367042023 I had a miscarriage 8 days ago and I was wondering when the bleeding will stop, because three days ago the bleeding completely stopped, I went to sleep and when I woke up I had bright red blood. It's brown now, but yesterday the same thing happened as three days before. I just want to know, is this normal? For it to keep stopping and starting up again. And if so when can I expect it to stop? I just want to be able to try to get pregnant again.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how long bleeding lasts after miscarriage. Maybe an estimate. I've been bleeding/spotting for 2 weeks now. It has now turned brown for the last few days and I am so ready for it to be over. Any help would be appreciated. Is this normal???
Avatar f tn I'm 24 & have a steady boyfriend. We were using the withdrawl method and in March I was very late, but then I had a very light period in April. It lasted for about a day and I started to take a pack of the microgynon pill I had left from another time. I took it for two weeks and then started to forget (I'm a terrible pill taker). Last Thursday i started to bleed very heavily & it's also very painful.
Avatar n tn its not sure bleeding can mean miscarriage but maybe its not so bad!
Avatar f tn I started bleeding lightly then very heavy soaking thru everything but it turned out fine just go to the e.
Avatar n tn and if your having a miscarriage how heavy is the bleeding supposed to be? because mine at the moment is very light like tinted a bit pink ? what's this mean?
Avatar f tn Was it heavy bleeding or spotting? You really can't tell unless you go get a quantitative HCG test ran and you really need more than one in order to tell what is going on.
Avatar f tn I'm 5W1D & been bleeding for 3 days. No cramps,No blood clots and Not too heavy of bleeding. Its normal bleeding.
1698798 tn?1306867503 And the day I started having the miscarriage I had very light bleeding. At about 3 in the morning the next day I started having really heavy bleeding. An over night pad in about an hour. I went to the ER and they told me it was normal. My bleeding has been doing this roller coaster thing where it will slow down for about 20 mins. a day and then be just as heavy again. I called my doctor and he said that my bleeding will wax and wain.