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Avatar f tn I'm having constant pain in my lower abdomen like in the center & it hurts bad. I just read that if you have those pains in the first 12 weeks followed by bleeding, it's probably a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with early miscarriage at my obs after an ultrasound that showed no sac and falling hcg levels. I did have two small bouts of minimal fresh bleeding and have been only spotting for a week since then. I am concerned as I am not bleeding and dont know what to do....Do I just wait ......
Avatar f tn 2wks after conception I started spotting and then painful camping at 6am later that day I started bleeding heavily heavily bown clumpy blood I've never had could that have been a miscarriage my period usually always last 3 days the most medium flow no cramping.. I became emotional and cried because we wanted this baby..
Avatar f tn I had an early miscarriage at 4 1/2 weeks and when I went to the doctor 2 days after bleeding began my preg test came up neg. The cramping definately felt different than a normal period and I did have clots on the 2nd day of bleeding. So, it is possible that you could have had a miscarriage, but it could have easily just been a wacky period as well.
Avatar f tn I know I'm early at 4 weeks 4 days but how much is two much blood? I've taken two pregnancy test and both are positive but now I'm bleeding not much but it's still freaking me out.
Avatar f tn At that early stage they can't tell you much its too early to really see anything on an ultrasound and hear a heartbeat. The truth is they don't know what is happening and don't want to tell you anything they can't confirm. Sorry I know it ***** but hang in there and good luck on your tests.
Avatar f tn I just recently went through a miscarriage a few days ago. The bleeding has stop and my boyfriend want to have sex to try to conceive again. Is that possible?
Avatar f tn Has anyone else experienced bleeding in their early pregnancy and have had or going on to have a normal pregnancy? I'm 6 weeks and i have been bleeding since 4 weeks. It started off as brown blood but is now red. My hcg levels this week showed a rise but I'm waiting until Monday until i get my next result. This is my 2nd pregnancy, my first ending in a miscarriage at 12wks.
Avatar f tn I don't think it's ever too early to miscarriage. I've had my bloodwork done and a positive test. Birds doctor told me my hcg level was low..
Avatar f tn It's common to have spotting/light bleeding in early pregnancy. NO ONE HAS REGULAR PERIODS IN PREGNANCY EVER!!! If you're bleeding heavily with ANY pain you should be seen by a dr IMMEDIATELY. You can have bleeding throughout your pregnancy, but it's NOT a regular period.
Avatar f tn m having a light bleeding that is light red. my period doesnt come on until the 16th. I never had bleeding early before my period. My signs are just my lower back hurting 3 days before period. I dont get cramps but with this "implantation bleeding" i have on and off cramps. What could this be. I had sex on my fertile days 1, 2, 3 of dec.
Avatar f tn Some women spot in early pregnancy (but not eveyone ) which is perfectly normal, Some might get the odd bit of brown bloody which is just your body getting rid of old blood, and others may bleed due to early signs of miscarriage, it all depends xx
Avatar f tn If you know you are pregnant and are further along, miscarriage symptoms are bleeding and cramping. However, many women will bleed in early pregnancy, even passing small clots. So again, the only way to know is diagnoses, usually through ultrasound. If you suspect you are miscarrying, or have had a miscarriage, you should see your Dr. or if you are bleeding more then a maxi pad an hour, you need to seek emergency medical treatment.
Avatar f tn I was told a chemical pregnancy was when your body created the hormone of pregnancy but there's no baby actually there so you get a false positive test. It's sounds like you may be too early to tell if you're pregnant though. Could just be an early period. I know stress can sometimes throw off your body.
Avatar f tn If you are bleeding you should go to the er or doc asap to be checked.
Avatar f tn I have had issues with cervical cancer in the past so my cervix was scrapped a few times and I also have abnomyosis if the uterus and my uterus is larger than most, those are a few things can be contribution to my bleeding/spotting. My doctor did say that 25% of pregnant women have bleeding and or spotting during pregnancy, I didn't realize it was that high if a number.
Avatar f tn Has anyone out there had early prego bleeding and been ok? I just found out I was pregnant 2 days ago and have been spotting for 3 days. Still getting positive tests. My doc had me do a HCG quantitative test today, she said if it was at least 1500 I could get a sono. Just worried because I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. No pain or anything and I am having most of the pregnancy symptoms. The spotting is only there when I wipe, it doesn't drip onto a pad or anything.
Avatar f tn my dilemma is i started bleeding on saturday and went to er, bleeding was light but red and they did a uss and diagnosed me with a threatened miscarriage, er then told me to go to early pregnancy unit on Monday for blood tests to see if HCG levels were doubling.
Avatar f tn So my past 4 online cheapie preg tests showed faint positives n were gradually getting darker n I took one today to see if it would be darker n it was sooooooooo light like barely there... I'm so upset.... I was getting excited n now I feel like crying my eyes out coz I read up about it n it says I'm most likely having an early miscarriage :'( the other 4 tests I took late in the afternoon n they showed positives but with my fmu ones they were sooooooooo faint barely there...
Avatar f tn I look to be about 5 weeks i went to doc today had a vaginal ultrasound but according to my last period i should be 12 weeks doc took blood an wants me to come back in a few days to check an see if im really early or if its a miscarriage im not having any bleeding but a lil bit of cramps but i wouldn't really call them cramps.....i have alot of pregnant symptoms should i worry? Any advice is welcome!
Avatar f tn They are constant but sometimes they are very light so its hard to feel them.
7074486 tn?1389932822 At e.r. with bleeding sono still showing nothing but they said im to early to see anything. Im about 3(4) weeks maybe. Said cervix is closed just waiting on hcg levels. Im terrified its a miscarriage please pray for me thanks ladies ill keep yall posted.
Avatar f tn Yes I would see a doctor, it may just be implantation bleeding but you really should always be seen for bleeding. It could possibly be a miscarriage this early on. I did have the same thing ,it was almost like a normal period right when I found I was pregnant and I have had a healthy pregnancy. You need to get your hcg levels monitored by a doctor to make sure they are going up and that this isn't a miscarriage. Personally I would put myself on bed rest until you know whats going on.
Avatar f tn Most likely the bleeding is from implantation bleeding because you are so early
Avatar n tn I did! I bled at 10 weeks, almost 11 weeks. I went to the bathroom and found bright red blood in my underwear. I panicked and went to the ER and they did blood work and an emergency ultrasound. I was sure I was having a miscarriage. Turns out they couldn't find a reason for the bleeding (and there are some that don't mean miscarriage!) and my cervix was still closed. My diagnosis was a "threatened miscarriage" but "it didn't look like that was going to happen to me.
377012 tn?1283965435 For my miscarriage I did not have any heavy bleeding. Most of it was spotting for about 3 days and towards the end was really brown. I also did not have any clotting.