Milk allergy and goat cheese

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Avatar n tn s cheese. A serving of goat cheese has the same amount of vitamin A as cheddar cheese, with 6 percent the daily value. Goat cheese is also high in the B vitamin riboflavin, as well as the mineral phosphorous.
Avatar n tn But at least if you try homeopathy and she accidentally drinks milk... you may find that her allergy is gone or her allergy reaction has significantly decreased. Good luck !
Avatar f tn My 15 year old daughter was first diagnosed with lactose intolerance about two years ago. She has not eaten any dairy products at all since. We went back to the doctor this past August(we see a gastroenterologist) and told her that my daughter was not able to tolerate any milk at all. She never eats dairy unless it is by accident because she can most certainly tell if she has had milk. One time I bought Wonder bread and my daughter ate some.
483733 tn?1326798446 Get some soft Goat cheese and cut into slices abot 1-2cm thick, if you get some hot water and put the knife in that for a while it makes this much easier. Thickness depends on the cheese some are crumblier and therefor a thicker slice is needed. Get some brioche (a sweet rich type of bread, the sweetness works well with the cheese) and cut slice to a similar thickness as the cheese. Toast both sides of the brioche one less than the other.
Avatar n tn Instead, buying goat milk from whole food to feed your baby if your breast milk is not enough. Goat milk is like the our breast milk and our baby can digest well without worrying the allergy. Remember to provide the baby VITA B12 because goat milk has no b12 which is vital to produce blood. Another thing is to feed him something to prevent constipation because goatmilk has higher percentage of protein than breast milk. You can Google the information to get more details.
Avatar f tn Ohh I miss brie and feta cheese so much
503607 tn?1275671579 I was told to make a special formula for her that had whole goat milk, liquid vitamins, and brewers yeast in it, then slowly introduce rice cereal with the formula mixed in...and then pureed foods like mashed potatoes, yams, wild rice and scrambled eggs...I refused to put her on reflux meds because they decrease the stomach acid and thus impedes the body's ability to digest and absorb vitamins and minerals...
Avatar f tn Pasturized cheese is fine. I have eaten goat cheese at least two to three times a month this whole pregnancy.
1244180 tn?1325899111 I went out for steak last night and it was topped with about a table spoon of goat cheese... I never even thought if it was safe or not.... Should I be worried about this?
184674 tn?1360860493 I have tried toasting bread for him--he still hates it. The two times I have seen him willingly eat bread has been when a small slice of French bread was dipped in pasta sauce as a sample from Sam's Club, and when I gave him a bite of a hot dog bun that had some ketchup on it (he *loves* ketchup). But I just can't bring myself to make him a ketchup sandwich, lol...
Avatar f tn There are other ways to get calcium. You might google "diets for people with dairy sensitivity" and see where you get. Also, if it's just cow's milk that does it, you might try goat's milk and goat cheese.
Avatar n tn at school when given the choice of white milk and chocolate milk i always chose chocolate milk because it masked the bad aftertaste. i hated when my parents made me drink milk with meals. i never had digestive issues - bloating, gas, stomach aches, undigested food, etc - until about 6 or 7 months ago. i can't even have half a cup of 1% milk with cereal. i tried switching to soy milk and there were no problems stomach-wise. it's just hard to find a really tasty soy milk.
Avatar f tn They are salty goat milk cheeses or cows milk cheeses. Arabic markets sell them. They are hard but you can easilysquish them with a fork. Also... Sushi is fine to eat as llong as you don't eat the rolls with the raw fish. And stay away from sword fish or the fish that contain mercury. I like the spider roll because it comes with cooked soft shell crab. Also any imitation crab meat is fine. Shrimp sushi is fine because they come cooked.. There are a lot of sushi options for you.
Avatar n tn She has dairy and soy allergy so cheese, yogurt are all off!
Avatar n tn Make pasta and cheese or add cheese to rice and beans. Some children will accept whole milk if you add chocolate or strawberry flavor mix to it. If that does not work and she likes soy milk, then give her soy milk (has the same amount of calcium as in regular milk). Hoped this helped you.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your comment...and you are right allergies are better than hep c!!!
971074 tn?1362759766 Hi Ladies, My son is turning 1 next Thursday! I can hardly believe it. I know that it may not be popular to wean a child right at a year but I am ready and I think he is too. Right now he nurses 4 times in 24 hours but sometimes he only nurses 2 times. And sometimes he will take a bottle of goat milk(3-5oz) and sometimes he won't. My question is should I be concerned about how much milk he is getting consistently? Because it keeps changing...i don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn I made two changes, I quit cheese the only dairy prodcut left I consumed, and I added copper. She called me and said my labs looked great and better than ever. I dont know which one made the difference. I added copper because I took zinc a few years back hardcore something like 50-100mg a day for sleeping and testosterone benefits. After a while I just up and started having bowel problems, and was very fatigue.
Avatar f tn If it is the taste, suggest mixing chocolate or strawberry flavor in the milk. Of the different milks, goat milk would be the best choice and the closest to regular milk, then Soymilk. Almond milk does not have many nutrients as the above, and coconut milk is very high in saturated fat. If she is not lactose intolerant, suggest increasing other sources of calcium which is cheese, yogurt, pudding, and ice cream.
Avatar f tn Raw sushi. Deli meats. Unpasteurized milk and cheese like the Mexican one or goat milk. Undercooked eggs. And..... That's all I can remember.
Avatar f tn My understanding is that you should avoid unpasteurized dairy, and any mold-ripened soft cheese, which includes goat cheese (which I LOVE) unless it's cooked. Listeria is the main concern. But sounds like yours may be pasteurized. You can always cook with it - goat cheese on thin brick oven pizza is one of my staples.
Avatar f tn t like drinking milk much either, so I go for a lot of yogurt, butter, cheese and such. If you have a dairy allergy look for calcium-fortified juices or soy products. A lot of dark green leafy veggies -- collard greens, kale, bok choy, etc -- are also high calcium.
Avatar f tn The fear as I understand it is the possible bacteria in the cheese. Pasteurisation kills it. I went out and chowed down on tons of goat cheese in my first trimester and then someone told me it was bad (before I knew myself.) Asked my ob and she said it was all fine if pasteurized, no worries.
Avatar m tn t have lactose, I am able to enjoy goat and sheep milk dairy with no problems. Also, the lactose is removed in Ghee (clarified butter) and I have been able to cook with it without any problems as well as any lactose-free cow dairy products like Lactaid milk.