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Avatar m tn Milk intolerance causes different symptoms and requires different treatment than does a true milk allergy. Common signs and symptoms of milk protein or lactose intolerance include digestive problems, such as bloating, gas or diarrhea, after consuming milk. ' You could read more about this at the following link - See a doctor or allergist if you experience food allergy symptoms shortly after eating.
Avatar f tn To find out whether your child is having contact dermatitis to milk(eczema)or he is having milk allergy(rashes are present in the mild form of milk allergy),skin tests and food challenge tests have to be done by an allergist.Pls consult him for that. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn I complained to him about itching all over my body, but no rash just skin irritation, and some body aches. Was prescribed Methylprednisolone and Cingular...relieved me for quite some time, but the itching is back, but now with some mild testicular pain. I'm a little nervous now...what kind of autoimmune disease could be causing these body itching and mild pain in my groin area?
Avatar f tn s that has less or no cow milk protein so people with milk allergy or other allergy and asthma symptoms tend to respond better on A2 milk than normal milk.
2030686 tn?1351688548 I am allergic to milk and eggs and am wondering how important it is to avoid them during tx. I have only a slight allergy to milk. I just can't eat anything with a milk base or drink milk, but I can eat things with milk as an ingredient. Eggs I don't tolerate unless it's in baked goods, even then I have problems sometimes. If I'm understanding it right, it's my immune system that is the source of the reaction. So, how important is it for me to avoid these during tx?
Avatar f tn If the allergy was from milk, the allergy will be systemic. Meaning the rashes will spread fast to the whole body, beginning with the itching of the eyes, nose, throat and then the rashes. However, if it is only localized to one part of his body, it could be a skin rash as a reaction to something, such as his perspiration mixing with the soap used to wash his shirt. Best to have it checked.
Avatar f tn Continued that day then diarrhea for approx 4 to 5 days. Recently a GI diagnosed possible DELAYED MILK Allergy. He does keep a mild bumpy rash on upper arms. My concern is can this type of allergy really cause this type of cycle? I would think he would have more symptoms closer together. We began NO milk protein diet& scheduled MRI next month. Will MRI only show brain or can they see intestinal problems as well?
284738 tn?1283106819 but as of now i have stopped the milk and i think i will call her ped and get an allergy test ordered to see if she really does have a milk allergy and go from there.
Avatar f tn Are you sure it is an allergy and not heat rash? Or something else?
Avatar n tn Hi Ipjay, you are welcome. I tried having allergy shots for less than a year, but did not find them helpful. In my case, I had to pay for my allergy shots out of pocket as my insurance at work didn't cover the allergy shots. If you allergy shots are just for tree pollen and other pollons, it's probably cheaper for you to take an antihistamine like Claritin and more effective.
Avatar n tn Or is there a protein in milk and nuts that is similar that i may be allergic to. My allergy only occurs when I do exercise, where the eyelids and the skin around my eyes flare up and become very sore.
Avatar f tn but that kind of allergy would happen faster then a few days, it would be something he came in contact with much more recently, like my son is allergic to cows milk and he brakes out in an exzema rash over his whole face and body and is cranky, but that will be with in 24 hours, like the next day or by. Good luck and Good bless! hope this helps!
184674 tn?1360860493 s milk at 12 months, however, my son has a pretty bad milk allergy. Oddly enough, it is not a digestive allergy, it is a contact allergy. Anywhere milk or a milk product (whey, casein, lactase...all that "milk" stuff) touches his skin, he breaks out in a hot red rash and hives. He can digest it normally as far as I can tell, but with any food with a milk ingredient that touches him, he breaks out.
Avatar f tn I bath daily and my clothes always neat and clean and my bedroom is also ventilated and in my food i mostly using vegetables. daily using Milk and fruits. please suggest me to get rid this problem. Thank you in Advance.
964234 tn?1331949207 Past few days he has been almost inconsolable and I have noticed a rash on his arms and legs. The rash is not visable, it feels more like dry skin and it's little flesh colored bumps when you look at it from an angle. I have not used anything new whatsoever. Doctor said she didn't think his digestion issues were an allergy because he doesn't spit up, loves to eat, and is gaining tons of weight (he weighs 14 lbs 8'3 at birth).
Avatar f tn My baby has like a rash on her face, it started with little red bumps and now her whole cheeks are red with the same bumps, idk if its allergy or a rash, is that normal? Or what can i do for it to go away? I dont like seeing my baby like that :( any advice please?
317245 tn?1258737545 The pediatrician said it could be a form of a milk allergy and to put him on soy milk. He has been on soy milk for a month now and the rash is gone but his stools are still horribly loose. In order to keep the stools from being completely liquid we have to feed him the BRATTY diet, and this only gets the stool to a "sludge" consistency not even anything remotely formed. He probably has 4 or 5 dirty diapers a day. I also give him a daily dose of probiotics.
2065896 tn?1373685384 Thanks Eve, I had food allergy tests done last year but I am afraid I have not kept to the diet. I found it too hard as I am allergice to wheat, milk, & yeast as well as a few others and I got sick of eating corn. I love bread too much and the bread without those ingredients is horrible. I will speak to Dr. re different nose spray.
Avatar f tn You said you had consumed milk and eggs. A milk allergy can cause heart palps as your immune system attacks the proteins within the milk with different chemicals which have this effect on the cardiovascular system. Have you experienced this while having a rash or tightness in your throat? If so then you should see an allergologist. Sometimes palps may be caused by gas.
Avatar n tn To give some background - I have always had stomach problems. As a child I was frequently constipated and had regular stomach upsets. In college I would regularly feel very sick, and I had rashes near my elbows on my arms, and my eyes would constantly be swollen. I have also always had weight problems, and I am struggling to maintain a healthy weight right now. I am also constantly exhausted, but I have just learned to sleep 10 hours a night.
Avatar f tn He has been allergy tested and milk tested. He has a small allergy to milk but not high. He is on rice milk and doing well. However it seem to be when he has a certain amount of sugar he has diarrhea and a rash the following day. I was just wondering if we should go see a gi doctor for him or not. I feel hes missing out on kid things and parties at school because of the reaction of the sugar. Is there a way to test if sugar or fructose is the problem with his tummy issues.
587663 tn?1220401559 I had and still dealing with a severe allergy to Soy Milk and it was good tasting. I had a allergy years ago and mostly hives and rash once and a while. I never drank or ate in large quanities, till now. I had two bowls of cereal and glass before bed. Next day cramps, hives, burning lips, swollen face, legs and feet. I have MS and food reactions trigger relapes for me. I am still dealing with swollen feet 7 days later. On low dose water pill. Hoping it will help.
Avatar n tn This began at about 1 yr of age when she was switched to milk. I began to avoid milk products and she would do fine. Slowly, it began happening again. This past January I took her to an allergist who diagnosed (scratch test) her with allergy to milk, casein, corn, tomato, carrots, bannana, apple, grapes.The doctor told me to avoid these foods and do food test. She has been doing much better but something just didn't seem right.
Avatar n tn After drinking alcohol the eye rash becomes much worse and causes me great pain. I have had an allergy test and are only allergic to milk and nuts. However I have discarded these foods from my diet and still have the same problem. I just wondered if the blood circulation or blood vessels around my eyes could have an effect on my eyes.
1012334 tn?1283702979 I am thinking it is probably due to a milk allergy, especially since there is quite a few milk allergies and intolerances in both sides of the family (my mother and sister are intolerant, my borther is mildly allergic, my husband is intolerant, I am not intolerant or allergic, but one of my other children is intolerant too!
Avatar n tn I have gluten and seafood allergy and I don't have Celiac Disease instead I get rashes. The rashes last to almost 3 months and they are very itchy. Can someone tell me why the rashes last so long? Please help..
Avatar f tn I took your advice and had immunoglobulin testing and an allergy panel. I have a load of allergies, from dust mites to milk, wheat and eggs (all my favorites). I also had a cat scan done because of an inflammation that I have above my collarbone. Severe enough to make my neck look enflamed-right side more so than the left. The cat scan showed so inflammation in my lymph nodes in the anterior or postior of the neck. My immunology test for P-ANCA (mpo) WAS .92 and my ANA was Positive 1:80.