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209987 tn?1451935465 t say that your baby is allergic to milk but that may be a good idea to stop all milk products until her surgery? Milk allergy is quite common in young kids, often it's a digestive problem - diarrhea with mucus and blood can often be a sign of milk allergy. Not sure if it plays a role on the child's behavior.
Avatar f tn We have seen a peditrician and a dermatologist. I am now at a loss. Could this be a sympton of a milk protein allergy? That is the only constant I can think of (I consumed dairy while I breastfed > stopped breastfeeding and gave him Enfamil Lipid exclusively until he started solids > now that he is on solids he drinks organic whole milk and eats cheese, yogurt, etc.) He doesn;t have any other allergy symptons other than the acne though...
102086 tn?1190509446 i outgrew it by the time i was a toddler and drank milk until i was 18. i LOVED milk and drank it at least 3 times/day even through my teens. when i was 18 i went to europe for a month and had no milk there. when i returned, i was no longer able to drink milk without some nasty side effects. if it is an intolerance, you can try lactaid (ask your ped first, of course!).
Avatar f tn he vomits during the night then in the morning? I am also wondering if its an allergy to milk, does he drink a bottle of milk before he throws up?
Avatar f tn My 2 year old has had chronic diarrhea for over 5 months now, we've had allergy tests, stool samples, blood work, etc etc etc and nothing is coming up except that he has low iron. Our doctor says not to worry about it (toddler's diarrhea) but I can tell it takes a toll on him. Some days he seems overly irritable, tired, with large bags on his eyes. We live in an isolated part of the country, and just getting into see a pediatrician is taking months. Any ideas?
184674 tn?1360860493 And the dairy allergy puts a lot of limits on what I can feed him that is store-bought. Almost all toddler pre-packaged meals and snacks are off his menu because they contain milk ingedients. I have to check the ingedients labels on everything I buy.
Avatar f tn Severe food intolerances will oftentimes test negative in both biopsy, blood and skin tests. It is more of a delayed reaction or you can google "delayed hypersensitivities" .. sometimes the insides just get so upset that everything ingested causes a viscious cycle and nothing seems to help in regard to any foods and/or meds .. I would ask about a food elimination diet for a specific am't of time under the guidance of your Dr.
Avatar f tn I was thinking maybe allergies to milk (he had just started drinking more whole milk after weaning during the day) or even just allergies and the Dr kinda brushed me off. Then I asked him for an allergy test and he reluctantly did, but no one ever called me with results. Now here it is October 18, 2015 and he did it again twice so far today. He has an appointment for a well check on October 21, 2015 with the nurse practitioner.
Avatar m tn Milk intolerance causes different symptoms and requires different treatment than does a true milk allergy. Common signs and symptoms of milk protein or lactose intolerance include digestive problems, such as bloating, gas or diarrhea, after consuming milk. ' You could read more about this at the following link - See a doctor or allergist if you experience food allergy symptoms shortly after eating.
Avatar n tn To ease my worries and frustration I think I will take him to see a Pediatric Pulmonologist and hope for some indepth observation and care. I have just learned today of the milk allergy theory. What soy milk brand did you change too and did your daughter take to it?
Avatar n tn Although, his last cup of chocolate milk was 2 weeks ago because I did read the issue about milk allergy symptoms and wanted to see if his knee pain changed as abruptly as it started. Today he also complained of his knees hurting but all but one bruise below his knees are gone.
184674 tn?1360860493 s milk at 12 months, however, my son has a pretty bad milk allergy. Oddly enough, it is not a digestive allergy, it is a contact allergy. Anywhere milk or a milk product (whey, casein, lactase...all that "milk" stuff) touches his skin, he breaks out in a hot red rash and hives. He can digest it normally as far as I can tell, but with any food with a milk ingredient that touches him, he breaks out.
7677085 tn?1395374075 I had my baby five days ago and my milk came in on day two. I'm still engorged and I think I might have clogged ducts. What are some easy tips to help relieve both? I have a toddler and a newborn and so I don't have a ton of time.
Avatar n tn My grandson has been diagnosed with Celiac's and seems to now be growing out of it. He's 18 months old now and since taking him off breast milk at 2 months, he's had diarrhea severely, and blisters on his butt, and his tummy was bloated like a pigmy. He was given a coloscopy a few months ago where the doctors took 7 biopsies of his colon, and was found to be allergic to gluten, soy, and dairy proteins, as well as sucrose and fructose.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies. My daughter just had her 1 year doctor appointment and he told me to give her more food and less milk. She can and should eat what I eat. Is he rushing it? She's just 1 year. What would you ladies suggest as good nutritious food that she won't choke on?
Avatar n tn just as you feel that you are helpless to your son the person called Vickie418 is right to see another doctor and may have a point on a milk allergy and you should try to see if he throws up after each meal every day and you may want to keep a time chart if he does and when he does. Also try this wonderful siite that helped my duaghter: Discovery Health.
Avatar m tn Treatment involoves elimination of all dairy products from the diet. Milk from other mammals (such as goats and sheep), and hydrolysed milk and soya formulas, are sometimes used as a substitute for babies who are at risk of developing cows’ milk allergy. However, the allergens in milk from goats and sheep are very similar to those in cows’ milk. This means that someone with a cows’ milk allergy might react to these other types of milk as well.
1900997 tn?1321659956 LOL Also, skim milk has a higher lactose content than whole milk. I only get the whole milk. Last week my hubby accidentally grabbed the skim and I ended up having to just throw it away because I couldn't tolerate even a little. You can give the Lactaid tablets or milk a try. I personally think all the milk alternatives are too sweet. I don't need the Lactaid because I can keep it under control as long as I only have it in my cereal.
Avatar m tn i try 2 or three types of milk on the skin...nido and a dairy milk ..and pedia sure...after 10 ar 14 mins the skinpart where i try the milk ...become red n appear some kind of allergies n ...he become itchee the skin.....he had alsoo excema..and ..when he is 4 months old i give dairy mil n a wheat biscute ..and he had full sweeling n a full aleergie attack..plz help mein out what can i doo..he did not eat any think else..just a wheat bread..n boiled vegetables..n gerber fruit..thats it...
Avatar f tn I've always been allergic (not lactose intolerance) to milk since I was born. Now at 5 weeks all I want to eat is milk and things made from milk. Does this mean my baby isn't allergic to milk? Or my allergy for milk going away since I'm pregnant? Or just being pregnant cravings? I don't want to drink milk thinking I'm not allergic and get sick. Help please?
Avatar m tn I also had allergy testing while I was toddler. My mom also had this allergy so it made it a bit clearer when they tested me.
Avatar f tn I was giving them cherios in regular milk also milo in reg milk maybe started that 3 wks before. Today was day 2 with regular milk, they had only 7 ounces of the go grow formular each day and around 15 ounce of reg milk per day. Besides that they have about 4-5 ounce of water. I noticed one DD has constipation. She has pebble type poop today and one episode yesterday. Could it be the milk? Dr suggested grape juice or prune, but she does not want to drink that.
2088782 tn?1333221786 Over the past three months it has gotten to the point where I get shooting pains through my ears and my eyes keep going blurry. My doctor just told me that I have an allergy to milk. Is it possible to have an allergy your entire life and not know it? Can it suddenly get so bad you can hardly function? Any chance it is just developing? Finally.. they told me my white count was 15.1 showing I had a bacterial infection of some kind but can not find anything.. could it be related to the allergy?
171768 tn?1324230099 i did use the enfamil next step formula for a little while but only because i got coupons and free samples. its not much different. and i don't think its that much cheaper either. i just used it until i had no more coupons left and to help transition edward to the cow's milk. i did half and half until the formula was gone. we had no problems switching to cow's milk though, other than whole milk giving him diarreah and having to go to 2%.
Avatar n tn She has dairy and soy allergy so cheese, yogurt are all off!
Avatar f tn If this is more than just a one type occurrence (if it happens almost every time she drinks the milk) - she could be allergic to milk. I had a milk allergy when I was a child and the vomiting and stomach pain were two of my main symptoms - I also had horrible headaches and leg pains. My allergy has gotten much better, however, I still find that I have trouble if I consume too much dairy at a time - headache, dizziness, upset stomach - so I have to be careful about how much I consume.