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Dog even though it says I can take with or without food, I feel sick after taking the doseage in the morning. Is It possible to take two tablets by mouth in the evening before bed or do I have to take it every 12 hours?
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed a course of Metronidazole (Flagyl) by my GP. (3 400mg tabs per day with food). I have done much reading on my infection but have been unable to find any information suggesting this antibiotic is the correct treatment. It is reasonable to assume I have been carrying this infection for many years due to the related timeline of symptoms. I am concerned for my fertility and want to ensure I am being treated with the correct medication.
Avatar m tn Please STOP the Iams Dog food......For starters, it's a very LOW grade food....Plus, there has been a RECALL on July 30th for around sixty Procter & Gamble Dog Foods...IAMS products ARE on the list....... The risk is SALMONELLA POISONING!!!!! This may be what your dealing with..... Here's the link to the recall list.... Read the whole page....Good luck and please come back with updates.......
Avatar m tn for last one year i am having digestion problem whenever i eat snacks or roadside food......There will be terrible mucus secretion with beard became grey........the mucus is like white nasal congestion ....... When no medicines worked(norflox,secnidazole,metronidazole) i followed online guide like hot lemon juice.......after taking lemon juice two times my stomach became all right..........sometimes due to family friends i have to take sweets and suffer from mucus problems......
Avatar f tn Rive is binding, so it may help firm up the stools. Could also be the new prescription food. That should have been mixed with her present food little by little until she is able to tolerate All new food. Cats are funny little creatures , very picky and very sensitive to NEW things. So I would also ask if she has been under any additional Stress. That will cause digestive problems and diarrhea. I am sure others here will have better idea's as to what might be going on.
Avatar m tn We have eight Chihuahuas and a Pug. All nine have had stubborn issues with vomiting food for the past few months. Age range 1-3. Weight range 3.5-12 lbs. None are related. They have a fenced in yard (country), cages in the kitchen. They have no exposure to other dogs. Six months ago Lucy began vomiting her food several hours after eating. A few gags, up would come undigested food. Then George did the same. Lucy stopped but then the next day Gracie started, etc.
Avatar f tn Unless you did a very slow transition, what your describing is digestive upset from the food change.....Ideally, you should mix alittle new food with alot of the old & gradually end up with all new food over a period of 7-10 days...This will avoid what your dog is experiencing..... However, you also need to thoroughly evaluate both of these foods you've mentioned.....They both fall into a category of very low quality w/ little nutrition......
Avatar n tn The infections (including our old friend e.coli) were eradicated with a combination of Zyvox, metronidazole, and levaquin. The gall bladder is functioning normally again, but the surgeon still wishes to remove it. I am not convinced this is the best long-term solution. I am 36 yrs old and very healthy, with balanced diet and frequent exercise. I am concerned about long-term effects, but the doctors can only speak in "maybes" and "possiblies".
Avatar n tn I am hoping we can bring him home today, and continue the therapy here. From the sounds of it, I will be getting something I mix in his food, to help with absorption, and something to help with his vomiting, which doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, I can't help but be concerned, if he is not getting enough nutrients to begin with, he surely is not getting any if he throws up!
Avatar n tn There are also Eagle Pack Holistic, Horizion (not legacy which is again a high protein), Wellness and Go Natural which are all high quality foods you could try. Eagle Pack also has a food additive to help with loose stool and food transition (basically pro- and prebiotic mix). Also remember he is a puppy, they will get into everything and eat everything!! It might be him eating dirt, dust, parts of his toys etc that is causing the tummy upset.
Avatar m tn I ate something that really upset my stomach and vomited up the food and came down with a bad case of stomach cramping, fever, and diarrhea, stools with mucus (but no blood). The local doctor diagnosed it as dysentery - both amoebic and bacterial dysentery. She used a microscope to make this diagnosis. She prescribed me 500 mg Metronidazole - to be taken 3 times a day over 10 days. I am now into the 7th day of treatment. My diarrhea (very watery) persists and so does he stomach cramping.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with h.pylori after having a breath test done, and have been prescribed by my doctor - lansoprazole 30 mg - metronidazole 400 mg - amoxicillin 500 mg. All three medacation taken twice a day for a 7 day course.I am now into the 5 th day of taking them.There seems to be no side effects, the problems of bloating,discomfort (painfull at times) that comes and goes througout the day,has not eased at all.
Avatar m tn My problem started 6 months ago when I was on an antibiotic (metronidazole) for 1 week. The antibiotic did its job but caused this condition called "hairy tongue" as a side effect that seems permanent. My tongue looks like it has a white coating of thousands of little elongate papillae. Almost like my once healthy pink tonge now has a 1970's shag-carpet growing on it. These little papillae act like a sponge to trap all sorts of bacteria and food particles.
Avatar n tn In the past the colitis presented with some blood in the stool and mucous. She got a steroid for it in pet tinic. This time, her stool is completely loose with some mucous. She's 8 so the vet did an x ray to exclude obstruction and ran a CBC. She had a CBC in May for dental work and her eosinophil levels were 4% but yesterday they were 35%. The vet said it could be allerg, irritable bowl disease, whip worm (which would be weird because she's indoor) or a mast cell tumor.
Avatar n tn Of course a skin reaction to sunlight is also a side effect. You can take the medication with or without food. I was going to suggest hat you take it with milk but you cannot take it with milk or other dairy products, unless your doctor has told you to. Dairy products can make it harder for your body to absorb the medicine. According to the literature a select few brands of doxycycline may not have restrictions about taking them with dairy products.
Avatar f tn In the past 2 weeks I've had a discharge that smells like... slightly fishy baby food.. It started happening a few days after I had unprotected sex with a new person, he also preformed oral on me. It used to be a lot worse and has recently gotten better after I tried "cleaning myself out" with a water bottle (afraid to try a douche.) It's not overpowering, I can only smell it on my underwear and I have to pain or itching.
Avatar m tn Vet prescribed Metronidazole and Denamarin with no change after 1 month. I've switched to a low protein, mature dog food (Hill's Science Diet Mature Dog for small breed) about 3 weeks ago but there's been no change. Any suggestions? The vet is currently suggesting a wait & see approach - we're both thinking the dog may have eaten something it shouldn't have and has suffered liver damage.
Avatar n tn I wash the external part with soap and water in the shower, I use wipes and cleansing products and douching. I still get a discharge but I really don't notice such a bad odor after it. I do notice that after douching, at the end of the insertion part there is a yellow goo on it. I don't know if all this is normal or not so I'm just checking to see if any other woman has this issue? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Kindly help me with my problems which i m facing since two months. Here are my symptoms: Spicy/peppery/hot/burning-feeling-like stool Acidity Sudden urge to release stool Need to stool more then three time a day Occasional diarrhoea but sometimes constipation. Sometimes both at same day.
1356964 tn?1302091035 hi Donna so nice to see you again, unfortunately its b/c of a problem with little Spook.. food intolerance's can be so hard to isolate as you have done just about all you needed too. IMO thats what the problem is...he is reacting to some ingredient, something thats common in all the foods you are trying...since they are all kibble its my thoughts that it could be something in the manufacturing process of dry, but thats a guess. have you read the site www.catinfo.
Avatar f tn I also figured out with my Lady that giving the pills either before a meal that I know she likes with ALOT of praise it makes her food like a reward. If she's being picky with eating (especially with pills that require food...example amoxicillon) then I give a good 15 minutes to 1/2 hour later after she eats and then a small treat after. Pretty much it's just watching what works best. Trial and error.
Avatar f tn I wanted to understand if he has to be cautious while using other drugs and what interaction Acitrom has with other drugs. He has been on Acitrom for a week now and has to use it for life. Also, could you please provide me with any website that gives all possible information on Acitrom? I searched through Google but wasnt successful in finding the relevant information. I found this website...Your quick reply will be highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Its VERY important that she drinks lots of water so she doesn't end up dehydrated. the gas issue again can be due to the meds OR the new food isn't agreeing with her, but it should be good since you indicated its a high protien/no grain type. what brand is it? too much fiber can also cause gas, how much pumpkin are you giving her?? are you sure you are using PURE PUMPKIN and NOT the pie filling????
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm really hoping you might help me figure out what to do next with my GSD? It started out with swollen lymph nodes under the jaw. Left side being larger then the right.. We then had a cytology/needle biopsy done on a swollen lymph node on the left leg. Vet suggested this because she said it was larger then the others. I didn't even know it was effected. Test came back Lymphoid Hyperplasia. Vet decided Clavamox.
Avatar f tn Have a stool culture done, if the stool culture showed a growth it is an infective pathology otherwise non infective pathologies like inflammatory bowel diseases or growths have to be considered. Other common causes are food intolerance and indigestion. Amoebiasis is another infection, which can cause similar symptoms. Treatment for uncomplicated cases of amebiasis generally consists of a ten-day course of metronidazole given by mouth.
Avatar m tn We went back to the vet Thursday and he admnistered Sub-Q fluids and sent us home with saline sub-q fluids to adminster twice a day along with Fortiflora and Metronidazole for the diarrhea and ALuminum hydroxide for the phosphates. Yesterday, she still wouldn't eat so I fed her with a syringe every couple of hours so as not to upset her tummy (I fed her purina EN, which is her normal diet since she had a kidney shunt repaired in her first year of life).
552060 tn?1215572483 This will give her the calories and nutrition she needs without stressing her intestines with fibre. I do hope you can get your daughter an early appointment with a gastroenterologist - if not, perhaps you could take her to the ER and see how they can help.
Avatar m tn asks your doctor about it next time. it is solve with metronidazole or clindamycin i am trying this next cus i know i have an infection of my prostate, usually symptoms for me start from the inside out, then it goes in to my glands and spread all over.
Avatar f tn This will help spread out the work the kidneys need to do to deal with the food by-products. It should also help reduce nausea and give the fluids a better chance of working.