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Avatar n tn Now my symptoms that I know so well are getting worse. What is the maximum dose of Effexor? Is there any danger in increasing it? I have CAD, mitral valve prolapse, high blood pressure and hypercholesterolemia. I take medications for all except the mitral valve prolapse. My medications are Effexor 150 mg daily; metoprolol 12.5 daily; Crestor 20 mg daily; omeprazole for GERD; 325 mg aspirin daily; Folbee daily; amlodopine 12.5 mg daily.
Avatar m tn Well, I will wait for a phone call from my Cardiologist and will hope he will change the Metoprolol to the Propranolol but in higher dose than before. The side-effects of the Metoprolol, even if i'm taking a very low dose, are not tolerable or acceptable.
1464004 tn?1384139333 Has anyone ever heard of heavy feeling tired legs as a side effect of Metoprolol ? I'm on a relatively low dose of 25 mg BID if the tartrate.
Avatar f tn The docs assure me that even if the heart rate gets really high, that's normal for sex. But still am very aware of it. I've cut down my dose of Metoprolol to about 37.5-50 mg a day. Still having some libido issues, but planning on trying the Cialis later this week for the first time. So if I switch off Metoprolol onto Diltiazem, will it control my tachycardia but also enable me (with the Cialis) to enjoy a sex life again? Has anyone else done this? Thanks for any input.
612551 tn?1450025775 I have have been using atenolol (with Tenoblock, Tenoprin or other names) since the eighties. First I was using 50 mg for many years. Later, especially during AF, my daily dose has been the maximum, 100 mg. Some doctors have suggested to use the high dose, and when needed, I was allowed to increase it a bit over 100. I have the feeling that I should not use so high doses, they will decrease my blood pressure and heart rate too much. Recently, I have dropped the dose to 75 mg.
968908 tn?1274874715 Hi, just need to ask if anyones knows the best way to reduce a daily dose of 80mg of Propranalol? I take 40mg in the morning and 40mg before bed, but i am beginning to think that this drug, after 6 months of taking it, is starting to play havoc with my circulation. I am constantly feeling dizzy, breathless when try to stand up or move about, simple things cause me to feel unsteady and i often feel like im gona pass out and then have a panic attack.
Avatar m tn Also, for the dose, did 37.5 mg of Atenolol is the same as 75 mg of Metoprolol? I did some research about the dose equivalency and what I find out is that 50 mg of Atenolol = 100 mg of Metoprolol... but I still wonder if it's true for everyone or not? My Cardilogist ask me to split my dose and take it every 12 hours...
Avatar m tn Still I get dizziness twice/month while morning walk only with burps.I am on warfarin,metoprolol,dipyradmole plus statin and Omega-3. Is it usual to get dizziness or light head with all the care given?Does any other member experience these?The symptoms are for 2minutes and I continue walking again.
Avatar n tn This is for those who take Metoprolol. There are two type of Metoprolol, Tartrate and Succinate. With Metoprolol Tartrate, you take it twice a day, usually 12 hours apart. Maximum plasma levels occur about an hour after taking in and it begins to be metabolized. Typically, the dose is reduced 50% every 4 to 5 hours. This is why it's taken twice a day. Metoprolol Succinate is the time release version. It's taken once a day and is slowly metabolized throughout a 24 hr. period.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am now 34 weeks pregnant, After 24 hrs EKG i recently diagnoised Tachycardia ( min 82 bpm ,average 96 bpm and maximum 134 bpm) My doctor told me that i dont have any other heart problem ,just my heart working bit fast. He now prescribed me betablockers medicine,Is it safe to take betablockers in third trimster ?because sometimes i experience some Low BP.but i am feeling comfortable not any other problem after taking lot of liquids.I am bit afraid how tachycardia affect my labour?
Avatar f tn At first I thought it was because the gym was very hot and humid at my grandsons bball game but it actually was worse after taking a nap and cooling down. Seems to be better with my evening dose of med but I was wondering does the body become accustomed to betablockers and require a higher dose? I also had increased pvcs which I hate.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor yesterday and he took me off the Metoprolol and put me on 100 mg of Losartan. He told me to just stop taking the Metoprolol. I questioned starting off with such a high dose of Losartan. I seem to be very sensitive to these medications and felt starting right off with 100 mg was a bit high. Everything I've read online suggests people are usually started off with 50 mg. I questioned just stopping Metoprolol suddenly. Both questions were fobbed off.
Avatar n tn I've taken both Rythmol and Metoprolol, but at much higher dose levels. I'm now off of Rythmol as it didn't do anything to reduce AFib. I know Toprol does lower the HR, one of its prime purposes when subscribed, the other to lower blood pressure. Clearly, you didn't need anything to lower your HR. Still, at the low level dose you are on, I am surprised it has any noticeable affect on your HR.
Avatar f tn Were you aware that metoprolol tartrate is a fraction of the cost of metoprolol er (metoprolol succinate)? The difference being that you must take it twice a day. I just picked up a 90 day supply for 4 dollars with my run-of-the-mill company insurance plan. Many of us (like myself) seem to be more sensitive or more aware of our particular arrhythmias be it PAC's, PVC's, little runs of SVT, etc. I guess it's accepting your physician's word that what you have is nothing to worry about.
Avatar f tn After consultation with an EP for several months, a period on a heart monitor (wearable), some high dose Rythmol I underwent an electrocardioversion in August 2008. I was in NSR for about one week and reverted back to AFib. I continue in AFib and take a Beta Blocker to hold my resting HR below 90, and an anticoagulant to reduce the risk of a stroke.
Avatar f tn Some of these medications should be uptitrated by his cardiologist to allow for the maximum dose as he tolerates them (namely, Ramipril and Metoprolol). His Plavix should continue for either several months up to 1-2 years depending on the type of stent he received at the time of his percutaneous coronary intervention (bare metal stent vs. drug-eluting). As with most medications, daily compliance with all of these is imperative for maintaining healthy cardiovascular fitness.
Avatar n tn Dear jocie, Sinus tachycardia is by definition any heart rate coming from the sinus node between 100 bpm and maximum heart rate. In your case maximum heart rate is about 190. If the tachycardia is sinus and is coming at a time when it should not be elevated the term "inappropriate sinus tachycardia" is used. Panic attacks can and do elevate heart rate. Atenolol is a good first line drug for inappropriate sinus tachycardia and is generally well tolerated.
Avatar f tn I can't speak for the diltiazem, but the dose of Metoprolol is on the low end of the scale. I'm currently on 75mg, and had been as high as 200mg per day. The high end dosages are 400mg. This is not to that you could be adversely affected by your dose level. The best way to take care of your SVT is to eliminate rather than try to supress it. An electrophysiologist can eliminate for good with a cardiac ablation procedure. Have you considered this? Like you, I'm in my early 60's.
Avatar n tn So with that background, I would suggest that by taking a beta blocker, it will slow your resting rate down, but it will do little to put a ceiling on your maximum rate. I'm an atheletic older adult, and on a maintenance beta blocker dose of 75mg of Metoprolol/day. I can still get my heart rate up to 190 under severe physical activity. At 40 you also have to consider the possibility of an impact on your libido taking any beta blocker. I believe they all state that as a side effect.
Avatar f tn 50- 100mg Trazodone daily PRN for sleep/ anxiety (taken at bedtime usually for recent onset insomnia) 35 mg Seroquel daily PRN for sleep/anxiety (also taken at night for sleep new onset insomnia) 100 mg Pristiq daily (depression) 30 mg Pantoloc daily (acid reflux and nausea) 30-60 mg Vyvanse daily PRN (ADHD; not taken every day, always taken in divided dose) (JUST STARTED this MARCH 2017) Other info: Little to no caffeine intake daily Pertinent Medical hx: * since 12 years of age have
Avatar m tn In other cases it there almost for ever. How long since you dx and started on medication? Have you already achieved the maximum dose defined by your dr or are you still increasing them? Improving the EF, it depends on the reason, if it is a miocardiopathy the best is to follow your doctor medication to maximum levels (if you can) and to follow all changes in exercise and eating habits.
Avatar n tn I frequently wear an athletic heart monitor, especially when I decide to vary my dose level of Metoprolol. My minimum is 50 mg per day, my maximum is 100 mg twice a day. The later slows my HR more, but so too my blood pressure and thus makes me more prone to dizziness, up rising. I too was working outside in the heat, tried not to be in the direct sun too much, and did some hand push power mower work after 7 PM. This will push my HR up to about 150, my maximum.
Avatar f tn If I walk briskly, a good pace for 20 or 30 minutes or so, I'm still not going over 105 bpm! The doctor says this is ok, and that I could take a smaller dose, 10mg instead of 20mg if I want my heart to beat faster. For obvious reasons I'm reluctant to do that because normally, when I'm not excercising I want my heart rate lower - 72bpm which it is with the 20mg of Inderal 3x per day. The other thing about taking Inderal I don't like is it makes me so tired.
211940 tn?1267884866 My Cardiologist did put me on an Rx for Metoprolol, an extremely low dose, 25mg (which has a maximum of 300mg). This slows my heart rate, but also allows my heart to rest between beats. It has lowered my heart rate to about 65 ppm (down from about 76 ppm). I can't imagine what 150mg, (which is what my Wife, currently takes, for her heart rate, w/o which is around 114 ppm, resting) would do to mine, so I'm blessed he started me out on such a low dose.
Avatar f tn The only problem I can associate with Metoprolol is fatigue and some tendency toward dizziness if I change my physical level too quickly. Then too, that is only a problem when I am at my maximum dose level of 200 mg a day (100 twice). These are side effects I've read others report. I also understand beta blockers can lower one's libido, not sure, as I said I'm a senior.
Avatar m tn Should I be taking one? (And is low-dose aspirin safe? There seems to be conflicting thoughts on this for people with CHF.) Supplements: Should I be taking any? What about statins? Vasodilators? Digoxin? I apologize for the long post. I appreciate your time & help.
Avatar n tn Really, if you are my size or bigger (6' 200lb), you need to be taking the FDA maximum dose or higher (if your doc will prescribe it). This aneurysm/ARB therapy really is dose dependent. Anyway, my aortic root shrunk from 3.9cm to 3.7cm (ie, "normal") and has remained stable there for several years now! Thank the Lord.
Avatar m tn My experience with high dose Metoprolol (100 mg twice a day) is my body adjusted - my very low BP and HR came back closer to normal (albetit I never had a problem with a too lo HR, I'm lucky to get that down to 70 at rest). As said, I am now on 50 mg BB and a CCB. During my periods of NSR and Propafenone (that is what worked best for me in holding me in NSR following electrocardioversion rather than Metoprolol) I was exercising and running.
990108 tn?1325058071 During these last two outings which were very relaxed rides of 40 to 50 km's my heart rate on both occasions became elevated and at times reached 225bpm. for short periods of time. My maximum heart rate is around 178 to 180 bpm. During these elevated heart rate periods I did feel slightly light headed and had a ever so slight feeling of discomfort of breathing. During yesterday's cycle I experienced this on three occasions.
Avatar n tn Metoprolol 25 mg before retiring has little effect (it's the drug I was taking prior to ablation...along with the maximum dose of Rhythmol SR, which I have, of course, discontinued). Alcohol appears to aggravate the palpitations (dang!), so I'm eliminating my evening cocktail to see if that helps. Also, no coffee after 12 noon. Surely, anyone with recurrent atrial fibrillation should discuss the RF ablation option with an electrophysiologist. Your cardiologist or internist can refer you.