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393893 tn?1283554830 I know with bladder infections there is pain and alot of the time when you feel like you have to go and try, either nothing comes out or only a few drops. I've posted this in the Men's Health forum as well so sorry if you've already read this. He is wondering if he should get his prostate checked? Thank you in advance for any help!
Avatar m tn I was tested by my previous physician for an infection and various STD's all of which came back negative. I am not on any medications other than Men's Health One A Day vitamins and some over the counter cold medication. I am trying to eliminate caffeine from my diet but even that hasn't changed anything. I need to find a new physician before I can be referred to a urologist.
Avatar n tn But I can tell you this is not a STD related issue. Try posting in men's health or uriology.
Avatar m tn Even if you pull it out of the drink and shake it, not every drop comes out immediately.) Probably that is one reason they make men's underwear so thick in front, to blot up late drips. Your son can dab if he wants, it is not unmanly, but most males don't bother. He won't have as much of a drip problem as a kid as you do as a man, the urethra is shorter and so empties faster.
Avatar m tn All these tests showed no disease.!! I really care about my men's health. This disease becomes stronger and painful every day. Might it be some non-virus disease? Please, help me~!
Avatar m tn I don't have any other symptom like lower back pain, excessive urination, painful urination, etc. I actually am not that anxious around public restrooms since this worrying started! However, since last Sunday, I feel that I am developing a growing fear for public urination because I tend to listen to the urine stream of othe rmen hitting the toilet and think that "Hey his stream is strong! How come mine isn't that strong?!
Avatar m tn All these tests showed no disease.!! I really care about my men's health. This disease becomes stronger and painful every day. Might it be some non-virus disease? Please, help me~!
Avatar n tn It could be, but you should post on men's health or urology for more info.
Avatar m tn I understand, however, that it is a little difficult at first after the orgasm to urinate as the urethra is still in the constricted state and needs to relax some before urine can be excreted. I am referring this question to the men's health forum, they will undoubtedly know more than I do about this.
Avatar m tn I have been have an overactive bladder and painful urination, which comes out withblood. I havent slept long and its painful. I was prescribed medicine but its not much help. Do you any fast treaments? I bleed every time i urinate and been urinating alot. I more concerned because my docter said bladder infenction is rare in males my age. I have no bruising or bleeding outside of my penis its all inner. Please get back to me as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn Any help would be very much appreciated, I am considering going to my local GP. I do not think this is common for teenagers so I have posted in men's health. Also, I have to take double as long whilst going to the toilet and always using a cubicle.
Avatar m tn Frequency and urgent urination, not able to completely empty your bladder, dribbling of urine, trouble starting and stopping your stream, nighttime waking to urinate and similar urinary symptoms. Your symptoms could be from BPH but it is impossible to know that without having a clinical examination. And I urge you to check with your physician. We also have a Men's Health and a Urology Forum. I encourage you to post on both of those forums as they will have more information for you.
Avatar f tn perhaps posting on the urology forum or the men's health forum would be more helpful?
Avatar m tn You would have to see a Dr or maybe post in men's health or uriology. This is a STD specific forum.
Avatar m tn This is a little uncomfortable for me, since I'm a female reading Men's Health. I'm a little bit worried about my most recent partner. He's 27. I've asked him numerous times if he's had any sort of STDs or problems, and he's said no. I'm curious though. I don't believe it's normal for a male's scrotum to be red and droopy. Nor do I think it's normal to have an uncomfortable feeling when you pee after getting off.
Avatar m tn Serious pain where lymph node is swollen on right side of pelvis. Burning when urinating. Increased urination. Excessive hunger, weight gain. Did I mention diabetes and thyroid tests were within normal limits. Please help me or point me in the right direction. Thank you so much for hearing me today if you want to know anything else just ask and i will reply.
Avatar m tn All I can say is I highly doubt that this is a STD. Maybe try posting in Men's Health or uriology.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, . 15 days ago unprotected oral from CSW. 10 days ago slight constant burning feeling in urethra, not during urination feels worse right after. STD Gon & Clam both neg. No discharge. Self exam shows swollen & sensitive urethra. Sex wife my wife unprotecd 7 days ago. Went to urgent care urine test showed no nitrites trace amount WBC. Nurse stated if NGU to harmful to wife and doubtful passed on to her from one exposure 7 days ago.
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Avatar n tn Within the matter of a week I began experiencing burning with urination, an itchy penis, and testicles. I proceeded to go to a medical clinic, where I received the standard treatment for chlamydia/gonorhea, with Azithromycin and Macrobid for the pain. One week later my symptoms continued, so the clinic referred me to a urologist. My urologist ran urine tests, a KUB (ultrasound), all which came back negative. Treated me with Doxyxycline and Pyridium.
Avatar m tn It might be that recurring. You might also get a better answer in men's health.
Avatar m tn Try posting in Men's Health or uriology community, this is not related to a STD. Even if you had a STD to start with the medication would have cleard it and with the negative tests and symptoms coming and going it is not a STD.
Avatar n tn Hello. I recently had a one night stand with a woman. I received oral sex without a condom and then we had sex with a condom. During sex, I noticed a very strong "fishy" odor from her vaginal fluids. Even though we used a condom, I am afraid that I did have some of her fluid on my hand and while cleaning up afterward may have had contact with the tip of my penis (I also used a wet wipe to clean around the area and may have dabbed the tip).
Avatar n tn Obviously, my advice is to stop the steroids. You might try posting this in men's health as well, so you can get more advice. This forum is for stds.
Avatar n tn I don't know if anything is wrong, but as for the color, brown color is little to worry about. semen can have color variation from almost clear to brown, so its normal. i think if its blood its usually black unless its bleeding at the time of ejaculation.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply buddy, this has really been bothering me...ALOT....depression..,.I had alot of anxiety because of this, which in turn caused me to inspect myself MORE THAN NORMAL :|...discovering alot of things about my body that i probably never even noticed was there before...The Ciproflaxcin seems to be working, on day 5 now and the burning after urination has creeped away....its just these on and off stinging sensations in my groin...