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Avatar n tn Because DHEA has so many beneficial effects of its own, everyone over age 50 should have a DHEA blood level exam done at some point. If the level is low, you should supplement with 10 mg. of DHEA and get tested again in about three weeks. If it is still low, increase the dose by another 10 mg. and get tested again. Once it is back in the normal range, stop there since excessive use of higher doses can lead to problems.
1122973 tn?1269735728 You have a health phobia. You need to face it, take responsibility, and get the proper care (i.e. counseling) that you need to treat it. I am concerned that you are using MH as a substitute for getting this care. Therefore, I can't permit you to keep returning to this forum with every new concern that your phobia generates. Please do not post in this forum unless you wish to report the outcome of an initial session with a mental health professional.
Avatar m tn There is the Men's Health forum - not much of a social forum, but it is (almost) all men... What does being a man mean to me? I guess it means taking responsibility for looking after myself, and looking after those who depend on me. No-one else is going to do either of those things. It means being able to put up my own shelves, and fix my own car. It means teaching my kids to do those things too.
Avatar f tn well he still hasn't gone to see a therapist. the anger is about the same. he's only broken 2 game controllers and the tv remote this month. so we'll only need to spend $150 that we don't have to replace them. i got a sports writers job yesterday. it's non paying but that doesn't matter to me. it's something where i'll be getting published which will help me more with landing an agent for my book. everyone else was telling how proud they were, what a great job i did and how exciting it is.
Avatar f tn I started voting absentee because, for one thing, it's much easier to vote from home in the comfort of your home and having time to think about what you're doing, than standing in a line and having people stand behind you waiting. And yes, for me, health care and the economy is probably on the top of my priority list. I have mixed feelings on the war.....with a family member in Iraq and at the same time, not really thinking that he should be there in the first place.
Avatar n tn WOW Law Enforcement, that must be so exciting, to tell you the truth I had only the mental health part of my police application then off to the Academy, when my daughter died and I would have been right there with you. Guardian Angel your way for protection of you and your family each day you go out for all of us!! I am so sorry to hear about your mom, I can honestly say I don't know how you do it, if it weren't for my mom I don't know what I would do, but you have her baby to love you.
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Avatar m tn Yerba mate, white tea, oolong tea, rooibos (red) tea Garlic Allicin, an antibacterial and antifungal compound, is the steam engine pushing forward garlic’s myriad health benefits. The chemical is produced by the garlic plant as a defense against pests, but inside in your body it fights cancer, strengthens your cardiovascular system, decreases fat storage, and fights acne inflammation. To activate the most possible allicin, you’ve first got to crush the garlic as finely as possible.
790669 tn?1465192699 Anwyays, TY ladies sooo much for everything. The kind words, the thoughts and prayers. You all are so wonderful and I truely appreciate the friends I've made here. TYSM!
Avatar n tn I recently passed the 1 year post pegasys 6 months the virus was undectable. Lately (last couple of months) I have been having symptoms....depression, night sweats, shakiness, fatigue, lower abd pain, nausea, loss of appetite....what are the chances that the virus has returned? I am scared to go back to the doctor...if the virus has returned what are my options? Will treatment again be necessary? I have an appointment with my physician tomorrow and am really scared.
Avatar n tn Talk about progress. Before you know it you'll be clearing the bones off the dinner rock when company comes and tying the mastadon up downwind..... How are ya' New Yorkie?
Avatar n tn I responded to you on the Men's Health Forum. Go to the HIV Prevention & Safe Sex Forum and read the first post there. (It was recently separated from the STD Forum) "Sperm on cut hand" I just find the casualness of heterosexual cheating to be frightening when it comes to an innocent spouse.
Avatar m tn We are the - - We are the - - laaaa dahh dee laaah dahh dee (Minor modulation) We are the - - I may be forced coz of ear worms to parody it. THIS is why Venus needs advice. What kind of a freakin' human is she stuck with? she grumbles. Doesn't even know the title of one of the most famous rock songs ever recorded.
193905 tn?1325400789 And it's just men's stag, sorry ladies, iv'e just allways prefered men's groups, they see through the ******** and the sharing isn't designed to impress the cuties in the room. And most of em are riders,how cool is that,had to be 20 bikes out front. I was seeing double still and wasn't too talkative but the few I talked to totally understood, just said ride home safe and we want to see you back...we know where you work. I'm back in the rooms...No way I can stay clean without it.
Avatar f tn The issue is that I am starting to feel depressed and overwhelmed by the changes that are coming. This isn't the only time he has only been able to see the negative, in everything we do...he does. He always is saying how do I stay so positive. I believe his issues stem from past problems that he hasn't dealt with. These issues make him feel like no matter what he is failing at life. I also know that his drinking doesn't help.
Avatar n tn breast implants are a no-no, my dear. the risks far outweigh the benefits. i agree with the other posters. natural is always sexy, it ain't about the size, it's always been about how you carry yourself. about the shaving, hurrah!!! shaved is cool and creative, breaks the monotony. both of you should get shaved. if he insists on the breast thing, tell him to go watch some porn and relieve himself of his fantasies. it ain't worth it if he can't appreciate you for what you have.
Avatar m tn I, that you, am also stuck on being the go to chick, the strong one, the leader, the helper, the rock. Truthfully...right now I'm so damn needy it scares the hell out of me. Every time I take a few minutes to catch my breath I feel the fear set in, the tears well up and I have to get moving again. Sometimes I feel like I am running in place, getting nowhere fast, but I can't seem to sit down and let others come to me, help me, hold me up, keep me sane.
Avatar m tn I, of course, was not under the stress of treatment, but what I found was that I felt stronger, more energetic and just generally in better health. The shot allows the body to get the benefits immediately bypassing the digestive system which in many of our cases is not functioning well. That was the first time in my life I had ever stuck a needle into myself. It became fairly easy, as the needle was quite tiny and it was to be put into my thighs.
Avatar m tn i also seam to have a brownish spot underneathe my nozle of my penis and red bumps on the rimp of the crown of the penis head. and it used to hurt while urniating but not as much just a slight burning sensation. plz help me before it might be too late to get help cuz i have wated for a long time i think. thank you.
645800 tn?1466864555 Every time I eat up there not only do I have to use the men's room at the restaurant before I head home, I also have to stop twice on the way home due to the IBS. I did my normal routine stops on the way home but was not able to go. Not sure if this means the constipation is getting worse or the IBS was not active for some reason this time.
1199040 tn?1265239024 Another vet here that served long after the Vietnam War and the Air Gun injectors were still in use when I went to basic training in the early 1980's. I also still received injections from the air guns well into the 90's. To say that you would have to flinch to get blood transfer through this system is inaccurate. Additionally, this type of vaccine dispenser has been removed from service after most major health organizations recognized the potential hazards.
175662 tn?1282217256 Try to push it out of your mind until the baby's health is confirmed, and your financial situation is stable. Just tuck it away for now, and deal with it later, when everything is settled down. Just my two cents...
Avatar n tn I kept part of my pay from her, to support my habit and gave her the part of the check,which she always thought was the whole thing. I did hit rock bottom as far as work went,since I was always hung over and strung out. My boss made me go to rehab or get fired.Went to rehab as he said,but beleive it or not,I have stopped for weeks at a time,just because I could and did want to.
Avatar f tn I thought perhaps I was developing arthritis and at the time did not make a connection to the implant. A few months later I was silly enough to get the swine flu shot at the local health dept. and had a bad reaction to that. Neurological symptoms include burning pain in the knees as well as aching in the forearms and a numb feeling in the left hand. My right leg is also quite painful and I have no tolerance for exercise.
408795 tn?1324939275 I don't think it's really between us - those who have had hep it's the 'real world' and they don't care for the most part. They won't care until they get it or a loved one of theirs gets it then they will see how ridiculous it is to throw stigma and blame and guilt on people without any question. Just like HIV was considered the "gay men's disease" people eventually did begin to realize that was no longer true and it had spread to the wives at home.......
Avatar n tn I am self-employed now, so no health insurance at the moment. I have been contemplating my next move. Being that I have seen a urologist who dismissed it as just stress, my thought was to try and get a doctor who seems interested in unique problems, try and spark their interest. I have just been dealing with it. Every single day, as best I can. Some days its worse than others. But I am still breathing, so things could be much worse. Megazoid posted some really good info for you.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm probably the only woman in the same mess . Here is my story and hope you find some information helpful. So, since March 2015 diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and premature ovarian failure. At this moment still not finding right dose for thyroid meds. I was tested for most things and DHEA was low, along with E, P, T. I was suppose to take 5mg DHEA every day, but can't tolerate.(chin hair/acne) I'm taking it 3 times a week now and retested hasn't gone up much.
Avatar m tn If that is the case than the good news is that it is treatable. So I've narrowed it down to three possibilities for my case: - Prostatitis - Unbalanced circulation or hormone levels caused by the MDMA - some weird STD (I've had unprotected sex numerous times, but this option is very unlikely as it started the morning after I have done mdma). I am going to get checked out next week and I will post my findings.
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