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167426 tn?1254089835 Angelina Jolie just lost her mom today to OC. If we could get messages directly to her, I bet she would be a very vocal advocate.
Avatar m tn I take the men's version and supposed to take twice a day. Which I think makes sense. My theory is if you take a huge dose all at once, your body will "see" what it needs and if it doesn't need anything the rest is expelled from your body. So taking it twice a day I think gives the body twice the opportunity to "see" if it needs anything. may take in the morning and won't need a particular vitamin, but come 3PM you may need some. Just a theory.
15256956 tn?1439428831 Hi all! I'm new to these forums so let me give you some extended Cliff Notes. 39 year old male who has been struggling with Anxiety for 20 years, High Blood Pressure for 13, Diabetes for 3, and now, Sleep Apnea.
649848 tn?1534637300 Scales do measure the gravitational pull of Earth at a given moment in time. Scales don't measure the presence or absence of health, nor do they measure lifestyle or effort. And for patients, it's useful to note that scales don't measure happiness, success, or self-worth, either. The only [noncommunicable disease] for which patients are judged if they don't...tackle it on their own is obesity.
572651 tn?1531002957 Weekly Christian men's breakfast. Work on Sunday sermon. Pay bills, maybe. Saturday: AM: Probably attend "Super Saturday" training program at our district's biggest church, west of COlumbus. PM: Work on Sunday sermon. Work on Sunday worship program. All of these days might include time working on the chcurch website; I'm getting a bit frustrated with links to audio files (past sermons) stored on another server. Shalom.
Avatar f tn Don't miss these Health stories Getty Images Not-so-sexy CPAP boosts men's sex lives A CPAP device, the Darth Vader-like mask used to ease breathing in sleep apnea sufferers, might be the least attractive thing a man can wear at night, but it could wind up improving his sex life, according to a new study released today at an annual meeting of sleep experts. . Too little sleep? Stroke risk spikes . .
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Avatar m tn Men usually have open shower bays. It creates all types of nuerosis in boys. If you don't believe me check the men's health section sometimes. It is almost all questions that I am certain result from size or hygiene.
1002520 tn?1251582386 Straight men don't stick fingers... or other objects into other men's rectums, or tickle other men's colons, or massage their prostates... Or handle, by whatever terminology the doctor wishes to utilize... another man's "PENIS"... all this is HOMOSEXUAL in application. So... until you can get the nasty out of the urological exam... straight males are going to avoid UROLOGISTS... till the fatal moment, when it's do, or die.
Avatar m tn I asked about the possibility of a urethral cut and they told me they would have detected blood in my urine. Any ideas what this might possibly be?
Avatar n tn // From your previous posts I understand that the likelihood of contracting HIV from an HIV positive female during a single episode of unprotected penile/vaginal intercourse is extremely low. However, bearing in mind the recent research, if a similar exposure includes a healed herpes sore are the chances significantly increased or only increased by a little?
1310633 tn?1430227691 That the poverty rate remains so elevated years after the recession ended is disappointing, said Robert Doar, fellow in poverty studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. "The recovery is anemic and slower than the typical recovery," said Doar. The Census Bureau also released an alternate poverty measure that takes into account various government benefits and expenses not captured by the official poverty rate.
Avatar m tn STD's are all around us and if we are not smart we are going to keep getting them and giving them. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up one moring and hear on the news "The last case of gonorrhea has been cured"? Or how about "Syphilis is now a thing of the past"? Instead with dumb people thinking only of 10 minutes of pleasure we will hear, "Gonorrhea rates spike the year" Or maybe even, "HIV is now more common then the common cold.
Avatar n tn I hope he didn't get run off by the obnoxious responses to his question on the men's health board. Some of the posters on the other boards are *unbelievably* judgmental and moralistic - and completely misinformed.
Avatar n tn I share evidence based information for those who haven't as much time to research as I do, probably because they have a different job. I don't research men's health though, except as it compares to women's health, so I don't offer the fruits of my labor there.
Avatar n tn It's always Great to hear GOOD News ... Hope we get to hear a LOT more of this kind of news in the near future! Way To Go U Two!
4255670 tn?1355936577 My dermatologist just increased my does of Aldactone and had me switch from Women's Rogaine to Men's. Apparently the men's works better? I don't know. I don't see any results, I mean, I'm not expecting my hair to completely stop shedding or to see new growth over night but I would think that it would slow the shedding and that the new growth I do have would actually STAY on my head. You are right though, some things make it worse.
Avatar n tn ) - they gave me a cardiogram and a CT scan of my head. not a single abnormality was present. obviously that's good news. but what in the hell? can this just all of the sudden happen? things are going accordingly, i'm seeming growing out of my migraines as they are obviously getting less severe, then all of the sudden i get 6 in 6 weeks? the last of which is unlike any migraine i ever had? i guess what i'm asking is, is this pattern seen often?
Avatar n tn 6 (so mildly acidic), with men's generally being slightly more acidic than women's. This acidic layer, sometimes called the acid mantel (created from a mix of sebum and sweat) provides a natural antibacterial barrier over the skin's surface. Due to its acidity the naturally occurring (friendly) bacteria that live on your skin thrive, whereas foreign (unfriendly) bacteria will not, so making it easier for the friendly bacteria to essentially help kill them off.
Avatar f tn I am a 25 year old female and as long as I can remember have been a worrier I remember as a child if I seen anything on the news that could possibly happen I wouldn't sleep at night for weeks worrying. But in the past three years it's gotten significantly worse I always had anxiety and have suffered from brief panic attacks too.
Avatar m tn Spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, watercress, arugula, romaine lettuce Men's Health
Avatar n tn // and Both articles deal with court cases that ended with the incarceration of gay men for infecting their partners through anal sex. In the first one, in Australia, the entire court case hinged on a conflict between the two men's stories: the infectious partner claims he did tell the other man his status, while the infected partner swears he did not.
Avatar n tn If the lab tested for that, you can forget it. MH never causes disease in men; it carried normally in both men's and women's genital tracts. Like UU, few STD experts ever test for it. Does any of this matter? Maybe not. All NGU should be treated, and probably you were prescribed an antibiotic. If so, and if your symptoms clear up, that's all that matters. However, if you have M genitalium and your symptoms don't clear up, you might need additional treatment.
599170 tn?1300977493 Found out years later I was obviously starting in a Hashimoto cycle of destruction! Had ovarian veins like the size of 3 men's thumbs across the right one that would bleed constantly another few years later. Bled heavily for the first 3 months of last baby. Nearly lost him. Had heavy periods for years now. Like Tamra above, NO ONE ever tested me for thyroid disorder!
1489999 tn?1337802375 It was 1 and should be greater than 14. So they will run more test on him. I don't know how i will break the news to him. They will check his testosterone, tsh etc. Kinda not surprised about the results because he takes kids vitamins gummy bear. Don't know if this contributes to everything. I am getting nervous about the results.
Avatar f tn but i do know that men CAN be tested for hpv, its just that none of the men's hpv tests are approved by the FDA...i have read that men can be tested for hpv in other countries...not sure which countries though...
Avatar m tn I am beyond sure she was monogamous as well, but have always done a yearly men's health checkup which includes a 4th gen HIV 1/2 Elisa test. My last neg test was last month, and I never engaged in any relationship or fling until last week. Last week, I met up with a transexual sex worker. we proceeded to talk a little and I expressed my concerns for HIV and STDs, she offered 2 condoms from her purse, one that she put on herself and the other she put on me.