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Avatar n tn What forum is this post on?
Avatar m tn This is Men's Health. The meds you're on may be causing the constipation. You most likely need a lot more fiber in your diet.I have heard of other men that have a semen like discharge when straining during a bowel movement. I think it's because you're pushing so hard. What is on your anus does sound like piles to me. I know your Dr ruled that out though. It sure sounds like it to me. I'm not sure about the marks on your penis.
Avatar m tn I used to be able to access the forums that I belong to by using the pull down menu under My MedHelp Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention General Health Diet and Fitness Women's Health Men's Health Heart Heart Disease Heart Rhythm High Blood Pressure Pregnancy 18 - 24 years old 25 - 34 years old 35+ years old Mental Health Anxiety Depression All Communities » But now I have to go to my profile and choose the forum list there
Avatar f tn It sounds like fordyce spots. You should post any issues you have that are not std related in the men's health forum.
Avatar m tn Hi Cris: Have you posted this question in the " Men's Health Forum" ? If not, then I think you should. I have seen this question asked in this forum before with little response. Although this is a great forum for questions regarding pain, I feel that your question would be better answered in the Men's Health Forum. I'm also wondering if you have had your Prostate checked? My Husband had a simular issue and his Prostate was the culprit.
Avatar m tn I think you will find more assistance on either urology or men's health forum. This firum isn't really geared to such issues. Sorry we can't help.
Avatar m tn They might be fordyce spots which are normal. Try posting in the teen or men's health forums.
Avatar m tn There are also several related groups that will be listed on the right hand side that may be of interest to you. I'm simply not familiar with them all. But we welcome you to join our community of Chronic Pain patients. We have a lot of very smart people here. Do check back later. Hopefully someone will recognize your symptoms. And welcome to our community.
Avatar n tn The last person who spoke about masturbation here had his post redirected to the Men's Health Forum (which I thought was pretty harsh as he raised valid mental health issues and concerns). You may get more feedback to your question on that particular forum. You may also like to check out some posts on the compulsive behaviors forum as the expert there has answered some questions re: this same topic. Good luck.
Avatar n tn From your username and issues, I'm guessing you're a woman. You do know this is the Men's Health forum? Not trying to be unwelcoming, just suggesting you may find more knowledge to help you on a different forum...
Avatar m tn Maybe this isn't your best quality. Maybe next time you should find another forum to post in. I'm sure Men's Health is a good place to start.
Avatar m tn I know nothing about your type of problem. I do recommend that you post in the Urology or Men's Health Forum. Their members may be more informed to answer your question. I would certainly consult with a urologist asap. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Until you get a response from the expert, perhaps you could check out the Men's Health Forum. I've seen some posts (from other forums) re-routed there when talking about masturbation. I'm sure Dr Ted Grossbart will respond when he is able.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just checked out the list of Forums of MedHelp, and found Autoimmune Disorders Forum, Degenerative Diseases Forum, Nutrition Forum, and Pain Management Forum, which may have something vaguely to do with what you're talking about - strangely enough there's nothing closer to what you're experiencing.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, I don't really have too many answers for you, but I do know that some men have surgery for varicocele to restore fertility. Have you tried posting this in the men's health forum, or the urology forum? There's also a urology expert forum at Take care!
Avatar m tn I dont know why I am in Men's Health. I am a woman who had some issues with my arms/hands and finally my left lower leg. I was waking up in the night with my arms and hands completely asleep. I had no function of my fingers for a few minutes and it scared me. This has been happening more and more and not only at night. During the day my right arm will just go numb. I got blood work done & had an EMG test taken. Then one morning, my left shin and kneecap were completely numb. No feeling.
Avatar n tn However, I am posting to reassure you that you are not alone. On the men's health forum there are literally dozens of us having issues like this in one form or another. Some of us have prostatitis-like symptoms, some of us have neurological symptoms, etc. etc. The best advice I can give is - go to your urologist now, rather than later. There are guys on the men's health forum who have been literally looking for a treatment for years now.
Avatar m tn You're welcome. Glad to have helped.
Avatar m tn We are all CP {Chronic Pain} Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues. I would like to recommend that you re-post this on the Men's Health Forum. We are mainly here to deal with Chronic Pain issues and I really believe that the Men's Health Forum will be able to give you the immediate answers that you are looking for. :) Here's the link: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn they will have plenty of experience with gay men's health issues and will be sensitive about it. Or visit, which has names and contact information for gay-sensitive health care providers in most parts of the country.
Avatar m tn I posted this on the on the Men's health forum by accident. Sorry. Thanks. Am just worried. Am I in any risk of Hep C (or HIV)?
Avatar n tn Most larger towns in the US have one or more providers who have particular experience with gay men's health problems; word of mouth from gay/bi friends might identify a knowledgeable, lifestyle-sensitive provider who would provide excellent, reliable care. Alternatively, visit your local health department STD clinic, where the care will be confidential, expert, sensitive to lifestyle issues, and likely free or very low cost. But do it soon.
Avatar m tn In July of 2008 I had protected (condom) sex with a woman I didn’t know, after sex I cleaned my genitals with soap and water. A week after the encounter I went to see my general practitioner to test for any STDs and all tests came back negative. I didn’t think much about this until I started getting some discomfort/irritation on the head of my penis roughly 2-4 weeks later, on the left side of the head of my penis I could see slight discoloration.
Avatar m tn I would also recommend posting on the men's health and sexual health community forums and also the erection concerns expert forum. I would advise trying the expert forum first. If you can't keep yourself safe then I think that you should visit your local hospital.
Avatar n tn Obviously, my advice is to stop the steroids. You might try posting this in men's health as well, so you can get more advice. This forum is for stds.
Avatar m tn We have a man here on the Men's Health forum who's user name is Solace21. He is so great about figuring out these kinds of problems. He probably would'nt mind if you sent him a message and asked if he would read your post. Hang in there, okay. You've only seen one Dr so far. Keep searching, even if it means seeing several Drs, until you find out what's going on. There has to be an answer to your problem.
Avatar m tn That was the intention of my advisor at the men's health clinic. He said one or the other would definitely be positive at 6 months if I had been infected. I will take your advice and pocket them - this HIV anxiety is truly a most difficult and deceptive mental condition. My prayers and wishes for you. Many thanks - last post.
167426 tn?1254089835 I was watching montel today he was doing a piece on rare disorders. I think he has M.S. So he spends alot of time on Important health issues to. Agian yesterday as I was talking to my daughter to find she is experiencing the same things alot of the woman here are. She has had 2 periods in the coarse of a year!! Her doctor told her it was normal!!! I was womans Health that difficult to understand when your body is screeming loud and clear.