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Avatar m tn As I have said before, I know little about this site and sometimes do not get on the computer for periods of time because of health issues. I am glad to hear you didn't wait to go to the doctor. That was important. And I understand about the apprehension you have about this problem. But listen to me,... STRESS can be worse for you than drinking at this time so be easy my friend. You MUST do something to help your stress level, OK? As you alluded to, you must improve your diet.
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Avatar n tn This forum deals with Men's issues specifically, and it tends to focus on sex/penis-related issues, funnily enough. We never seem to discuss baldness or child rearing for some reason, but there's no shortage of people asking about how to make their penises bigger.
Avatar f tn he is 50 years old and has been drinking ever since he was a teenager --when he was a teenager he was a binge drinker now for the last 8 years he has been a daily drinker and has no desire to stop--as sick as he is right now he is on his alcohol run right now for more beer.... i think the only way that he will stop is if he ends up in the hospital with his health issues..
374593 tn?1257883550 Also things like smoking, too much alcohol, being overweight and bad nutrition may also hinder the semen. Maybe there are some good supplements out there that improve the sperm?? Good luck.
535904 tn?1213468238 i'm like you, if i eat unhealthy, i worry about my heart. there are many studies that have been done on nutrition and your mental health and how what you eat effects you. i think many kids with adhd and other problems would do so much better if their parents would take the sugar and fast food away. as far as the omega-3 caps, i would start out on a low dose because they can cause nausea and other problems if you know what i mean.
1007653 tn?1259389567 As you squat back, sit on the box so your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Then stand back up. Complete 1 to 3 sets of only 1 to 3 reps each. As you become stronger, use higher boxes and add weight, which creates more tension. Why it works: The box removes all momentum where the lift is most challenging, which forces your muscles to work harder to start back up. And by limiting your range of motion, you learn to handle heavier loads.
Avatar m tn I think the question of the herbals has to do with underlying health issues. If your liver is basically healthy and it can process things, then I don't see the harm. If there are underlying health issues, the situation is different. For example, I tolerated statins with HCV, even though they are known to interact adversely with the liver in some cases but my level of damage with modest, and the statins led to know change in ALT or AST. For myself, I take fish oil and am glad I do.
Avatar n tn This thyroid is not a scary thing and I don't know what you have read to make you believe that it is. So we have a couple of health issues. We deal with them by treating them separate. If you are depressed, antidepressants are great tools to help us get through the rough spot. Doesn't mean we are weak or that it has to be forever, but just until we get better. Feeling fatigued is not that uncommon.
Avatar m tn When I was first diagnosed in 1993, I began seeing an "alternative" doctor who was into homeopathy, cell salts, muscle testing, thyroid treatment, chelation therapy, coffee enemas, B-12 shots and such. I, of course, was not under the stress of treatment, but what I found was that I felt stronger, more energetic and just generally in better health.
Avatar n tn And if you don't want dents in the floor, don't hand me the Dumb barbells or anything that weighs more than a sandwich. The treadmill flung me off and I landed on a health and nutrition teacher. Why couldn't it have been someone softer, like the drama coach or the Choir director? SATURDAY Belinda left a message on my answering machine in her grating, shrilly voice wondering why I did not show up today. Just hearing her made me want to smash the machine with my planner.
Avatar n tn The Vitamin D council recommends sunlight exposure of at least ½ hour on Caucasian skin daily to produce enough (10,000 IU) of Vitamin D to maintain good health. IF you find you are getting sick more frequently you may want to increase your vitamin D levels. The recommended supplemental dosage recommended by the vitamin D council is 5,000 IU daily. When I feel a cold or flu coming on I start taking a bit more vitamin D, olive leafed extract and recently, elderberry extract.
Avatar n tn Then more health issues started surfacing for no reason. So I ate better and worked out more, but was not getting better. After many blood tests, Hoshimotos was D'xed. Given T4 meds for ten years did almost nothing to relive the symptoms and was told it was something else but they did no know what.
Avatar n tn OMG!! 46, will be 47 in June. Can't even tell you how everything seems to be failing, wrinkling, etc. & yes, it seems like it happened overnight. Perimenopausal as well. Had complete check up recently & no major health issues. However, my gyno has me hrt's(which I REALLY want to get off of). Added into the mix of all the skin issues mentioned, I am losing my hair like CRAZY. Anyone else having hair loss issues?
Avatar m tn A common complaint is left-side veins 'popping' out or becoming much more prominent, also sometimes accompanied by some pain. I've heard some complain of right-side issues, but I personally have not had much of an issue with that side. 3. Shorter length. - Usually nocturnal erections are normal length, and sometimes spontaneous are normal length, but many times, especially when other symptoms are present it can be difficult to get to full-length erection...
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I have this same issue. I know this under "Mens Health issues" but I am a 35 yr old female and have been having extreme heat sensations in my left wrist for about six months. I can go a week at a time without this sensation, and then out of nowhere it just is there. I am a non smoker. I have been undergoing several MRI tests in the past six months.
Avatar f tn A friend of hers also had an implant which had adhered to the bone. This person also started having a myriad of health issues, and so had the implant removed and did start feeling better. This would contradict my periodontists' assertion that osseointigration of implant material is evidence of no problem for your body. I gave her my number and asked for her friend to call me. I am waiting to talk to her. Talk to you later.
Avatar n tn And I've read that people who have metabolic issues or poor nutrition are more likely to have oral yeast infections, and she's hypoglycemic and a vegetarian who doesn't eat enough good food. Does it sound like she could have one? Can she have one without really knowing? If she does, could he be causing my vaginal yeast infections? ...
Avatar n tn I've tried cleaning with an anti-bacterial soap, because I was told it was caused by bacteria, and it didn't work. Just like misscottincandy I've worried about being intimate with my husband (especially after him mentioning that maybe I had forgotten to shower) because I'm embarrased by the smell. I wish someone would find some kind of solution. This isn't a new problem as I'm sure women have been going through this for years.
Avatar n tn Oh, I also had my gallbladder out in 2005. I found a site that talked about the oily crown issues and found that some people who experience this have had their gallbladders out as well. As far as my skin goes, well its pretty healthy. It always has been. I am 27 and have never really experienced breakouts even to this day. I would like to try the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo, as well as the vinegar remedy to see it it helps.
Avatar n tn Hi. I just signed on to make a comment that might help. Those of you with doctors refusing to bring levels to optimal should really consider seeing another doctor. Most "Knowledgeable" doc's these days consider anything under 325 or 350 to be too low, and higher than that is typical for younger men and "optimal", not "normal" health. It's normal to have high cholesterol, too, that doesn't mean it's 'good'. One thing you might consider looking into....
Avatar n tn It really is painful sometimes. I was searching in the hopes that someone else not only had the same issues, but had a diagnosis as I am getting tired of spending $20 for my doctor to say take some motrin.
Avatar n tn *** I haven't read anyone discussing any balance issues. I personally have a lot of slight balance issues, feel as if I'm leaning a bit to the left when walking. And a real subtle bit of swaying when standing still, has anyone else had this symptom? Essentially I haven't slept a solid nights sleep in six weeks. I sleep with a pillow between legs trying to alleviate leg symptoms. Doctor took some blood tests, all came back "normal". Though I'm not really sure what he tested me for.
Avatar n tn If you're taking this pill just to loose weight, and not for a health reason, you should stop taking it, and see that if you keep eating healthy, and walking, you'll still loose! And BTW, taking this pill 10 mins before a meal to help with your appetite is crazy! All diet pills tell you to take it 30min.s before each meal.. b/c it takes 30 min.s to start working...10 min.s? that pill isn't doing anything for you when you're eating!
Avatar n tn Sometimes the mumps, chicken poxs, head tramua, etc can cause issues with the piturity that in turn cause hormonal issues and also the testicles. You need to get the following checked: Total Testosterone Bioavailable Testosterone Estradiol DHT LH FSH TSH SHBG Prolactin @MPV Doing good, thanks for asking. How about yourself? Inguinal Hernia can cause all manner of problems including disturbances to the testicular vein plexas due to additional pressure on the testicular veins.
Avatar n tn i had echo done on my heart--normal chest xray--normal blood tests--normal (still waiting for the results of the allergy test though) so like the other post said...i feel better about my heart, and my health but i still cant breathe. Pulmonary function tests where the doctor said "it could be asthma, very mild though" he prescribed singulair and an albuterol inhaler for before i run. sometimes taking the inhaler can make me lightheaded. so i dont like using it.
Avatar n tn I have some blood problems that I never linked to the lesions, but now I have to rethink it. I think I may start keeping a health diary to track my foods and activites to see if there is a corrilation. Thanks. Yes Autumnharmony, you are not alone.
Avatar f tn A good sulfate free shampoo is an excellent choice and if your hair dresser is serious about your hair they will discount or even try the trial sizes until you are happy with a product. If they are not interested in the health of your hair, you may want to ask others to recommend someone to you that does. The price you pay for experimenting with various remedies without success can cost more than an experienced hairstylist.
Avatar n tn While I agree that nursing beyond a certain age (even the World Health Organization recommends 2 years, AAP recommends at least a year) can be an issue, as we have seen here, it is not up to any of use to tell her she has sexually abused her child as a result. I do agree that her behavior now needs to be addressed. She is 3 years removed from nursing and she should be occupying herself with playing, reading, and writing, not your breasts.