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Avatar n tn Can drinking rubbing alcohol kill you. My boyfriend is detoxing right now from alcohol and scrips. I found a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the clothes draw. for the last two days all he has done is slept. He has not eatten in about four days now and when he does wake he goes straight for a cig. and is very out of it. I am ready to take him to the hospital......
172336 tn?1202258241 it makes me wonder, though---I was always totally honest about the amount of alcohol I admitted I consumed; health care workers REALLY must have thought I was a lush!!! (Ohhh----2-3 bottles of beer a day, followed by 1-2 bottles (not glasses) of wine---red wine...!!
Avatar f tn I'm sorry you and your husband are in this situation with his addiction to alcohol. I take it he's not interested in stopping for health reasons?
Avatar n tn There is no good test for Candida, so I got off all sugar, alcohol, carbs, anything that would feed yeast. I was using plain yogurt on there, drinking Grapefruit seed extract, eating coconut oil......anything I read about. I felt better, but it never went away. I also lost too much weight. So, every doctor says I look normal, but I can see tiny gray marks under my skin and very small bumps at the tip and around the rim of the penis. It also burns in my anal area.
Avatar n tn Obviously, my advice is to stop the steroids. You might try posting this in men's health as well, so you can get more advice. This forum is for stds.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor or any related, but i read much in health issues. It seems you really have parasites and your food and vitamins go to those monsters. By the end you got very little from your food. and also you got the waste of those parasites. I don't recommend you take antibiotics as they kill good bacteria those responsible for digestion too when killed it adds to the problem and that what makes you feel terribly.
Avatar m tn Hi Rajadhya, Sorry there are no physicians on this site. Many of us have a medical background - but sorry - no doctors. That said I'm willing to respond to your question. First of all size does not have a lot to do with satisfying your spouse. Sex is much more than just the mechanics. The largest sex organ in the human body is the brain! Yes, that is a true statement. A Urologist may be able to prescribe medications that will help with your erections - but generally not the size.
374593 tn?1257883550 I always give my DH a cushion to put underneath the laptop and get him to avoid saunas and spas, especially around your ovulation time. Also things like smoking, too much alcohol, being overweight and bad nutrition may also hinder the semen. Maybe there are some good supplements out there that improve the sperm?? Good luck.
Avatar n tn If you can't get him to tell the doctor then I would do it myself. Men are just not as open about their sexual health issues as us women are.
Avatar m tn I am afraid I can not be of much help in this area, we do, however, have a great men's health forum and one even for STD's. I will refer you to one of those groups. I hope you get the help you are looking for soon. God bless you. Merry Christmas.
1489999 tn?1337802375 didn't really start trying until 37, and didn't seek fertility until almost 42. I did accupunture my last FET transfer (I had embryo issues and it didn't work) but I highly recommend it! Find someone who deals with fertility though.
Avatar f tn This isn't the only time he has only been able to see the negative, in everything we do...he does. He always is saying how do I stay so positive. I believe his issues stem from past problems that he hasn't dealt with. These issues make him feel like no matter what he is failing at life. I also know that his drinking doesn't help. When he drinks he isn't himself and he is more judgemental and quick to find the negative.
Avatar m tn put the effort in2 not drinking that u invested going 2 get alcohol,wasting $$,getting drunk,having hangovers/blackouts etc.....doing stupid things and repeating this ad pun intended....being addicted to not drinking could/is b a good thing!
Avatar m tn I also read from internet that Vit D has a role to play in men's sexual health, you can Google and get more info. If that be true, you should again check if your body is indeed absorbing Vit D ( test for Vit D level again) and if it does not, investigate the problem behind it. Better to work with the original physician and continue investigation as she/he is very familiar with your case.
Avatar m tn I think the question of the herbals has to do with underlying health issues. If your liver is basically healthy and it can process things, then I don't see the harm. If there are underlying health issues, the situation is different. For example, I tolerated statins with HCV, even though they are known to interact adversely with the liver in some cases but my level of damage with modest, and the statins led to know change in ALT or AST. For myself, I take fish oil and am glad I do.
301044 tn?1206814691 That you can get it from a nail salon even (most of us don't go to them anymore once we learned how easy that would be to happen!). Not until the rich republican white men's wives start all keeling over with it from the salon and the men worry they might get it will things change with this stigma. Look at Aids and how much of a stigma that has...yet all those hubbies who brought it home to loving wives.......... America is a great place but things haven't changed that amuch yet.
1376247 tn?1278892259 I jogged, danced or swam every day and ate fresh foods. I stopped drinking alcohol and meditated. I also played little mind games with myself, forcing myself out of my comfort zones in various situations. I allowed myself to fully imagine the worse case scenarios and go through the feelings, desensitizing. Talking to the anesthesiologist- and officially requesting him - really helped a LOT with trust and info.
Avatar n tn He posted everywhere. Several threads, both Men's and Women's forums. Just a troll, never to be seen or heard from again.
Avatar n tn I am a 45 year old male, physically fit, normal alcohol consumption, non-smoker, no drugs. About 7 years ago i had a vasectomy. Since then i have notice a loss of sensation after acheiving an erection, so much so that i now take either viagra or cialis to maintain an erection during intercourse. Even taking these drugs does not ensure orgasm. I believe part of this has now become psychological - i have lost confidence in my ability to 'perform' during sex.
Avatar m tn Hey Worried, This forum is really an amazing resource, not only to get a sense of what is going on in terms of men's health issues (which we rarely discuss with doctors, much less our buddies!), but getting support for mental and physical uncertainty. I hope my posting has helped. I'm fairly certain mine's not an std, especially after reading some of the posts in the dermatology and urology boards (which I suggest you read as well).
Avatar f tn If mental health issues are the problem, spanking won't work eiher. I wish I could help you more - are there any mental health services for children in your area? Could your family doctor or pediatrician or church pastor or school principal or local medical centre/hospital or even the yellow pages of the telephone book point you in the correct direction? You claim that you "took custody" of this child; but I assume that is not legal custody.
Avatar n tn Hey goof what did you do to the thread below, I couldn't post a comment. Are you sure you're allowed to play on the computer. Jim, can't help you; I go into riba-rage when my girlfriend ask me what I want for dinner. Can't make any decisions and it's starting to get a little difficult to communicate. Friole they sell sharps containers at the pharmacy retail. Where I live your doctor or the pharmacy will take the full ones.
1530342 tn?1405020090 This isn't all bad-studies show that married men tend to eat healthier and have fewer problems with drugs and alcohol than single guys-but avoid creating a relationship in which your husband can't be himself. "When a man feels his home is not his castle, and he can't just be a guy-whether it's walking around in his boxers or letting out a burp-he'll feel like he's been put in a box where he has to act prim and proper all the time," Dr. Meunier says.
Avatar n tn hi, i just have a quick question, i am sorry to sound ignorant on this issue but i have never researched or inquired about this condition before so i do not have a clue about it, i have a swimming pool and have recently opened it for the season, i have also recently become great friends to a woman who has told me that she has hep c, she said that it is not affecting her at the moment, but could resurface at any time and create health issues for her, she has recently been in hospital for pnuemoni
Avatar f tn Thuja Occidentalis Take it internally, a company named Boiron makes some little pellets and you can find the liquid extract online or at a really really thorough health food store (but most places stores don't carry it). I've found it dramatically dries up the acne/warts/whatevers. So much so that when I went on vacation and ran out for most of the week, I had a another significant breakout immediately whereas before that things were clearing up nicely.
Avatar n tn Also, if I get it removed will it be a painful recovery or a quick recovery? - I purchased a penis enlargement manual from Men's Health and they suggest that through ancient techniques, every man can enlarge his penis by 2"-4". I read that they actually work from men around the world that use them, but then again I understand that it can be false information. I'm just wondering if you think its wise to use these techniques? I'd appreciate your insight and any info.
Avatar n tn Apparently it can happen if semen backs up into the prostate due to interrupted ejaculation, reverse gravity position, etc, and then hardens (could be hours to days later). They suggested over-hydrating and then "rubbing it out", but I usually just take a couple of Advil and sleep on my stomach.
Avatar m tn • Lower the use of alcohol. Alcohol thickens the mucus in your head and lungs, and lowers your immune resistance. If you start getting chills, you may have the flu instead of a cold. Flush your head with saline before bed, jump in bed with as many covers as you can find, and sweat it out. It won’t be a great night’s sleep, but there’s a very good chance you can beat the flu virus. If you don’t, go see a doctor or deal with the flu the way you usually do.
Avatar n tn before that he was clean for 2 yrs. He was a user for about 7 yrs before that. He claims that he craves alcohol first...after he drinks he craves the crack cocaine.....he presently goes to AA, which i am not to sure how much good that does....any suggestions??????? HELP ME PLEASE TO SAVE MY FAMILY!!
Avatar m tn A common complaint is left-side veins 'popping' out or becoming much more prominent, also sometimes accompanied by some pain. I've heard some complain of right-side issues, but I personally have not had much of an issue with that side. 3. Shorter length. - Usually nocturnal erections are normal length, and sometimes spontaneous are normal length, but many times, especially when other symptoms are present it can be difficult to get to full-length erection...