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535822 tn?1443980380 I guess they need a Men's Social forum.
Avatar m tn Thus testosterone here is mainly a marker of general health, less that the cause of the better general health. This does not mean, that there is no benefit to the overall vitality, organ performancne ( beyond sexual activitires!) due to the higher levels of this vitral steroid hormone. But the degree of this contribution is not easy to gauge. There are many pos and some neg effects to high testosterone.
Avatar f tn Studies Show Epidemic That Could Be Stemmed by Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gardasil For years now, doctors have urged young women to be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is believed to cause cervical cancer.
Avatar n tn As a responsible adult I want to protect future partners, and to do this I need reliable information. One of the topics where I see the most inconsistency relates to the transmission risk of H via intercourse versus transmission via petting or genital to genital contact. Opinions seem to vary widely on this. I am hoping for some Facts instead of opinion if possible. Can you please clarify if and when petting / mutual masturbation is safe or low risk?
Avatar m tn I think I have a small frame because when I wrap my fingers around my wrist, my thumb overlaps my middle finger's nail. I also had a men's health physical last semester at my college and the doctor said, "He has a healthy look" as far as my body shape. I have low cholesterol and blood pressure and I also have plenty of energy. Over the past few years, I have become self-conscious about my weight because some people (mostly girls) have called me skinny.
Avatar n tn Mo, You would get better information from the Men's Health or Sexual Health Boards than here on the addiction board. In my opinion, taper could be a result of repeated isolated Kung Fu grip. Equal distribution of pressure may help.
Avatar n tn Its also totally normal that your penis is curved. Some men are curved, some aren't - totally normal. You might try posting in men's health for more information.
Avatar f tn Don't miss these Health stories Getty Images Not-so-sexy CPAP boosts men's sex lives A CPAP device, the Darth Vader-like mask used to ease breathing in sleep apnea sufferers, might be the least attractive thing a man can wear at night, but it could wind up improving his sex life, according to a new study released today at an annual meeting of sleep experts. . Too little sleep? Stroke risk spikes . .
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, though, I'm not too familiar with the side effects. Did you try posting this on the Men's Health forum...or maybe even the Urology forum? Here's the link to Urology: And this is to the Men's forum: Best of luck!
Avatar m tn Please post in the dermatology or men's health forum. We focus on std information and support. Since you know that it is not an std, you should not have posted this question here.
463897 tn?1468017350 Hi, Please join me in welcoming Remar as your new Community Leader for the Men's Health Community. Remar has helped many people on the community, and we look forward to her working to help your Community continue to improve and grow.
Avatar n tn Hello~I am so sorry your husband is having this difficulty. First, here is a link to the men's forum, they may have more insight than I to this dilemma: Second, I think I would see another doctor, one preferably who specializes in mens health. I wish I could be of more help, but, hopefully, you will find the help you need soon.
Avatar m tn hi! you might want to post this on the Men's Health might get better responses...good luck and hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn Hey doc, My question is concerning the use of multivitamins well on accutane specifically one-a-day men's health. The dermatologist that prescribed me accutane never said a thing about taking multivitamins well on accutane. Now come to find out after doing research on the internet that is recommended not to be taken together. I took the multivitamins and acutane at the same time, mostly after I ate dinner.
Avatar n tn I have read that zinc can increase sperm count if that is an issue for you. I had my husband take it while we were ttc. He had an analysis done before he took it, and one a few months later, and his count was a good deal higher (although his count wasn't a problem to begin with, so it may just be coincidence).
Avatar m tn 1. Post in men's health for yeast infection questions. 2. Not always, it can come on upto 90 days.
Avatar n tn Have you tried posting this information in the Men's Health Forum?? I think your question would be better answered there. I am very sorry that this has happened to you and you should make an appt. with your Doctor ASAP. You never know what type of damage has occurred.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms could be from BPH but it is impossible to know that without having a clinical examination. And I urge you to check with your physician. We also have a Men's Health and a Urology Forum. I encourage you to post on both of those forums as they will have more information for you. You are always welcome here but I think your question will obtain better response on the Mens and Urology Forum. If you have difficultly locating the please let me know. Best of luck to you.
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Avatar f tn Just curious why you need this. Pulse for 15 seconds x 4 works for me and unless you need to monitor your BP during exercise a regular manometer to check your resting BP is all you need. If you need a recommendation the cardio rehab unit should be able to give you one.
2115734 tn?1334550447 Because orchialgia tends to be a symptom or feature of other conditions rather than a standalone process, it may be best to discuss it in forums like Urology, Men's Health, and Prostate Cancer. In areas like these, the discussions would be more comprehensive. If you feel there may be others who would like to discuss orchialgia on its own, though, you might want to consider starting a user group.
Avatar m tn they can get infected if our infected semen enters it. But there's so little information about Men's health about this topic, and it's so uncleared. So how likely are us men getting a STD by getting an oral without protection? And is it curable/treatable? And what exactly can we catch? I asked few of my friends and colleagues and they just laugh at the idea of covering during oral. Also I don't even french kiss the girls unless I know them really really well. This is frustrating.
Avatar n tn Can you give more information? Did it start off small and then slowly grow bigger, is it a raised lump or more flat, is it the same color as your skin tone, is it about this big - O - or bigger, is it painful or does it have redness around it, etc?