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535822 tn?1443980380 I guess they need a Men's Social forum.
Avatar m tn I was disappointed but I just cuddled with him and told him we can try again some other time. The next morning we made plans to go out for breakfast and I texted him a flirty message before I got there basically saying how I would show up early so we could finish what we started the other night and told him how bad I wanted to **** him and he got flirty back and said he would like that. Sure enough, I get to the house and he just hops in the shower, no kisses no cuddles, no nothing.
Avatar m tn I would say no you don't need centrum A to Zinc. You should try One A Day Men's Health Formula. You take it once a day, I would recommend the morning so that you remember to take it each day. It has all of the B Vitamins as well as Vitamin C, which you are not getting enough of. It doesn not contain Iron so you will have to make sure that you get enough of that. It does contain fish and soy so make sure that you are not allergic to either.
598026 tn?1222683306 ok so i made myself breakfast today!!! it took me about 7 minutes to make i had a peanut butter banana sandwich on one slice of whole grain white bread. i dont know if thats good for you its just what i have, it was the cheapest one at target. i ate that i gobbled that down i love peanut butter banana sandwiches...but then i made myself a 1/2 cup of oatmeal and i sliced the rest of the banana into it and some frozen berries from the bag of frozen berries that i have in my freezer..
Avatar f tn It's easy to make ahead of time, and by tweaking the conventional recipe to include cranberries, Men's Health resident chef Matt Goulding has added a hint of jellylike sweetness. 1 6 oz can solid white tuna 2 Tbsp dried cranberries, roughly chopped 1/4 yellow onion, minced 1 Tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper to taste Mix all the ingredients together. Serve a scoop on a piece of toasted whole-grain bread.
Avatar n tn any further questions should be posted in a men's health or urology related forum here on medhelp.
Avatar m tn Spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, watercress, arugula, romaine lettuce Men's Health
Avatar f tn This is a tough time for both, but especially for her as every mother's worst fear is for her children's health and safety. I will also keep this young woman who has just lost her husband in my thoughts. This is such an unexpected tragedy. You are such a good friend to want to be there for these families.
572651 tn?1531002957 Weekly Christian men's breakfast. Work on Sunday sermon. Pay bills, maybe. Saturday: AM: Probably attend "Super Saturday" training program at our district's biggest church, west of COlumbus. PM: Work on Sunday sermon. Work on Sunday worship program. All of these days might include time working on the chcurch website; I'm getting a bit frustrated with links to audio files (past sermons) stored on another server. Shalom.
1829282 tn?1325595258 The 13 Most Powerful Superfoods Avocados They're high in fat, but avocados contain healthful monounsaturated fat, which has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. "Avocados aid in blood and tissue regeneration, stabilize blood sugar, and are excellent for heart disorders," says Ed Bauman, Ph.D., director of Bauman College. They're loaded with fiber (11 to 17 grams per fruit) and are a good source of lutein, an antioxidant linked to eye and skin health.
1007653 tn?1259389567 As you squat back, sit on the box so your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Then stand back up. Complete 1 to 3 sets of only 1 to 3 reps each. As you become stronger, use higher boxes and add weight, which creates more tension. Why it works: The box removes all momentum where the lift is most challenging, which forces your muscles to work harder to start back up. And by limiting your range of motion, you learn to handle heavier loads.
1301089 tn?1290670171 He broke Obama’s promise to put all bills on the White House web site for five days before signing them. He broke Obama’s promise to have the congressional health care negotiations broadcast live on C-SPAN. He broke Obama’s promise to end earmarks. He broke Obama’s promise to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent. He broke Obama’s promise to close the detention center at Guantanamo in the first year.
250084 tn?1303311035 Everything that you are experiencing is completely normal... Sorry. But, this is usually how it is on treatment, at least part of the time. You will have some good days, don't give up hope in that. Keep up with your CBC because if that starts to get into the anemic range-it can be the explanation for some of it. Although, aren't you on a trial? Some trials don't allow rescue drugs-does the Albuferon trial allow them? If they do and you have the anemia-there's always the Procrit option.
Avatar n tn Doing it behind your husband's back is disrespectful -- would you not agree with this ? wunbanorm --- maybe we should raid the men's health forum and try to recruit them to come over here ? LOL ! !
645800 tn?1466864555 Every time I eat up there not only do I have to use the men's room at the restaurant before I head home, I also have to stop twice on the way home due to the IBS. I did my normal routine stops on the way home but was not able to go. Not sure if this means the constipation is getting worse or the IBS was not active for some reason this time.
Avatar n tn I must have a great poker face. My wife's health was perfect before the surgery so it wasn't for health reasons as she claims. I'd like to say it gets better but we're not there yet. I'm very supportive of her I just don't want to be with her intimately. And going to the doctor for this phony "erectile disfunction" is a real pain in the ***.
Avatar m tn I had posted this in the "woman's health" forum area and got no comments back at all. That area doesn't seem as active of a community as this one. So I will re-post what I posted there related to my wife's hormone levels. As far as thyroid she is being treated with Armour and just got bumped up to 180 mg (from 165). her FT4 are BELOW range, her FT3 are about 25% to 50% of the range but the range is also wider than most ranges we see here.
Avatar n tn If you're taking this pill just to loose weight, and not for a health reason, you should stop taking it, and see that if you keep eating healthy, and walking, you'll still loose! And BTW, taking this pill 10 mins before a meal to help with your appetite is crazy! All diet pills tell you to take it 30min.s before each meal.. b/c it takes 30 min.s to start working...10 min.s? that pill isn't doing anything for you when you're eating!
Avatar m tn I came to this forum in search of hope ---- I am only 56 years old but feel 80 I spent 20 years in military flying for the USAF ----- no drugs - drank, but my liver was in perfect condition Got Hep C 85/90 from a Gamma Globulin shot (whole blood plasma) and went 12 years without it being detected and quit drinking day I was diagnosed I can remember the day I took my first shot of Interferon and took the Ribo I can also remember having more energy than I could burn off (If I didn't wear myself o
Avatar f tn I might go have some for breakfast. Sorry, Lori =) I hope you're enjoying getting a jump on things!
Avatar f tn ( It's so disheartening that so many are suffering with this. I am not young but I am not old (48) and I feel young and besides this I am in good health or at least I was. I just hope there is relief from this...and I hope you are finding relief from your symptoms.
Avatar n tn Here are my stats in case there is some common link that could be causing it. 53, excellent health, have enlarge prostate (take Flomax). Also take Centrum Silver, Zocor, Nexium and a baby aspirin. But, have taken all these for a long, long time and doubt any of them are the cause. I started a new job where I sit in an office chair 8 hours+ each day. The vibration started a few days after I started this job, though I've had office type jobs my entire life.
Avatar n tn My doc told me to have 30-40 grams of protein but no more than 10 grams of carbs at breakfast. This jumpstarts your metabolism. I started having whey protein for breakfast and lunch. I had to read a lot of labels to find one low in fat and carbs. Right now I am using Optimum Nutrition (ON) 100% Whey Protein shake mix. There are 120 calories, 1 gram of fat, 3 carbs, and 24 grams of protein in one scoop. So for breakfast, I have one and a half scoops.
Avatar n tn OMG!! 46, will be 47 in June. Can't even tell you how everything seems to be failing, wrinkling, etc. & yes, it seems like it happened overnight. Perimenopausal as well. Had complete check up recently & no major health issues. However, my gyno has me hrt's(which I REALLY want to get off of). Added into the mix of all the skin issues mentioned, I am losing my hair like CRAZY. Anyone else having hair loss issues?
Avatar n tn It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times. I doubt this is related, but I have some sort of muscle strain in my hip/groin area that is possible due to an intense backpacking trip in October. Any feedback appreciated. Guess I could consult dr. after Xmas if still going on . . .
Avatar n tn I'm in a similar situation. I'm 30, my boyfriend is 28. I've had health problems. He says the health problems don't change his view of me. Maybe this is bunk. If marriage didn't exist, my relationship would be perfect. No two people more right for each other. Yadda yadda. I'm not going to get into the details. What makes me angry about this is how many of you women I see being exceptionally cool about the whole deal. You know what you want -- committment. You want long term stability.
Avatar f tn I had upper and lower jaw surgery 3 years ago and my health has never been the same. I was given 4 plates and screws in the mandible and maxilla and got the same story about the bioavailability of titanium, but I question it. I have done some moderate research over the last few months and I found one excellent study about a very small percentage of patients having significant health systems since receiving Ti implants.
Avatar n tn i had echo done on my heart--normal chest xray--normal blood tests--normal (still waiting for the results of the allergy test though) so like the other post said...i feel better about my heart, and my health but i still cant breathe. Pulmonary function tests where the doctor said "it could be asthma, very mild though" he prescribed singulair and an albuterol inhaler for before i run. sometimes taking the inhaler can make me lightheaded. so i dont like using it.
Avatar f tn and start giving him one to two clove of garlic in the breakfast with his first bite in the breakfast... let us see how you manipulate with it .