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Avatar m tn I too had very low vitamin d and was put on high doses for a few months and then lower doses. Some say that low Vit D occurs at the same time as erectile problems. But in your case any erectile problems should be reduced given you are taking Vit D supplements. A few things come to mind: 1. Do not confuse low testosterone with low libido. They are very different. 2. You can have a blood test for testosterone levels but not for low libido. 3.
Avatar m tn THE FOLLOWING PASSED (GENERAL ADULT) Carlson® Super 2 Daily Vitamins and Minerals Iron Free (2 softgels per day)* Eniva® Original VIBE™ (1 fluid ounce, 1-2 per day)* Jamieson® Chewable Vita Vim® (2 chewable tablets per day) Life Extension® Two Per Day Tablets (2 tablets per day)* Metagenics® Chewable (1-3 chewable tablets per day) (Also has directions for children)1 Multi-betic® Multi-Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant Advanced Diabetic Formula (2 tablets per day) Pure Encapsulations® Multi t/d Basic
Avatar m tn Is it advisable that I start taking supplements like calcium and vitamin D along with my therapy to prevent bone loss? Thank you.
1809109 tn?1331807377 But because I spent what must be hours and hours checking boxes every single day I have no life and am far too stressed about my health. This is what's causing my problems- Stress. Damn you stress, if it weren't for you my gallbladder, thyroid, cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight would be normal. Yeah no, doesn't work like that. Just because I'm now spending 5 minutes a day to write down how I felt, doesn't mean that I'm feeling magically worse.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend, who's a nurse, said I should look into it further.
Avatar n tn I am sorry for your Dx. I am a female but also now hypo.Since the beginning of my illness everything I read regarding the disease, when I stumbled across the stats of men getting it, I read through it. Dx is rare. specially on sub clinical Hypo or Hyper thyroidism in men. I believe this b/c men are less likely to see a doctor when they have symptoms. and if they do go and get Dx'd - most do not have the patience and stay on top of it.
645800 tn?1466864555 This is still true. I learned this by accident seeking multiple sources of Vitamin D. In addition to stronger nails, hair etc. cod liver oil keeps things-a-moving when I take meds that cause constipation. They are no match for cod liver oil. It seems to act as a softener as well as being a producer, if you know what I mean. If you seek a good BM and to keep on schedule, try the cod liver oil supplements - the maximum allowed on the particular brand you choose for a couple of days.
Avatar n tn You still have to work extra hard to build back up the 'strength' and muscle, and take lots of extra vitamin supplements as well. By the way, I was only up to 100mg per day.
Avatar n tn If you're taking this pill just to loose weight, and not for a health reason, you should stop taking it, and see that if you keep eating healthy, and walking, you'll still loose! And BTW, taking this pill 10 mins before a meal to help with your appetite is crazy! All diet pills tell you to take it 30min.s before each meal.. b/c it takes 30 min.s to start working...10 min.s? that pill isn't doing anything for you when you're eating!
Avatar f tn I was anemic and low in vitamin D. Turned out I also had Celiac disease causing malnutrition.
Avatar m tn 75 mg melatonin and feel groggy again this morning ---- am sleeping, but once again are the side effects worth it I agree with you and I guess I was impatient for any type of relief so I started all the vitamins at once The ALA is supposed to help with fatigue B12 is essential for proper brain and nerve function Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver, and proper liver function is essential for proper vitamin D metabolism.
Avatar m tn My doctor told me to take only vitamin B, E and C while on treatment. I believe A, D and iron have a tendancy to be stored in the liver in excess amounts.
1126418 tn?1326169592 However I am interested in the link between vitamin D and MS and am fairly convinced that there is some correlation and that this is a helpful vitamin to take. Anyhow keep and eat well and look after yourself Best wishes Sarah (and I don't think we have met before so Hello from England!
Avatar n tn I can't say that I wouldn't have gotten pregnant without it, but it is a multi-vitamin and it can't hurt. Try it, at the very least you will have more energy and be a little healthier. GOOD LUCK and BABY DUST 2 U!!!!
Avatar m tn It largely depends on what forms were Vitamins and minerals made. For example... Vitamin D is best to take as D3 (not D2). Vitamin C absorption is only about 20% if done as ascorbic acid and other forms... the only form of Vitamin C which seems to be best absorbed is Liposomal Vitamin C which seems to achieve about 95% absorption into the body due to Liposomes which protect C from the harshness of the gut and deliver it to the cells. In terms of Zinc...
Avatar n tn Hi all. New to this. I am a 44 year old woman who is physically fit (gym 5 days a week) and eats pretty well. Approx 5 weeks ago I developed veins showing on both hands. They have not gone away and infact they are bulging most times, and I can "feel them". They have increased and I can see some starting to climb up my forearm now. Before this, my veins barely ever showed.
Avatar m tn Drink two 8-ounce glasses of vitamin D-fortified low-fat milk every day. This provides your body with 600 milligrams (mg) of calcium and 5 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin D, the perfect combination of nutrients to build break-resistant bones. Plus, in a 20-year study, U.K.
790669 tn?1465192699 I PRAY this is just a vitamin thing and not something more severe. I've always suspected him of having varicocele vein in his testicles, but him being my first I assumed all testicles looked like that. Anyways, IF it's that we will not have the surgery to fix's not a guarantee anyways. I've cried..still crying..still nauseous. He cried because I was soo upset and now he's worried how I'll handle being told that we can't fix it. I hate this so bad.. My childhood was sh1t..
Avatar n tn WOW! 22 pounds is a lot of weight to loose in such a short period of time! Good for you!!! I hope that I am able to loose 22 pounds in the next couple of months. Are you following a diet plan and working out? I have not started working out yet....maybe one day...I don't have a diet plan either I am just trying to make good choices and watch my portions. This way I know that when I stop the shots and medicine I won't gain it all back. Lets hope!!! Best of Luck to you...
3060903 tn?1398568723 Also remember to check your vitamin D. For optimal health and cancer prevention, make sure you maintain a clinically relevant level of 40 to 60 ng/ml year-round. If you already have cancer, you may want to consider an even higher level. You Can Prevent, and Beat, Prostate Cancer Checking for insulin resistance goes along with your dietary intervention.
419990 tn?1228262726 I can't believe after all this time trying to have a baby that when we finally get pregnant this happens...I miss him and wish he'd come home and be happy about this baby and be happy and start fresh. To make matters worse I'm already having morning sickness and I haven't really eaten anything all week. I couldn't keep my turkey down on Thursday either. I think I've already lost 5 lbs and I know this isn't good for the baby.
1591337 tn?1297104949 Beef is the perfect muscle food because it's packed with protein, zinc, and creatine. Down a hefty portion of each with this taco-salad recipe from Men's Health cover model Gregg Avedon: Brown ½ pound of extra-lean ground beef over medium heat. As it cooks, sprinkle it with black pepper, 2 teaspoons of chili powder, and a couple dashes of Tabasco. Place the cooked beef, one diced tomato, and 2 tablespoons of low-fat cheese over a bed of lettuce, and top with salsa.
Avatar m tn i was also told that my vitamin D was very low, so i was also prescribed 50,000iu of vitamin D once a week for 4 weeks and am now taking One A Day Men's to keep vitamin D in me. i still as bad if not worse than i did and i can't go on like this anymore on a day to day basis. can anybody out there please give me an answer?
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn i only transfered 1 five day blast and im 11weeks preggo! i had some mild cramps about 4 day after the transfer and i started doing hpt at 5 dp transfer. it was + and got darker every day! how many days past transfer are you and are you going to test with htp? i could not stand it. a girl that i met at my clinic and she did the same as me on the same days as me did not test + till 2 days before beta. let me know.
535822 tn?1443980380 a body that never realizes its full potential. But you can fight back with food; start today and you'll hit your peak from head to toe. Skin Carrots are loaded with vitamin A, which helps balance the pH of your skin's surface, making it just acidic enough to fend off harmful bacteria.
Avatar n tn A week ago Dr put her on Vit. D 50,000 IU x1 per week and daily calcium supplement. She was getting better until the last 2 days. Last night, after a short visit to the mall she was crying in pain. Recent MRI of her spine has revealed disc problems in L4 L5. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
1192727 tn?1282739142 What about flaxseed oil as omega-3 fatty acid supplement? Is it better than fish oil? Or does it have the EPA prob?
Avatar m tn Now according to my doctor everything is fine, and it was just my body lacking vitamin D. It has been 5 months of me taking the requested Vitamin D supplement, and I have had absolutely no improvements. My relationship is at an end because of the problem and I am really depressed, I don't know what to do and I think its ridiculous that I have to live with something for so long and have it affect some of the most important things in my life!
Avatar f tn I have dealt with that same problem for years and tried everything! All sorts of womens AND men's deo. and anti-persp.-never helped. Certain Dri-never helped. Shaving, or waxing, 2 times a day-never helped. I tryed the stay dry powder from which helped a tiny bit but still not good enough to where I could wear any shirts besides black ones. I read to take a cool shower in the morning-didn't help me. Gel deo. just made it worst. And finally I decided that maybe I should talk with a doctor.