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Avatar m tn As with everything in life -- more veggies, exercise, whole grains and proteins will give you more energy and a better quality of life.
Avatar m tn Moreover sometimes around my scrotum and would like to know if am infected with any kind of STD disease and if yes what could be the possible cause of it and how do i cure it. Any medical and urinal test i do, am told am negative and ok. But am confused and scared because of this symptoms which sometimes when defecating i see some whitish discharges coming out of my penis. Please advise me if it is cause by the foods and sweets i take.
Avatar n tn Some medicines and life styles like steroids, cigarettes, alcohol and of course stress can do this. So can an over-active thyroid gland. He needs to have himself checked out.
Avatar m tn Elevating your testosterone to normal levels improves cholesterol, heart and bone health--so I am told. I suggest you discuss it with your doctor. If you are concerned about a low sex drive or erectile dysfunction it will also help that. I wish you well.
Avatar n tn [I was not taking charge of my health care] I was weak, stumbling, dizzy spells and didn't care to do anything. Gradually over the last 2 years, my Sex life/drive was non-existent. This fall my new doctor and I decided to cut out the Celexa and Wellbutrin entirely. I started using raw goat's milk in my slurries that I shot in my tube. Now I also puree' cans of Asparghus, Spinach, Turnip Greens, Carrots to add veggies.
Avatar n tn I was told today that i may have had a stroke due to adderoll and the stuttering hasnt gone away after two months off of it and even though i was taken to the hospital they passed it off as a panic attack. That adderoll has ruined my life and my ability to work and talk with my kids!!! I lost 75lbs on that crap and a lot of others things i'm dealing with health wise because of it!! DON'T TAKE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!
535822 tn?1443980380 Have any of you been to the Men;s Health Forum and seen where all the mens health problems are located in their body ,it is amazing ,all the questions are about that certain important part of their body, sorry to any guys who may be looking at the Womens social forum.
Avatar f tn This kind of cancer traditionally affects males who have been smoking and drinking all their life, and now in their mid-60s they are getting head and neck cancer," he said. "However, HPV cancer we are seeing in younger patients who have never smoked.
Avatar m tn One question I have -- is it true that once you start testosterone therapy you have to continue it for life, as the body will stop producing its own? That's what I've heard and is the main reason I haven't tried it, now that it's dropped slightly below normal since I treated.
15256956 tn?1439428831 So I recently decided (I mean really decided) to clean up my life, medically, and this included deciding to seek psychiatric help as just taking meds isn't helping. The FNP who works in tandem with the psychiatrist decided my anxiety meds needed an overhaul and asked if I was okay with switching things up. I told her I was dedicated to getting better and trusting her, so yes.
Avatar m tn He turned it down both times and once I was on top of him and we were grinding and making out and I positioned myself to sit on his face and he started kissing the inside of my thighs and getting closer but then suddenly said that the position was not good for him and he was having trouble breathing (he has been really sick with congestion for the past two months or so) so I said fine and moved back to sit on top of him with my legs spread wide open and I told him we can try it in another posi
Avatar m tn Once you get hemorrhoids you have them for life, unless you have them operated on. Many people have them for life and never have problems, or seldom do while others have many problems. I'm sorry about your boss. Yes, that can be so very stressful. You're very welcome. I'm always here if you want to talk.
Avatar n tn He will learn to regret, just wait and see. Hopefully you can move forward and on with your life. 31 years is a long time and it will take a while before you will feel ok again. I'm so sorry that you have been put through this. It isn't fair and it isn't right. Keep venting on here and you will see it will get easier. There isn't really any one of us can say or do to make you feel better but it will help to get the support.
Avatar m tn Hi, From your details it clear that you do not have any problem, especially so, when a neurologist and another doctor have seen you and cleared you of any health issues. I also presume that you have no major problem with the sex organs when you are in Moods.
Avatar f tn Don't mess this little girls life up by throwing her into protective custody if the state that's only going to mess with her and ruin her life every little girl needs a mom and hers threw her away very sad however that's where you should step in and give love in a positive way
Avatar n tn Some of the things you've mentioned are considered "old wives tales", there is no medical fact to them. I'm sorry you're being scared for no reason. Everything else you've mentioned is quite normal for a young man. There are books out there to help you learn more about slowing down and how to satisfy your wife. I do believe there is also a "mens health" forum here. You can click on "forums" at the top of the page and then scroll down.
17401092 tn?1456356755 I posted this in Men's health but I think it fits better over here. Wife and I met a recent divorce female who happens to be much younger than us. We click almost instantly, fast friends! One night wife and our friend were discussing the topic of threesomes, our girlfriend told her she would be interested in participating in group sex with the two of us, it was just talk but the sexual attraction was definitely there between the three of us.
649848 tn?1534637300 Although weight is undeniably a risk factor for a host of medical comorbidities, especially at its extremes, it's not a guarantee that any of them will occur. And so the use of a scale to infer the presence or absence of health ignores the actual person standing on the scale. Similarly, scales don't measure lifestyle. There are scads of patients with obesity doing all of those good things—exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, not smoking, cooking with whole ingredients, etc.
Avatar m tn Spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, watercress, arugula, romaine lettuce Men's Health
Avatar m tn Hey, I'm 17, Ive only had sex with one girl in my life, and we both never had sex before, Ive never messed around with any other woman, and we've never had unprotected sex. As of recent, the tip of my penis has become inflamed and irritated by something, and its been hurting when I go the bathroom, ejaculate, or even when the tip rubs against my boxers after walking for a while.
Avatar m tn I had blood taken last week, and the symptoms are from my Hepatitis. I have an appointment with my doctor this Friday, and I'm scared. I worked at the Men's detox years ago, and have seen the effects of this disease first hand. I have a really lousy diet and have been compulsive about red meat and Pepsi. I am going to do my bets to get better. Any thoughts on nutrition and holistic treatments I might try. I am on Medi-Care, so I doubt they will fund interferon.
Avatar m tn I am 20 at the moment and just started to make life-changes to live a healthier life. I was having issues with anxiety but I now I feel way better. I even changed my diet and added exercise as a daily routine. I thought that the next step could be taking in some multi-vitamins and at first I settled with Opti-Men because of all the reviews. But after seeing this post that you took from Consumer-Reports I am having doubts now.
Avatar m tn Most men's penis size will be the size of a "cashew" when it is not aroused to ejaculate. You are worrying unduly about the size of your penis. Because of your worrying about the size of your penis, I am thinking whether this has something to do with you not being able to hold a normal erection. Psychological worries can have an impact on your performance. Erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone. There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction.
147426 tn?1317269232 NEJM in 2004 published a landmark study that had 12 longitudinal studies that laid to rest the notion that testosterone causes prostate cancer. It you want to improve your quality of life and reduce your risk of all cause mortality you should find a qualified practitioner trained in BHRT. Dr. Neal Rouzier is one of the leading experts in the field and has a good book on Amazon.
401095 tn?1351395370 For me yoga helps me alot..I have DDD and fusions/scoliosis..also injections, steroids here and there, ice and heat, massage and anti-inflamatories, chiropratic, acupressure with a machine not needles..a half hour in a.jacuzzi helps ..I have so many machines and contraptions and special pillows it is a joke...but i guess we gotta try!
Avatar m tn This is a product contains synergic and proprietary formula to boost men's strength, energy, stamina and vitality. This device contains powerful ingredients which increased the circulation of blood as being a key to upgrade men sex, harder fuller erections and completely combat impotence problems. Paravex Male Enhancement happens to be the top means to fix enhance your vitality and muscularity naturally.
535904 tn?1213468238 i'm like you, if i eat unhealthy, i worry about my heart. there are many studies that have been done on nutrition and your mental health and how what you eat effects you. i think many kids with adhd and other problems would do so much better if their parents would take the sugar and fast food away. as far as the omega-3 caps, i would start out on a low dose because they can cause nausea and other problems if you know what i mean.
1033718 tn?1253068320 I drank high in protein shakes, Tangerines, Vitamin waters (Potassium versions) Bananas and also took a Men's Multi-Vitamin with Omega 3 (Mental Health-Clarity) every day, twice a day. It helped so much. I know cause I had gone through it before with out all that and it was a living nightmare, as was the addiction. It takes time for the energy guys/gals don't give up because of that reason. When it comes back you will have energy you NEVER realized you had before.
1002520 tn?1251582386 You can always do without this one little part… it just affects all the rest of your health and sexual life, but you can get by… "Take out the Urologist’s parts instead"… see how anxious the Urologist is then. DUH!). If he remains sexually virile, perhaps he's not really aging." (perhaps he just doesn't want to be displayed nakedly, to the universe… once all records are digitized … not to separate the Urologist from his fun and profit though. DUH!