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Avatar n tn By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month. I did not like the other effects of taking the medicine, though. The Adipex made my mouth extremely dry, which nothing helped, and the Topamax made me extremely high-strung and when it was getting close to the time for me to take more, I would get very agitated at anything.
Avatar n tn one of the diets i am on is really freat and the food is fantastic is the biggest looser cookbook its like 15 dollars at barnes and noble the recipes are great and affordable i am married and we live on a 100 dollar a month food buget and we seem to feat at every meal. If you are like me i always had cravings for doughnuts and icecream and energy drinks and soda i also have a portion control problem.
Avatar f tn / FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES 7 Comments / Shares/38 Tweets/Stumble/EmailMore + Michael Douglas's announcement that his throat cancer was caused by human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease, has raised awareness about a men's health trend doctors have been alarmed about for years.
Avatar n tn Maybe we could each pick a product or a process and try it for a month. Keep track of any changes, expenses etc and let everyone here know what works and what doesn't. I am so sick of being advertised to with products that sound good and don't work. Anyone else? Maybe we could start a blog. I am willing to research if anyone is willing to join. Thoughts please? I don't normally do anything like this...
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn When the episode was over, I was left with a persisting slight numbness and slight pain sensitivity to external pressure (sensitive to the touch). About a month ago my fourth episode began and continues today. This time it's along the outside of my right big toe and occurs when I extend my foot downward and point my toes, such as when putting on a pair of pants. Like the last episode, the numbness is not subsiding after a pain attack.
1199040 tn?1265239024 Fortunately for me, the corpsman who administered my shot in 1995 annotated the lot number and the manufacturer in my health record. Lo and behold, the lot number was one of over 280 lot numbers that were "urgently" withdrawn between 1994-1996 by the manufacturer for the possibility of contamination of Hepatitis C. The withdrawal included both intramuscular and intravenous products. Each lot contains about 17,000 vials.
Avatar n tn Possibility of intraductal carcinoma. Bi-Rads Category 4. Is cancer probable with these findings and a bi-rad 4 ?. What is the % that it's cancer? I just want to be prepared for the biopsy findings.
Avatar n tn If you want a bigger penis, you have you have the right attitude and work ethic to achieve your goals. WORK AT IT! Do the Men's Health Manual Workout Plan daily, and we guarantee you will see results in as little as 2-4 weeks. Follow the directions exactly, and NEVER give up. We think it's an absolute shame that some men are so ashamed about their penis size that they never allow themselves to get into a relationship. Penis size does matter.
Avatar n tn She described me as 'going through puberty every month'. Fortunately, violence and possessiveness weren't among the things she had to put up with. We had a good rapport, and when she pointed them out to me I realized some adjustments needed to be made in my dosage. Things got ironed out in a couple of months. In retrospect, it was tough being a teenager when I was 45. LOL.
Avatar f tn I had upper and lower jaw surgery 3 years ago and my health has never been the same. I was given 4 plates and screws in the mandible and maxilla and got the same story about the bioavailability of titanium, but I question it. I have done some moderate research over the last few months and I found one excellent study about a very small percentage of patients having significant health systems since receiving Ti implants.
Avatar f tn I started voting absentee because, for one thing, it's much easier to vote from home in the comfort of your home and having time to think about what you're doing, than standing in a line and having people stand behind you waiting. And yes, for me, health care and the economy is probably on the top of my priority list. I have mixed feelings on the war.....with a family member in Iraq and at the same time, not really thinking that he should be there in the first place.
Avatar n tn I did amoxicillian and the pill for yeast. went pretty well but after a month the burning sensation came back. More culturs. This time ecoli showed up....did cipro and it made me sick. My GYN asures me that none of these are std's but grow in the vagina naturally. But something thru my ph levels out of whack and I have lost my vaginal flora. We thought menopause and now I have thyroid thing going on too. Now I'm on hrt's and synthroid. I miss my self . This *****.
Avatar n tn That's great coriecl, we could make a contest in this forum and give a prize to the weirdest symptom of the month! I'm not sure about sweat, but I remember a period when I had tingling mostly during the night and my feet literally BURNED, they were so hot!! Then it passed off after a few days, like everything else. I'm ok in these days, last tingling was on Tuesday the 8th, hope it lasts.
Avatar n tn hey dude, the info i am going to give you is from extensive research done by me . i hope you find all your answers. masturbation is overall a bad thing. masturbation kills your concentration and memory power. it weaken your eye sight, dark patches under eyes, and lose weight. sperms are nothing but HIGH RICH PROTEINS. so everytime you are masturbating, you are throwing out proteins, hence your body growth stops and maturity comes mentally and physically.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if they were helped or if anyone has been treated for this. I am going to the cleveland clinic in a month, but a month seems like a year and not being able to breathe is driving me crazy!! Please email at ***@**** (my girlfriends address). Please Help.
Avatar n tn The makers of this evil product are Jhonson and Johnson and I have talked with them several times and they give me the run around and basically tell me in a nice way that they do not care and to call your doctor and lawyer. So I did. But, good news for me is that I am a lawyer...right here in the New York City where they are. Too bad for them. They have been accused of taking bad claims that women have left concerning the bad,horrific reactions they have had off the message boards....
Avatar n tn ) Oh and about growing again. Well… I have the strangest feeling that this bone used to be smaller.
Avatar n tn Let`s stop with that porn, that`s now what we need....we need our health and imagination and I am now really determined to quit and return to nature.