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2051102 tn?1330321233 I will be doing this for 6 months. Why is this medication prescribed? Medroxyprogesterone is used to treat abnormal menstruation (periods) or irregular vaginal bleeding. Medroxyprogesterone is also used to bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruated normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and who are not pregnant or undergoing menopause (change of life).
Avatar f tn I am really trying to see if my sister's condition has anything to do with her being given this shot. Last time she was given it was April 2013, she is currently in the hospital fighting for her life!! So with all the warnings about if you have a liver disease you shouldn't be taking this shot and the doctors are advising her liver isn't functioning and for it to be as far gone as it is, if she had come to hospital a year ago they wouldn't have been able to do anything!!
Avatar n tn My fiance is a doctor and gives them to me. The last shot I was due for, he loaded the syringe one night but only gave me the shot the next morning. So the vaccine sat in the syringe all night. When he attempted to give me the shot the next morning he was unable to completely empty the syringe as the solution seemed to be jammed. We are guessing that the vaccine may have separated into its constituent parts or something from sitting in the syringe all night.
Avatar f tn I have had 1 successful pregnancy which was over 10 yrs ago I have now been diagnosed with pcos and have been put on medroxyprogesterone(provera) 10mg/10days and metformin 500mg/3x since I'm ttc. So I took my medroxy this month and it is now day 5 and no cycle also the last 4 days my nipples have been really sensitive and tender. All the other times that I've taken the medroxy I got my cycle 3days after my last dose. So could I possibly be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hello All, It's been Six days since my last medroxyprogesterone (provera) pill and I'm waitinf for AF to show and nothing! So of course her I go with the worrying. I have PCOS so the chances of me being pregnant right now without the Clomid Metformin and Medroxyprogesterone is slim to none as I haven't had a cycle since July of Last year.
Avatar f tn I got my first depo shot January 9 started spotting on the 13th of February (only spotted for that one day). Bleeding started back up on the 18th it is now February 27 and I'm still bleeding.  I'm so worried what should I do? I'm not taking the shot no more. If I go back on the birth control pill would that stop the spotting/bleeding ?
Avatar n tn hi i had the depo shot after my son was born and bleed for almost three months and stop bleeding at the begain of this month and i have not started a period yet is it because of the shot
194374 tn?1214480294 Hi my doctor has just prescribed Ralovera *medroxyprogesterone acetate* for me to take. Has anyone else ever been put on this while pregnant? It is supposed to strenghtan my babies support system due to previous m/s and problems. In the pharmacists info sheet it says do not take if pregnant, suspect your pregnant or if ttc. Also that it may affect my developing baby????? It contains oestrogen and is in one case used to protect the lining of the uterus.
Avatar f tn Hello All, It's been Six days since my last medroxyprogesterone (provera) pill and I'm waitinf for AF to show and nothing! So of course her I go with the worrying. I have PCOS so the chances of me being pregnant right now without the Clomid Metformin and Medroxyprogesterone is slim to none as I haven't had a cycle since July of Last year.
Avatar f tn after that i didnt get periods and not pregnant also since four months, my doctor suggested me Medroxyprogesterone. i took it for 5days still i dont get periods and not pregnant also. anybody please help me.
Avatar f tn There is little or no increased risk of birth defects in women who have inadvertently been exposed to medroxyprogesterone acetate injections in early pregnancy. Discuss it with your attending gynecologist and get your doubts clarified.You may need regular follow ups and ultrasound during pregnancy to rule out any abnormality. Hope it helped. Best luck and regards!
554628 tn?1362781519 is there anyone on here who knows anything about this shot or how to get them. i was given a script from my dr tuesday and ive dropped it off at multiple pharmacies to be filled in this area and NO ONE HAS IT AND NO ONE CAN ORDER IT, my dr office is closed today because of it being saturday and can't call til monday, i am supposed to bring one of the shots with me monday to have it injected ....
Avatar f tn I am taking the Medroxyprogesterone 150MG/ML birth control shot and I get very long periods, now? I have had my period for 35 days stright, I have frequent migraines not headaches, I'm feeling very weak, am having cold/hot flashes. I am just feeling the most horrible I have ever felt. Is it the birth control or could it be something else? P.S. I have two children, 2 years and three months.
Avatar f tn Medroxyprogesterone acetate Polyethylene glycol 3350 Polysorbate 80 Sodium chloride Methylparaben Propylparaben Water for injection some of which are actually ingredients in the foods we eat every day. the ones that aren't are either hormones or non-thermisolic preservatives, such as methylparaben or propylparaben. So I would say that there's almost no chance the shot is the cause. have you spoken with a geneticist?
Avatar n tn I have take the HCG shot on day 12 then we do IUI on day 13. I have noticed with the shot that I get a really bad headache and get sort of sick to my stomach. Hope things work for you. I have to give myself HCG on Sunday morning (3am), I have never had to give it to myself before and am a little scared. My DH can't stand needles so I am on my own. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn The Lupron scared the bejezus out of me, and the oral BC's were all synthetic, which I reacted badly to, so I tried the Depo-Provera. It seemed to work for the first shot, then as I approached the end of the three months, light period started. Gyn upped dose to every 8 weeks instead of 12, and doubled the dose. Still had light occasional spotting, but am now passing large clots again. (sorry....icky, but necessary). The clots I have been told is a normal sign of high estrogen levels.
Avatar f tn Hi, New to this - here goes - I am going mad! - I came off the depo shot last August after being on it for 9 years. My periods were very heavy and irregular before going on it and I was diagnosed with PCOS. So its been 12 months since my last injection as I am now in a steady relationship and wanted to see if I was normal after all the years. Ive had every symptom of being pregnant over 12 months - doctor even sent me for a scan - but to date no period or pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Hello, my name is Ashley, I'm 30 years old and I was on the Depo shot. I received two injections, my last injection was January 2015. Since ending the Depo shot I have not had a normal cycle. I have only had spotting but nothing like my old regular period. My GYN put me on a 10 day course of 10 mg Medroxyprogesterone.
Avatar f tn Be very careful to clean the top before each shot. If the place where you give yourself the shot becomes warm, itchy, red, or inflamed, call the office. You should then get a new vial of progesterone in case the one you are using has become contaminated and is causing this reaction. Putting cold on the injection site will decrease the itching. Warm moist soaks to the area can decrease the discomfort if you have pain, redness, or swelling.
Avatar n tn my doc didnt do nothing about it since recently, he put me on abunch of diff pills, metformin,medroxyprogesterone,birth control and nothing bought my period back, im just wondering if the depo caused this, ive been on the depo after my baby was born in dec,02 and got off it in oct,05 and havent been on any birth control since.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed provera 10mg to stop my period. I have norplant which is another contraceptive (implant) the bleeding has not stopped instead it's getting worse and i have exceeded my normal days. it looks like it's about to stop then starts again. I have only taken 3 pills what happens if I stop without taking all the 10 pills.
Avatar f tn As I said earlier I was diagnosed with PCOS Last year and have been on Metformin for about 4 months now and was given medroxyprogesterone/provera to start my cycle just recently so that we could be begin our journey yet again. Well today AF showed up and I am very happy because I had not seen her for a while and also this means it's time for our journey to begin! My question(s) is/are 1. What was your TTC plan of attack (sorry I couldn't think of a another phrase or any other way to put it)?
Avatar f tn The hardest is cutting out the refined sugars and flours. Trying to add free range eggs to the diet also. She also had a depro vera shot in which her gyno recommended, i am not seeing that it helped, but was told it would help her to release all the extra eggs. I know the gyno also said... i think it was the novu ring or iud would be great help ,but he would not do it ...since she is so young.
Avatar n tn keeps the ovaries from releasing eggs thickens cervical mucus to keep sperm from joining eggs. 99.7% Effective Against Pregnancy The Shot is one of the most effective reversible methods of birth control. Of every 1,000 women who use it, only three will become pregnant during the first year. Protection is immediate if you get the shot during the first five days of your period. Otherwise, use an additional method of contraception for the first two weeks. Protection lasts for 12 weeks.
622208 tn?1222549040 Until recently, I have always had regular menstrual cycles every 28 days (except with pregnancy and when I took the Depo Provera shot for three years). I haven't had a period since July 5, but I have had vaginal discharge with blood and occasional "spotting." I have been experiencing severe fatigue for since May. I assumed I was starting menopause. Consequently, my doctor orderd blood work, a pap smear, and ultrasound. My pap smear was normal.
Avatar n tn i am due to go to the Doctor next week for check up. About a week before my last shot (shot 3 of 6) I started to feel pregnant. I did not say anything to my OBGYN before shot 3, because I did not think i could get pregnant on Lupron. I am about to take shot 4 and hav had this strange feeling that i am pregnant. I did not think much about it until my long standing boyfriend ask me the other day if I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn I took medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10 days,i start my period 2 weeks after my last pill