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349601 tn?1219809462 I was perscribed Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg by my dr to help me start my period after missing it for 2 months and then to help me conceive. I did some research on the internet though and it said that it had been proven that this med causes birth defects.... should I really be taking this?? and shouldnt the dr have at least warned me about this affect? I want to get pregnant but I want a healthy baby.
Avatar f tn Can someone switch from Medroxyprogesterone to Prometrium. My girlfriend takes the Prometrium every day instead of Medroxyprogesterone for 10 days. I would like to use something natural instead of synthetic.
Avatar f tn I just took my first dose 10 mg of Provera to induce a period i skipped 4 months in a row..... I'm scared after reading others experiences with the medication anyone ever take it?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am taking Medroxyprogesterone also. I took it for 10 days and 3-4 days later spotting occured, then 2 days after AF arrived. The way I took it was before I went to bed. I've heard it has some bad effects, which was the case the first round. I did see my doctor during the first round of taking (for other reasons) and casually said that "yesterday was the last day" and she had mentioned that AF would come within 10 days.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and took a blood test that came out negative. My doctor thinks I'm not pregnant. She gave me a prescription for provera 10 mg. I'm afraid because I had all the pregnancy symptoms and suspected pregnancy. I've already taken 2 pills. what if i'm really pregnant what can happen to the baby? Please let me know if you had a similar situation or know anything about it.
Avatar n tn I am ttc i am 38 have 2 children already they diagnosed me with amenorrhea. I was prescribed MEDROXYPROGESTERONE 10 MG I took that for 10 days finishing on 11/23. Today I had some light bleeding. Can I still ovulate if missed my period.
Avatar f tn Went to the doc and he gave me medroxyprogesterone 10 mg to take for five days to stop my periods, that worked. I was off my period for about three weeks and it came back (which was expected) but again the with the dark brownish/black color and it had an odor and the cramps felt like beginning labor.. (havent had sex since before the procedure) WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar m tn So my gynecologist put me on provera/ medroxyprogesterone 10 mg which I take every day. She put me on it to stop my periods so I don't lose anymore iron. I'd like to know what other people's experiences r w this medication and should I expect to get a period or not?
Avatar n tn cramping spotting when wipe, I am 11 weeks late just 4 days ago I had pink to brown discharge when wipe, did an ultrasound not pregnant, dr put me on provera 10 mg could i still be pregnant since it could have been too soon to detect because of the recent discharge?
Avatar n tn Due to my irregular cycle, my gynae put me on a 10 day course of medroxyprogesterone 10 mg,a substitute for provera. I have completed the course day before yesterday and have not had my periods yet but my breasts are sore and i am too nauseated. Is it possible for me to get pregnant during this course as my hubby and me had unprotected sex like thrice in these 10 days! And I have no children yet! Please help!
349601 tn?1219809462 these pills are Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg. So i started taking them when he told me to, i got my period so me and my husband started ttc again...well about 4 dpo i started spotting, and a few days later i was getting sick and feeling light headed all the time and just wanted to lay down. I thought maybe i was pregnant and was getting early symptoms. well i wanted to google the meds that the dr gave me just to see what they do and how they work.
Avatar n tn 625 mg in combination with medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) 2.5 mg daily (versus placebo). The primary outcome of the trial was coronary heart disease (CHD); hip fractures were a designated secondary outcome and invasive breast cancer was a designated primary adverse outcome. Additional outcomes are listed in the article.
349601 tn?1219809462 these pills are Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg. So i started taking them when he told me to, i got my period so me and my husband started ttc again...well about 4 dpo i started spotting, and a few days later i was getting sick and feeling light headed all the time and just wanted to lay down. I thought maybe i was pregnant and was getting early symptoms. well i wanted to google the meds that the dr gave me just to see what they do and how they work.
Avatar f tn Tegretol 400 mg b.i.d., K-phos t.i.d., medroxyprogesterone q. three months, Zoloft 100 mg q.a.m., a multivitamin daily, Colace 100 mg a day, oyster-shell calcium 500 mg b.i.d., omeprazole 40 mg daily, vitamin C (?buffered or rose hips) 500 mg daily, Ensure one can b.i.d., fexofenadine 180 mg daily, fluticasone 50 mcg b.i.d. prn, Fortical daily, Tylenol 500 mg daily prn. She is also on a lactose-free diet.
Avatar n tn Hello- I was prescribed Provera 10 mg to induce my period. Its been almost 5 days since I took my last Provera pill and still no period. For those of you that have taken Provera- how long did it take for your periods to start? I am starting to worry so I took a pregancy test and there was an EVER SO SLIGHT second line. It really depended on how you held it up to the light though. I took another one immediately after and there was no second line.
873692 tn?1337279333 medroxyprogesterone and it has .
Avatar f tn A subcutaneous version of the drug is now available (depo-subQ provera 104) that delivers a lower dose of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) than does the intramuscular formulation (104 mg vs 150 mg). The subcutaneous route opens the possibility for home self-injections, and the lower dose could decrease suppression of pituitary function and ovarian estradiol production. Further study is needed. http://emedicine.medscape.
Avatar f tn My GYN put me on a 10 day course of 10 mg Medroxyprogesterone. After starting the 10 day course I started spotting dark brown blood on day 4, then I started spotting again after 3-3 1/2 weeks but it was still spotting but not like a regular cycle. The doctor thinks that I passed the progesterone challenge and said that my hormones look fine. About five days ago my nipples started getting really sore which is something I haven't experienced in quite a while.
Avatar n tn Hi Kasie, Yes, Yes, Yes...this is the beginning of a great journey for you. Boy, though, where do I start. Let me just say that you will be fine. Stay proactive, research, research, and ask questions and yes...research. That is what saved me six years ago. We will be talking more than once. I will start you off with a chart I just found and then I will go and find the post that AnotherKatie put together that includes the titles of posts that several of us started....
Avatar f tn I'm going to see if the dose needs to be changed. I take 0.5 mg of Estradiol and 2.5 mg of Medroxyprogesterone. Is that a small dose????
622208 tn?1222549040 I know it was way more than 10 mg. Something like 200 mg, I think. I had to take it at night b/c it caused drowsiness. I think you need to talk directly to the doctor, too. I don't like the short answers you're getting from the PA and certainly the answers aren't satisfying you. With all your symptoms you really need the doctor to look through your information and sit with you and talk. A cyst of either 6 or 8 cm is big, not normal sized.
Avatar n tn hi, i took 50 mg clomid for five days(3 to 8 jan) but i didn't what i wanna know is how early can i take clomid again.i know i didnt o bcz there was no lh surge and my temp didnt should i wait for one more week to see if i get af or goto the doc tommorrow for clomid.i am in such a hurry bcz i wanna get pg a.s.a.p and not waste even one more day. thanks. Dear Somita: Clomiphene is most likely to cause ovulation 7 to 10 days after the last tablet.
Avatar m tn I went through two miscarriages last year, was placed on Metformin 1000 MG twice a day to help with the insulin resistance that can come with PCOS. I was also placed on Progestrone 200mg (two weeks ago) to help with my current pregnancy. Also if they don't think you are ovulating they can prescribe Clomide to help you ovulate. I will be 7wks pregnant tomorrow. I miscarried last year around 4/5 wks and 6wks. So far this pregnancy has been a healthy one.
Avatar n tn But as for the cycle, they do my UltraSound(US) and blood work on day 3, day 10. Then depending on my day 10 results they call me either on day 12 or day 13th for blood work and US. For the past 2 cycles, I noticed that my ovulation is usually on day 15/16. Since for last cycle, I didnt take HCG, they asked me to come on 25th Oct(first day of my cycle was on 10th Oct) for the IUI. Yea, I am also very scared of needles. I don't think I can inject that shot myself.
Avatar n tn i told my doctor about it and she put me on provera tablets 10 mg for 10 days, may 1, 2010-may 10, 2010....i spotted like 3 or four days after a was done taking them and that was it......suprisingly i got my period june 1, 2010.....only problem is how long does your period last when you do get it????
Avatar n tn 5 of the medroxyprogesterone (Provera) with no break at the end of each month. Within two weeks, I began experiencing slight chest and left arm ache, but ignored them since there is no history in my family of heart problems and the symptoms only lasted about a half-minute. Over the two weeks, the symptoms gradually increased in frequency and duration until, on the evening of June 13, I had my first rapid heart incident which lasted for about two hours.
Avatar n tn doctor prescribed me to take provera 10 mg because i havent had a period ever since i took off my b/c which is the Nuvaring. i havent had a period since june 29. i am trying to get pregnant but i have no idea if provera would help me ovulate and get pregnant or just wait till i get a period and try to conceive. plz! plz! plz! help!!!
Avatar n tn I recently turned 30 and have a three year old daughter. I have always had regular menses (28 day cycle with 5 day menses except when I was under stress then my periods would stop for about two months and resume to its normal cycle.) I became pregnant with my daughter one month after I quit the birth control pill (I quit BC so I could lose weight). Therefore, it was a surprise pregnancy! After my daughter was born, I breastfed for two weeks and switched to formula.
Avatar n tn My acne was very mild but my dermatologist put me on 40mg per day in the first two months and 80 mg per day for the following 4 months. I was 165lbs at the time. My acne was completely clear after the first week. My experience on the drug was not pleasant and i feel completely irresponsible of the dermatologist considering my response to the treatment and the mildness of my acne.
Avatar n tn Hormone therapy is not recommended for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis because other effective measures (eg, bisphosphonates) are available Progestins (eg, megestrol acetate 10 to 20 mg po once/day, medroxyprogesterone acetate 10 mg po once/day or depot 150 mg IM once/mo) may relieve hot flushes but not vaginal dryness.