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Avatar f tn I am 63 years old and 8 Years ago I stopped having periods and haven't had any problems with hot flashes or anything that goes along with menopause. I have never taken any hormones, but just this week my GYN prescrivbed Medroxyprogesterone 2.5 mgs to help keep something "down there" (uterus, endometrium???) from thickening. Do you know how much this would raise my chances of getting breast cancer?
Avatar f tn i am 32yrs, on HRT conjugated estrogens n medroxyprogesterone for premature ovarian failure since 10yrs, .how long can i continue treatment, as if now no sideeffects?.
Avatar f tn I recently began HRT for my hot flashes and extreme sweats. they also affect my sleep. I have been taking them a week and see no relief. How long do they take to relieve symptoms??
Avatar f tn I have been on HRT using Climara patch plus daily medroxyprogesterone. I was traveling out of the country & forgot to take the progesterone tabs for 4-5 days, was still wearing the patch. How will this effect me? Is there a way to make up for it or should I just take the patch off for a week to balance things out? I was told that unopposed estrogen would cause an increase risk in uterine cancer but don't know if this includes this sort of time.
Avatar f tn I am receiving conflicting information regarding treatment for hrt. I have a uterus in tact I was prescribed combined hrt progesterone and estrogen estarlis patches. Then I went to another gyno who said that recent studies have proved that estrogen only with uterus in tact is safer that in fact it's the progesterone that is toxic. Is anyone receiving the same advice?
Avatar n tn My mother is 52 years old and she had her hysterectomy ten years ago (only her cervix was removed but not her ovaries). She has been taking estrogen for HRT and progesterone for the prevention of breast cancer. However, some of her friends have advised her not to take the progesterone because her cervix has been removed. This has left her wondering if she should take the progesterone or not... Does anyone have any experience with regard to this matter. Your advise will be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn The thing is that my free t4 was a bit high (1.8) so my doc is telling me to not do anything with my hrt and just reduce my synthroid a bit. With as lousy as I am feeling I highly doubt that reducing the synthroid a tad is going to fix much. Also, my face suddenly broke terribly. It seems I have all the symptoms of low estrogen but my doc is just saying to change the synthroid. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I didn't have time to read all the replies to your question, but, I too had a rapid heartbeat of about 100 bpm that would start when I was at rest, for no reason at all. I was on HRT (Ogen & Medroxyprogesterone) and my druggist had switched me to a generic Medroxyprogesterone (from Cycrin). I talked to a friend who had had similar episodes from her hormones. I went back to the brand name Medroxyprogerone and the rapid heartbeats never occurred again.
158939 tn?1274918797 how low can the TSH levels go before I really have to worry? Bad time to stop HRT - I'm having double hot flashes!! If you see a warm glow coming from somewhere in the Western half of the U.S. it's me.
Avatar n tn For asymptomatic menopausal women, overall effects of hormone replacement therapy [hrt] on quality of life are not very meaningful. Risks of combination [HRT] therapy are reflected in an increased yearly incidence (per 10,000 women treated) of breast cancer (from 30 to 38), ischemic stroke (from 21 to 29), pulmonary embolism (from 16 to 34), dementia (from 22 to 45), and coronary artery disease (from 30 to 37).